How can I motivate myself ?
September 20, 2015

“If you want the truth, you must write about yourself
I am the only truth I know”
J Rhys

Dame Renee Fritchie called the missing part of career development ‘biography writing’ and outlined the importance of getting to know, understand and love yourself. The sad truth is that many of us power through life without taking the time to put pen to paper and enjoy this experience.

So I'll begin by saying, well done you, if you dare to be different.

One of the best ways to begin the journey of self discovery is with journal writing. And because you are going to record some great information, I recommend you get a good quality journal to write in. This will encourage you in the habit of recording your musings and may even raise their quality. I had been given a lovely journal as a gift from my niece Lindsay one Christmas, and I and when I read ‘good quality’ I knew exactly where my writing would be captured.

I think it’s best to get one that is not lined, that way you can draw and be creative with your entries. Also consider your journal to be different from a diary. You can write as much or as little as you want in a day, you can write from the experiences and learnings from your past; you can write your current thoughts, both exciting and fearful; and write out your dreams, wishes and concerns for the future.

It’s amazing what you will uncover so, be prepared to be surprised!

Fritchie recommends answering some questions, and I really recommend you answer them as deeply and thoroughly as you can – write at length for each one and encourage your thoughts to keep coming as you write.

Once your thoughts start to flow, let them take you with them wherever it is they are going.

If you want to just write whatever comes to you, that's great. Go for it. However some people need more guidance and structure, so here are the nine questions that inspired me to go to university at the age of forty and then set up in business.

I am eternally grateful to Dame Renee for that, she really motivated me into changing my life for the better.

Here are two big fundamental questions:
1. What kind of human being do I want to be?
2. What do I want to do with my life?

And now for the seven strategy questions:

1. Where am I now?
2. How did I get here?
3. Where do I want to go?
4. How will I get there?
5. What will I do when I arrive?
6. Where to next?
7. How do I begin?

Your journal is just for you, so forget spell check, forget about grammar and just connect with your thoughts and allow your writing to show you your inner world. You may be holding dreams and aspirations you knew nothing about.

This was, and still is, a hugely important practice in my life development and I'd love it if you try it and then let me know how you get on!

If only I could get started,think what I could do!
April 20, 2015

When I think about motivation for businesses, I think of it as a title under ‘Management Development’ and how to get the best from your staff.

But as I started writing this piece, I realised we need to consider our personal motivation first and consider why it is important to get the most out of ourselves, before working on others!

I’d like you to imagine yourself 5 years in the future. Picture yourself sitting on a beautiful beach with a cosy blanket over your knee watching the sunset go down as you reflect back through your life.

Chances are there won’t just be good times in your head; more often than not we look back thinking, “if only” or “I wish I had done.....”, and “I should have....I would have....I could have.....”

So, how do we minimise the number of “what if’s” and regrets? Well, we need to act.

And the only time we have to act is right now!

I investigated the dictionary meaning of motivation and found ‘motive’ to mean reason stemming from the Latin ‘motivus’ which means to move.

So gaining motivation for ourselves means we must ‘move with reason’ or have a good reason to act, and then to act now.

We all know that feeling, I know it’s not just me, when we know we should be doing something, its waiting for us, and yet we simply cannot be bothered with it; we are too tired, it will take too long and whatever other excuse we can come up with.

However we also all know that it’s really just an excuse to put off what we need to do; either for the moment or altogether.

So where lies the secret of actually following through, getting motivation and using it?

I believe it’s in the root of the word, reason.

If we don’t see a great benefit for us, we will not be moved to act.

Motivation is often all about the future; and most of us are just trying to get through each day and at the end of each day we’re left feeling tired, guilty and sad as we think about the things we didn’t do and yet we still have to start all over again in the morning.

We need something in our heads that excites us; something that makes you want to take continual action every day towards it.

To really get that feeling and keep it, it’s a great idea to set aside some quality thinking time to work on this. Otherwise the beach sunset full of regrets, what ifs and maybes beckons.

So, you know what you should be doing right now so go DO it

And to help develop your motivation, ask yourself:
• What if you had something wonderful to aim for? What feelings are you looking for, freedom, security, happiness, contentment? What are the physical things that will help you achieve those desired feelings?
• How would that improve the quality of your life right now? Imagine all the ways your life would be better when you have the things you want, when you experience the feelings you crave, the experiences you desire to have?
• What do you wish you had started 5 years ago? What are you already regretting not having done? What nudges of intuition or ambition do you feel frustrated that you haven’t moved forward on?
• If you had, how would your life be different today? Imagine what could have happened if you have taken action? What would your life look like, your business, your finances?

What do you need to do now to make that beach sunset experience one of laughter, joy and fullfilment?

Spend some time on this exercise, really play with it, have fun imagining all the things you want to do, hope to see, experience and share. Picture yourself travelling, learning a new skill or indulging in a passion or interest you’ve never had the time for. Create a mini-movie of your life as you want it to be.

Build this life in intimate detail, see, feel, taste, smell, and hear the experience. Make it come alive in your imagination.

Business is not for you?

I have spoken to many people who ask the question...

” Do I still want to be in business?”

I did some personal reflection on that same question; I started up a couple of years ago with a love for what I do and a passion to deliver a service that outwits, outreaches and outdoes everyone in my profession.

Back when I started, I believed my zest for my business would shine through every time. I was inspired and truly thought I couldn’t do anything other than be successful

My excitement did not stop the initial thoughts that everyone trying something big and new has; “Am I ready?” “Is this the right path?” “Who will buy from me?” and of course, “Will anyone buy from me?”

And then a thought came that surprised me, I wasn’t in it for me.

Business isn’t about you – in fact it should never be about you. It’s for the people you serve – your clients, customers and contacts. It’s about their hopes and dreams, their wants and needs, their desires and wishes. You are in business to be there for them, when they need you.

And when you switch to that mindset, the wonderful law of reciprocity kicks in – when you give, you receive.

Not just from whomever you help and serve, but from others too. And that is a blessing that can fill you up and sooth your soul.

So the next time you wonder if you are in business for the right reasons, think of the words of your clients, what have they said to you about what you provide that has made you grateful to be in business.

Do I still want to be in business? You bet!

Do you?

One more thing.....don't keep us a secret, please share this.

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
July 12, 2013

Source: Jane Quinn

I’ve had a couple of clients repeat the age old saying” its quicker to do it myself” this week and I totally understand why they think this is the case, it's what most of us think right? Because in your mind, not only will the task be done quicker but it will be done right and done the way you want it, but is it really the best course of action for the long term?

No! It's not and here's why.

Because when it needs to be done again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, who will be doing it?

That’s right, it will still be you.

And as a business leader (yes I'm talking to you) with many different roles to do, developing and empowering your people is one of your main responsibilities. Development is linked to growth. Someone who is growing at work will feel much more involved, be inspired to do more and make a better contribution. Failing to develop your people leaves them feeling stagnant, demotivated and as a result unproductive.

And this is not good news for you!

However a growth environment will free you up to focus on what you know you should be doing – the high level, exciting stuff.

And by being a powerful visionary in your company, that great energy will spread through your business environment, and the energy created keeps spiralling upwards, as you get excited, your people get excited, you do more, they do more, results improve, business gets better, you get excited, your people get excited and repeat. Whoohoo!

Who doesn't want their organisation to have that kind of momentum and energy and growth?
So your thinking is not about how to get through today, but more about how your business will perform tomorrow, and the next day, and into the future.

Change your thinking, change your habits, delegate and develop your staff and start freeing up some of that precious time so you can develop yourself, your business and get your life back.

Think about the future, make your habits align with what you want to achieve and get others to help along the way.