Kinemaster vs Viva Video

Kinemaster vs Viva Video

Finding the best video editing app for your device is very difficult today because there are plenty of video editing tools available on the internet, so choosing the best one is very important. We know Kinemaster and Viva Video app is very famous and used by millions of users across the globe. Most of the users like you searching for the best one among these two so, here we compare these two apps and suggest you the best app so please read the full post and get the best app on your device.

About VivaVideo:

The Viva Video is a free video editor application, inbuilt with all features like video cutting, video merging, video trimming, video cropping, editing the videos with favourite music, editing the video for youtube, adding the music for the video and adding texts on video and many more. By VivaVideo you can make the edit with music & effects and sharing with youtube, TikTok, and Instagram. You can export the video and movie in 720p, Full HD 1080p, and 4K. You can save the videos to your phone or sharing to youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. The Glitch and transition effects are pro video effects. You can also create a blurred background on your photos and videos.

About KineMaster:

The KineMaster is get supported with unlimited texts, images, handwriting, and the overlay layers, as well as overall up to ten video layers (on the supported devices). The layer positions and timing will be easily get adjusted and the layers can be animated by using the preset animation effects or with the keyframe animation. In KineMaster voice alternating filters, control of exporting frame rate, bitrate, and resolution, and support for a variety of video, audio, and file formats. In KineMaster, You can adjust the speed of your editing video from 0.25x up to 16x without any pinch distortion, for the ultimate in the slow and time-lapse effects.

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KineMaster or Viva Video Which is best?

If you guys are getting confused as to which mobile app you need to use to record and edit the videos, then we are gonna help you in this article for such concern. The Viva-Video and KineMaster both of the applications are using for video editing, but there are many differences are there in the usage of both applications.

Viva-Video is one of the most used applications for shooting and editing short videos such as the vine etc and it is also get awarded the badge of a top developer by the Google play store. The Viva-video is obviously one of the best video editors for the android applications. It is get supported by both Android and iOS users.

You can also use the Viva-Video application even if you are a professional vine maker and want to set your carrier on the field. You will receive a decent interface with Viva-Video with wonderful features, such as the bigger screen and the simplified operation.

On the other hand, if we talk about the Kinemaster pro video editor then this video editing application will be best for those peoples, for the beginners, and also want to get shoot and edit the comparatively long videos. The KineMaster is one of the best applications available out there for the long video editing purposes. It will come with plenty of features to add certain effects to the video as per the requirement.

So it will be quite clear that the Viva-video is somewhat bigger and the most widely used video editing app, however, it doesn’t mean KINE master will not be good. That is actually up to the users whose requirements want to be served well by either of these video editing apps.

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