How to share skills

Are you a recent Opus Matrix user and have still some doubts about its multitude of functionalities? This post will effectively explain how one of the most important and useful features offered by this website works: Skillshare.

If you decided to join the Opus Matrix universe, you are probably an entrepreneur, a business owner, a freelancer, an ambitious individual looking for new employment opportunities, or you might be a career-oriented person who wishes to expand his or her own professional network. Whatever the reason, you may be certainly interested in developing your career. This is where Skillshare can come in handy.

As you surely know, having a specific set of skills related to the professional field you are in, can really make a huge difference when applying for jobs or seeking business partnerships. Showcasing all your skills on your Opus Matrix profile is fundamental as it will definitely increase your chances of finding the type of employment or business opportunity that you want.

By completing your profile with all the professional skills that you have acquired over the years or months of work experience, you will be able to attract other Opus Matrix users. In this way you might get the attention of an employer or of a potential business partner or client who is looking for someone exactly like you, with your same type of knowledge and capabilities.

Showcasing the services that you offer can also be extremely advantageous for the development of your career or business, as it will augment the possibilities of finding more clients, potential sponsors and collaborators. As a consequence, your profit will also increase, as well as your level of success and satisfaction.

Skillshare has another extraordinary advantage. It allows you to spot professionals with the kind of skills and interests that you are searching for, thanks to the practical tool called Skillfinder. By clicking on Skillshare, you will be instantly directed to the Skillfinder page (as long as you are logged in), where you will be asked to insert the location, skills, including spoken languages and hobbies, which you are interested in. The results will immediately show you someone registered on Opus Matrix who matches your search. This unique feature enables you to quickly find what and who you need in order to turn your professional goals into real achievements.

Start using Skillshare now and enjoy its great outcomes! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

The OM Team

Giving you more business exposure
business exposure
At Opus Matrix, we are continuously thinking of ways to get our members noticed and we aim to give you as much business exposure as possible through our networks. We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals and enable you and your business to prosper.

This month we are especially focusing on women in business, as March is the month of Mother’s Day on the 6th and International Women’s Day on the 8th. Therefore we will give shout outs to mumpreneurs who are using the OM site to network and on the 8th March, to celebrate Women’s Day, we will offer Business Plus membership for free (for 1 year, usually £89.99) to anyone who signs up via this link:

Our regular blogs will also now include mentions of our members throughout, as a way of cross-referencing skilled people on OM. This will be great to draw extra web traffic your way but it is only available to those who have a completed profile, i.e. with profile photo, skills added and business services clearly stated.


There’s only one month to go now before we announce our new winner. Winners are chosen every quarter based on their contributions to the site in terms of blog posts and being an active networker, with a complete profile. This time you can win £40, click here for more details.

Good luck!

The OM Team

From one business to another with love
you and me
As love is certainly in the air this month for Valentine’s Day, we thought this would be a good time to emphasise the love between businesses. A working relationship with business partners also requires regular attention and support like any other long lasting personal one.

When working with someone else, it is essential to fully understand their needs and goals for the relationship and to work out a balance that suits you both. Skillsharing is the perfect example of two skilled professionals merging their skillsets for the greater good. You may be an expert in your field but lacking in basic ability in another. Therefore, you can attempt to learn something new or work together in agreement with someone who can complete certain tasks for you.

Sharing the love

We regularly share the love for our business members and we would like to know, what do you love about self-employment? Comment, like and share on our recent Facebook post. The comment with the most likes will get featured on our home page for a month.

Also, don’t forget we have our quarterly competition still running to win a £40 Amazon voucher, with this round ending 31st March. There's plenty of time to catch up, even if you've just joined. The winner will be splashed across all our Social Media platforms but will only be picked from those with a completed profile, including profile photo and skill set.

All you need to do is to regularly login at Opus Matrix and post any blogs, events, offers or projects you would like to share. The more you post and connect with others, the more chance of winning, as we reward members with points. You will also increase your chances of being seen by your target audience too.

Please note: At the end of each competition the points awarded will go back to zero - this will give our new members a fair chance of winning the next time and should ensure we don't have the same winner twice in a row.

Good luck!

The OM Team

P.S. If you have any queries about your membership, profile or our special offers, please contact [email protected]

Business Plus Membership Benefits
Business Plus
Opus Matrix (OM) is a fast growing global network specifically aimed at helping women skillshare to start ,develop and grow their business

OM is all about getting women employment.

