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October 14, 2017

We all spend hours these days browsing the web through our smartphones mainly but sometimes without any real objective. There may be one particular reason for logging into Facebook but once you are in there, you’ve forgotten what that was and somehow you are watching random videos and losing valuable time.

Opus Matrix is a welcome alternative network that keeps you focused on connecting with key people and enabling skill-sharing opportunities with like-minded individuals and business owners.  With a full profile, your skills and interests will be findable through our member search and many of our members will be looking for someone like you for their next project or business venture.

An important section to complete, when editing your profile is to say who you are looking for. The more specific you are the better. Many people join with the objective of finding someone to work with.

For a more detailed request, you can also complete the skillshare form. This will show you a list of members with that criteria but will also set up an email alert so when someone joins the site with skills or jobs which fit what you are looking for, you will receive an email with details so you can welcome them to the site.

Here are the top 5 people on the site right now:

  1. Novelette Ellis - For classic and modern bespoke couture, Novelette Novalis is the name you want on the label. Novelette Ellis is a professional fashion designer creating men’s and women's clothing in Peckham, London. Each piece is designed and sewn individually by her. We are focusing on menswear but offer fantastic womenswear as well. Prices on our clothing change from time to time, depending on the fabric. All fabrics are sourced locally, and we plan to travel to Paris in February to source new fabrics.


  • Jane Quinn – Mi World Consultancy - I started miworld to help people organise their businesses for growth. I was part of a team that launched an award-winning product so understand the challenges that an increase in business can bring - Be prepared to be surprised!


  1. Anita Oleksy - Behind every knitter is a huge pile of yarn. Chat to me about all things knitting, blogging and fashion.


  1. Marilyn Mountford - 'Behind Closed Doors' tells the fascinating story of the studio built by George Romney and its history, available now from the website http://behindcloseddoors.co 


  1. Ferial Puren - Join the Ignite Life Community and collaborate with like-minded people on their transformational journeys. Invite your friends to join the community of people who are choosing to come alive, to create the future that we were born for…

If you would like to be featured in the next newsletter, all you have to do is be active on the site, post some blogs, update your profile, make connections and gain enough points to reach a top 5 spot.

Our recent competition has come to an end and Novelette has won!

This time we are offering a £50 prize for the best fully completed profile and £50 for the most active user of the site. The winner will be announced shortly after New Year and the winner will receive the prize as an Amazon voucher.

Good luck to all members and please contribute your recent blogs for extra points too.

Here’s the recent blogs from our members:

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The OM Team

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