It’s never too late to start a business
start a business

In these years of economic crisis it has become increasingly difficult to find a stable employment. Times are changing and obtaining a job in any field is getting year by year more competitive. However, it's never too late to start a business.

Finding a job is not only hard for younger generations, but also people who are over 50 years old struggle to get hired, or to simply get an interview. According to recent statistics, in the US and in Europe women over 50 appear to be the ones fighting the most in order to continue their careers or being hired.

Employers, in fact, seem to be mostly interested in wanting as part of their business young professionals in their 20s or early 30s. It must be considered, however, that also professionals above their 50’s, with years of remarkable work experience, are a valuable asset for companies and still have solid possibilities to develop a successful career in their field of expertise.

Among the qualities that employers seek for in a potential worker are: reliability, high professionalism, seriousness, deep knowledge and competence. These are all characteristics that middle-aged job hunters often have, thanks to their priceless years of work experience. In other words, an employer might be much more willing to hire mature women presenting extensive resumes and highly valuable sets of excellent skills, rather than recent graduates with strong ambitions, but with just a few internships and histories of short-term employments.
It is important to also remember that, applying to companies and different institutions, is not the only way to conquer a lucrative job. Middle-aged and unemployed women should always take into great consideration all the incredible skills that they have gained during their various life and work experiences, which make them absolutely special, valuable and unique.

If working for a company is not want you are looking for or dreaming of, then you should always keep in mind that with just a bit of creativity you can be your own manager and create an incredibly profitable job yourself. Just take a moment to list all the precious things that you know how to do.

Are you a great accountant, designer, marketer, photographer, financial analyst, therapist, consultant or have an incredible flair for anything related to arts? This is then what you should focus on. Take that brilliant skill of yours, make a rational plan of how you could exploit it in order to make a living, and start your own career!

It might seem strange to read these words, but think about it seriously. Freelance is a fantastic solution and many middle aged women worldwide have embraced this path obtaining outstanding results.

To find out more about how to become a freelancer, read the following article published by The Guardian.

Clarissa Lulli

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Shine in our online community
October 30, 2015
online community

As the days grow darker and the cold wind starts blowing in, it won't be long until Christmas lights are twinkling. Whether you are in business or not, there's no doubt that this is the time of year when things get busy with so much to do. This is where Opus Matrix can help you achieve more if you make the most of your membership plan and help you to shine in our community!

Opus Matrix is more than just a website, it's an online community. It's a wealth of resources and ideas from like-minded people who are interested in collaborating on new projects. Members can skillshare and exchange their talents for mutually beneficial reasons. This can be a great way of getting things done without breaking the bank. For example, if you need a web designer, perhaps they will create one for free in exchange for a discount on your products in your shop.

Opus Matrix is an online community with an effective tool for searching for people with key skills but it is also a great platform to get your voice heard. From your profile, you can post your own blogs and get these seen by a large audience via our social media channels. Also, if you are a Business Plus member and you use Twitter, your tweets will be embedded in our site and shown to every Opus Matrix member when they log in. The OM team would like to encourage members to be active on the site and reward everyone with points for doing so.

As the old saying goes ‘points win prizes’ and we will reward the most active member at the end of the year with a £100 Amazon voucher. Firstly, you need to make sure your profile is up to date with as much information as possible to help you get found through our visitor searches. The more active you are in terms of posting blogs and connecting with others will also earn you points.

Look out for the Hall of Fame page next week, as everyone starts from zero from the 1st November. Look forward to catching up with you on the site!

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Starting up at 50 plus

It’s a well known fact that in 2015 ageism in the workplace is rife and, unfortunately, is set to stay for the foreseeable future.

We have been particularly hard-hit by this recession. Back in 2008, statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed that 28% of those aged between 50 and State Pension age were out of work, compared with only 20% of those aged less than 50 years of age. Fast forward to 2015, and the figure has risen dramatically with the unemployment rate for over 50’s standing at a staggering 47.2%.

Furthermore, the ONS shows that those who lose their job aged 50 or over, have only a 10% chance of ever being re-employed.

Amongst many others, these 2 factors has meant that many women like you and me in our 50’s and older have, out of necessity, to show a significant interest in entrepreneurship. This has been borne out by a recent PRIME Report which shows that half the Self-Employed population is over 50.

All this may seem very negative, but there are many positive factors to being over 50 in this day and age which can act in our favour. We are no longer under absolute male domination. Besides, we are more financially independent than we have ever been. If we are fortunate enough not to live in countries where the State religion limits our actions as women, then frankly the world is our oyster.

It is also a well known fact that businesses started by people over 50, have a 70% chance of surviving their first five years, compared with only a 28% survival rate for those below 50.