We advocate skill sharing as a great, often inexpensive way to get started to enjoy the membership benefits.

Try out your skills and get yourself some potential clients through creating a profile with your up to date details.

Get your skills or services 'out there' by signing up as a Business Plus member and get yourself promoted to our huge and daily growing network. As a Business Plus member, you will get all the benefits listed below and with 3 months free on annual membership for a limited time only, there's no better time than now. You could reach a potential audience of 12 Million per annum.

Featured regularly on Home Page
Regular Shout outs
Your tweets embedded on Opus Matrix for maximum exposure
Sell from your own 'keep all you earn' shop
Get target specific social media marketing to your chosen buyers
One year's free web hosting RRP £80
Double promotion to 8 million per annum
A business profile - showcase your Services and Products
A personal profile to showcase your skills, expertise, products or services
Feature in our business directory
Find Potential business partners with specific skills through Skillshare
Connect with others, view profiles, message and Skype
Gain exclusive additional access to jobs with wow-a2z business members
Access/respond to crowdsourcing projects and prosper by working with others
Post projects and events and make the most of our networks
Post 10 jobs per year and get exclusive addional access to jobs with wow-a2z business members
Find jobs, working partnerships and opportunities locally, nationally and internationally
Fnd self-employment advice and tips to support you with your business venture
Gain automatic entry to the Hall of Fame and compete for the quarterly giveaway
Read and post blogs and to forums from us and our members
'Meet the Experts' to get valuable information, support and advice on particular topics and receive their special discounts
Add your Testimonials
Annual Members - Special Offers Only

The OM Team

Shine in our online community
October 30, 2015
online community

As the days grow darker and the cold wind starts blowing in, it won't be long until Christmas lights are twinkling. Whether you are in business or not, there's no doubt that this is the time of year when things get busy with so much to do. This is where Opus Matrix can help you achieve more if you make the most of your membership plan and help you to shine in our community!

Opus Matrix is more than just a website, it's an online community. It's a wealth of resources and ideas from like-minded people who are interested in collaborating on new projects. Members can skillshare and exchange their talents for mutually beneficial reasons. This can be a great way of getting things done without breaking the bank. For example, if you need a web designer, perhaps they will create one for free in exchange for a discount on your products in your shop.

Opus Matrix is an online community with an effective tool for searching for people with key skills but it is also a great platform to get your voice heard. From your profile, you can post your own blogs and get these seen by a large audience via our social media channels. Also, if you are a Business Plus member and you use Twitter, your tweets will be embedded in our site and shown to every Opus Matrix member when they log in. The OM team would like to encourage members to be active on the site and reward everyone with points for doing so.

As the old saying goes ‘points win prizes’ and we will reward the most active member at the end of the year with a £100 Amazon voucher. Firstly, you need to make sure your profile is up to date with as much information as possible to help you get found through our visitor searches. The more active you are in terms of posting blogs and connecting with others will also earn you points.

Look out for the Hall of Fame page next week, as everyone starts from zero from the 1st November. Look forward to catching up with you on the site!

The OM Team

P.S. We would love to hear your feedback and if you have any issues with the site, please contact [email protected]


A week goes so fast….on Opus Matrix
October 10, 2015
3 months free

It's been one week since Opus Matrix launched already and it's great to see some activity on the site with new members connecting and discovering the benefits of collaboration on a global scale.

A week can go so quickly when you are busy, especially if you are working your socks off to get your business idea moving forward. There's always so much that we have to do that it is tempting to say it's not possible or that you'll come back to it at some point. However, it's important to stay focused and remind ourselves how little time we have. Otherwise, nothing will get done.

“You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to….. everyone.”

We only have the same amount of time as any entrepreneur or creative genius. Everyone has little things that get in the way of executing your plans from childcare to shopping trips.

For those who find themselves stuck in jobs they hate, it's worth spending time on planning your way out or even simply quitting as every minute you spend is effectively wasted if it is not what you want to spend the rest of your life doing.

If you haven’t already, take advantage of our Autumn offer and get 15 months for the price of 12 on all membership levels. Read more here.

