Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

As its name indicates auto-darkening welding helmets can automatically darken when the welder strikes the arc. It offers great protection to the welders as it completely covers the eyes and protects the eyes from the irritating and harmful fumes produced at the time of welding and because it automatically darkens at the time of striking the arc it gives full protection against UV burn.

These helmets are of great help to workers who are working indoors or in poor lighting surroundings. Many companies now prefer these auto-darkening helmets, as it can provide more protection than a traditional helmet to the eyes of the workers. While wearing a traditional helmet, the welders may experience a feeling of complete darkness when they suddenly stop the welding.

There are two types of auto-darkening welding helmet such as battery-powered helmets and solar-powered helmets. Solar-powered helmets are preferred for outdoor works and are ideal for farmers and other outdoor workers.

Battery-powered helmets are more convenient for indoor and underground work. Both of these helmets are provided with sensors which are capable of passing only the right amount of light. It is advisable to check for damages and cracks in the lens, as it may expose the eyes to the harmful ultraviolet rays.

When purchasing an auto-darkening helmet it is advisable to select one which has an adjustable shade (from 9-13). A helmet which possesses a 12 shade can be more comfortable while giving full protection for the eyes. Delay settings are an essential factor at the poor lighting welding conditions, as it can provide a signal, before the eyes are getting flashed. Additionally, consider selecting a lens shade which best suits the requirements of the welder.

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Miller Welding Helmets – Get the perfect welding helmet for you

Miller welding helmets – Basically, miller welding helmets were created to protect users from visible and invisible harmful rays during the welding process. When welding, the welder is often exposed to both infrared and ultraviolet rays. Welders are prone to suffer from different types of welding accidents. In connection, it is important to know which welding helmet is suitable for you. Just like Miller welding helmets, it is concerned with the safety of every user.

Miller welding helmets – Miller welding helmets are top of the line

The shade numbers of the lens refer to its ability to filter light. This means that it can filter the harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays which start from #8 (low-amp applications) until #13 (high-amp applications). For Miller welding helmet used in cutting and grinding, they have additional ranges from #3-#8. When the sensors detect an arc start, the lens darkens in a fraction of a second. This is extremely beneficial for protecting a welder’s eyesight automatically.

A welding helmet with fixed shade darkens to a fixed #10 shade when the sensor detects an arc. This fixed shade helmet is suitable for those who work on limited amperage range. This involves a similar thickness and material. For those who use different amperage, the welding helmets with variable shades help in protecting the eyes with #9 up to #13. Viewing size is also among the important considerations when buying a welding helmet. When working with light-duty applications, helmets with 6 square inch are the right one to use. On the other hand, the 9 square inches is used for industrial jobs. The sensors provide better coverage, which is either three of four. Three sensors are used for production work, and four sensors are used for fabrication and out-of-the-position jobs. All of these wonderful features can all be found with Miller welding helmets.

Helmets are the welder’s best buddy. Without them, they can get hurt or even suffer from serious physical injuries.  When shopping for welding helmets, always go for the ones with the highest quality. Follow this guideline and you will not go wrong. Miller welding helmets are the best on the market.


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