Don’t believe it? Well, check out some fifty something success stories

Arianna Huffington started The Huffington Post at 54; Patti Lee-Hoffmann and Gayle Mills were approaching their 50th birthdays when inspiration struck for Flutter Eyewear.

Across the U.K, U.S.A. and Canada alone, with an estimated population of 150 million women over 50 facing the same issues, having access to the internet, we don’t have to go it alone. The internet has allowed us the ability to connect with one another via websites like

I started to allow women, especially those just like me, to connect with one another, to share our skills and experience and not have to make it on our own. facilitates SKILLSHARE, allowing its members to barter or sell their skills, and in so doing, generate work and income for themselves. allows for the creation of work opportunities globally - an opportunity which might not otherwise have been possible had we been working on our own. is here to provide a supportive network for us all to grow our businesses, without the sharp elbows!

If like me, you’ve reached your 50’s but are still keen to follow that dream, then Opus Matrix is the platform from which to reach out. We’re no longer bound to the kitchen or the housework and a generation of feisty women, who have reached heights which would have been unimaginable for us women 100 years ago, has gone before us. Many others have set new standards of achievement for women showing us just what is possible for us today.

Believe it or not, being pushed out of the employment door, may prove  to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Come on. Quit making excuses!

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Debbie Davis,

Startup over 40
startup over 40

Feel you’re too old to become self-employed? Think again.

At over 40 you’re older and wiser than you’ve ever been. You’ve got your wits about you. You’re done with the need to go clubbing until ridiculous hours of the night. In many cases, your children (if you have any), don’t really need to depend on you anymore and you’ve still got the energy and drive to work for what you want. More importantly, you know your true value and appreciate the experience you’ve gained through the variety of jobs you’ve tried throughout your work life. Lastly, you refuse to be exploited like the younger ones who are willing to ‘sell their services’ to their employers in the vain hope that their loyal service will be rewarded later down the line. You know better than that!

If this sounds like you and your present employment isn’t offering you what you want or the income you need, then this may be the best time to make the changes you need to become your own boss. It’s high time to take charge of your destiny.

If you have done your market research and have a business idea that ideally is your passion, you’re almost halfway there already.

In 2008, The Kauffman Foundation published a report looking at the survival rates of 5,000 Startups which began in 2004, to see how many were still in existence 4 years later, i.e. which had survived into 2008. The Report found that surviving companies were much more likely to have primary owners older than age 45.”

Older entrepreneurs were much more likely to have built up some capital, had a house or some property as surety, if a Business loan was needed but were also much more likely to get a loan from a bank.

You will also find many other women just like you. will offer you support and opportunity to connect with them. Through SKILLSHARE, wow also offers the ability to share or barter skills to realise your business dream or, find work opportunities with other ladies just like you who, being in the same boat as you are, will value you and what you have to offer. You won’t need to go it alone

Need more convincing? In 1997, due to a troubled real estate development, Carol Gardner’s world was falling apart. At 52 she was divorced, depressed and more than a million dollars in debt. Gardner recounts that her cupboard was bare and she was living off 3 credit cards. Her therapist suggested she got a dog. She found an English bulldog which she duly named Zelda and who she says, doubled as a therapist and helped re-launch her life.

Knowing Gardner’s background was advertising, a friend suggested entering Zelda in the local pet store’s annual Christmas greeting card contest. Gardner snapped Zelda in a hot tub with a Santa suit on, and submitted it with this caption: “For Christmas, I got a dog for my husband…good trade, huh?”

Weeks later, Gardner won the contest, got a year’s supply of dog food and had a life-changing brainstorm in the process. A greeting card company centered around Zelda sporting different outfits.

Though Gardner was warned that 97% of greeting card startups fail, she was determined. Nearly 18 years and three Zeldas later, Zelda Wisdom today generates more than $50 million annually from cards, calendars, posters, books and gifts featuring the iconic bulldog.

Think you can’t be your own boss?

Think again.

If you’ve got that business idea, why not startup today?

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the OM team

The a2z of useful websites for Startups – Part 4
November 15, 2013

These days working from home is easily possible and your work can be flexible. As long as you have a laptop or mobile device with internet access, you can get started. Working from home on a new business saves time and money. It’s also an opportunity for women, who need to be around for childcare. These websites are useful for anyone using the internet from home to grow their business or to learn through online courses.

My Own Business – This website offers free business resources and web-based business courses that focus on business planning to start one successfully and grow it. As an individual, this site will help by nurturing your launch and helping you avoid expensive mistakes or pitfalls along the way. It’s a great opportunity to get signed up for free courses and get certified in key business skills. Each course is done by an expert in that particular field with a wealth of experience.