The OM Team
Skill Share your way to success
September 21, 2015
skill share

Skill share your way to success 

It is a sobering thought to think the Apple, arguably the most valuable company on the planet, started as a home business, just where many are or are hoping to be very soon. Steve Jobs got a head start because very early on, he was able to partner with someone who had the skills he lacked. Jobs had the vision, and together with Wozniak, created the Apple I and Apple II computers. Wozniak was responsible for the electronics, while Jobs concentrated on the design. Both worked to their strengths and in so doing, built a superior product from the word ‘go’. The rest, as they say, is history.

Apple’s head start began because of the simple fact that the power of two heads working together can be disproportionately greater than the power of only one. Forming Skill share partnerships early in your business life, can increase the possibility of making those first steps into business much bigger, more productive and making you (both) more likely to succeed. In many other ways, relationships like these are also beneficial to your health and well-being. Going it alone can be a lonely road.

2015 has seen more and more highly-skilled older women ‘managed’ out of the workplace, turn to self-employment. This has been going on for some time and is likely to go on for the foreseeable future. Their need to make extra income means that there is now a huge skills base for people to tap into.
How do you find people with whom to share skills?

Here’s how:

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or even an established SME (in which case you can skip point 1

1.   Ascertain your goal, think big, think long-term, e.g. to create the best Cake Shop in Crewe, London,wherever

2. Create a list of your skills and the resources you need in order to fulfill this ambition

3. Create a list of the skills/resources you don’t have

This will give you a good idea of the sort/skill type of the person (s) you need to find to skill share. the way forward  

Using a website like this would be invaluable at this point. This website has a sophisticated search engine which can help you pinpoint that key person to barter or share skills with. This kind of working can mean acquiring the expertise you need in the areas you need, and inexpensively, whilst not compromising your business idea. is a supportive community for entrepreneurs formed from individuals just like you, at various stages in their business life. It’s a community of people with the skills - and sometimes the resources - to form that ideal business partnership. contains all the tools, resources and people you need to take your business idea to the heights you've always dreamed of.

Sign up now for a FREE TRIAL

"Together we're working"

the OM team

Aspiring entrepreneurs: Individuals to SMEs
aspiring entrepreneurs

Have you ever felt like something is missing?

We all feel like this from time to time but sometimes you’ve got to take a few steps in the right direction to find someone or something that will improve your situation.

As a skilled individual, you may find yourself not currently fulfilling your potential or lacking the opportunity you need to further your career. The thought of self-employment may frighten you but you can start small and collaborate with other aspiring entrepreneurs for mutual benefits.

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The a2z of useful websites for Startups – Part 2
November 13, 2013

In today’s digital world, getting started in business is a lot easier than it used to be. The internet has opened up the world as a marketplace and for some businesses anyone can be a customer, worldwide. The internet also allows us to access information rapidly so that we can dedicate time elsewhere and grow at a quicker rate. Despite this, there are still regulations and procedures to follow in each country, which the sites below will help you with.

Business Wales – Wales is a beautiful country but even in the most remote places, as a business you will require a helpful local resource. This provides help with starting up from funding to government initiatives and loans. This site will be beneficial to all Wales business owners, especially if you are interested in information, guidance and advice on starting, growing or simply running your business effectively. The site is full of useful articles but you can also arrange a time to meet them face to face.

Auckland Business – Auckland is a great city for business and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) is Auckland’s economic growth agency, who basically makes it easy to run your business. They help with startup and growth in key industries. This site is useful for reviewing case studies from others in a similar line of work to you and catching up on local news, which you could share via social media. There are also upcoming events, which are excellent for networking with others, increasing your knowledge and finding potential customers.

Canada Business – If your business is based in Canada then you’ll be relieved to know that help is close by. In terms of starting, planning, financing, managing and growing your business in Canada, this network will be a great resource. It provides regular shareable content, which informs you of latest business developments and government initiatives and regulations.

Alberta Business – For those in Alberta, this site, supported by the local Business Link has many useful tools for businesses. There are interesting links to articles on things like creating videos, podcasts, or Facebook pages for your business. There is also an area to share your input within an integrated, collaborative and client focused community network.

New Zealand, Ministry of Business - This site is valuable for anyone wanting to get started in business in New Zealand. There are excellent resources to download such as business plan templates, infographics and pdf documents or fact sheets. This is particularly good if you want to manage employees effectively and deal with tax or government regulations. There are also details for those who want to leave or sell a business, with a clear guide for the process.

Look out soon for part 3……..

the OM Team