The a2z of useful websites for Startups – Part 9
November 20, 2013
website for startup

Anyone contemplating the self-employment route or developing ideas for a starting a business will need to consider how they will go about delivering every aspect. An important thing to do is measure the amount of time required for the workload and decide whether your business should be run as a sole trader, partnership or limited company. There are other options too and these sites help you with those important elements of your business plan.

Coddan – This website is great for UK residents who want to form a limited company and take out a package with a bank for a corporate account. There are clear pricing options for you to consider and you don’t have to search through pages of information to find them. Although, there are lots of other pages which provide guides to starting a business, non-profit companies, dissolution and restoration, among others. Also, there is help available for setting up and registering a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

Canada One – This is great resource for Canadian business news, articles and information. Make meaningful contacts with people through networking events, discover the benefits of franchising and read over 900+ business articles. You also have the option of searching the site for other businesses nearby and you can ask the experts for advice. Make the most of the business directory and actively be involved with the site by writing press releases and business plans.

Fab Women in Business – For all motivated entrepreneurs out there, this website promises to make you even more fabulous. You might not feel fabulous working all those long hours being self-employed but here you can find out about UK, US and India events. These are great for putting your business under the spotlight and working out how to make it more efficient. There are also sponsorship and exhibition opportunities through this site.

Look out soon for part 10……..

The OM Team

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