Home Biz Women – This is an ideal site for women in business who want to receive mentoring and training to fulfil their ambitions. Think of this site like a personal assistant, who will help you discover and build your own unique home based business. The site can also provide inspiration for new business ideas and help you earn an income faster.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) = For any UK business, this should be a familiar website for a mountain of information. It explains in detail everything you need to know about all areas of tax, employer guidelines, VAT and self-employment. HMRC make it easy for you to register for self-assessment so you can deal with your income and expenditure in a simple way, submitting your details online.

Jessica Chivers – Jessica is the thinking woman’s coach and she will help you get started in business. She’s a coach, author and speaker who demonstrates her knowledge and expertise through blogging and workshops. For any woman starting in business, it is worth considering a little coaching time to accelerate performance and smooth out the stress of going it alone. If anything, it will especially help you with time management and business pitching.

High Speed training – This website provides online training courses for businesses and individuals that are easy to use, simple to manage and cost effective. They specialise in areas of compliance, such as health and safety training or food hygiene. E-learning is ideal for learning from any location, at any time and you can receive the certificates through the post to put up in your workplace or show to customers.

Look out soon for part 5……..

the OM Team

The a2z of useful websites for Startups – Part 3
November 14, 2013

Part of making a business work and enabling growth is to attend networking events. This is not only an opportunity to learn how you can improve your skills, knowledge or business cashflow but also a chance to meet like-minded business people. Many of these sites provide regular free events, which are fantastic for startups to find their feet and get the ball rolling.

Canada Business Ontario – This site is worth joining for business information and networking events, with representatives from government and non-profit organisations. There are information officers who are willing to help with your query easily over the phone and there is access to secondary market research. This is ideal for demographic data, essential for business plan resources that are right at your fingertips.

City Local – This is a UK business directory and guidance website. It’s ideal for finding businesses in your local area and connecting with them. If you are looking to get your business seen, then you can register it on here and get it featured with your latest promotions. City Local is also a franchise and it’s a good business opportunity for anyone looking to increase their income and help local businesses.

ECA Business Services – This is essential for anyone wanting to register a limited company in a simple way. On this site, it’s possible to use a name check service to see what’s available and then choose a package with optional products and services before completing the process. This site makes it easy, fast and efficient to get your company name filed at companies’ house.

The Emigration Group – Those of us that are planning on a new life down under should make use of the resources within this site before you pack your bags. Emigration can provide you with an amazing new life but to make it a reality, contact The Emigration Group about gaining a visa or finding work in Australia or New Zealand. They have offices in the UK too and provide services that are tailored to your circumstances.

Enterprising women – As a woman in business, there is fantastic help and support from others out there. Enterprising women is one of those sites that supports, connects and empowers women in business. They aim to inspire, share good practice and help you promote yourself. It’s good to belong to a site like this that cares about you and collaborates with you on ideas. It’s also good to read success stories from others in similar circumstances.

Look out soon for part 4……..

the OM Team

The a2z of useful websites for Startups – Part 2
November 13, 2013

In today’s digital world, getting started in business is a lot easier than it used to be. The internet has opened up the world as a marketplace and for some businesses anyone can be a customer, worldwide. The internet also allows us to access information rapidly so that we can dedicate time elsewhere and grow at a quicker rate. Despite this, there are still regulations and procedures to follow in each country, which the sites below will help you with.

Business Wales – Wales is a beautiful country but even in the most remote places, as a business you will require a helpful local resource. This provides help with starting up from funding to government initiatives and loans. This site will be beneficial to all Wales business owners, especially if you are interested in information, guidance and advice on starting, growing or simply running your business effectively. The site is full of useful articles but you can also arrange a time to meet them face to face.

Auckland Business – Auckland is a great city for business and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) is Auckland’s economic growth agency, who basically makes it easy to run your business. They help with startup and growth in key industries. This site is useful for reviewing case studies from others in a similar line of work to you and catching up on local news, which you could share via social media. There are also upcoming events, which are excellent for networking with others, increasing your knowledge and finding potential customers.

Canada Business – If your business is based in Canada then you’ll be relieved to know that help is close by. In terms of starting, planning, financing, managing and growing your business in Canada, this network will be a great resource. It provides regular shareable content, which informs you of latest business developments and government initiatives and regulations.

Alberta Business – For those in Alberta, this site, supported by the local Business Link has many useful tools for businesses. There are interesting links to articles on things like creating videos, podcasts, or Facebook pages for your business. There is also an area to share your input within an integrated, collaborative and client focused community network.

New Zealand, Ministry of Business - This site is valuable for anyone wanting to get started in business in New Zealand. There are excellent resources to download such as business plan templates, infographics and pdf documents or fact sheets. This is particularly good if you want to manage employees effectively and deal with tax or government regulations. There are also details for those who want to leave or sell a business, with a clear guide for the process.

Look out soon for part 3……..

the OM Team