Use Our Platform to Boost and Reach Out to Your Target Audience
target audience

Our members all have a target audience in terms of their business objectives or individual projects. As you get started in business, you may not have worked out yet who to aim your product or services at but sooner or later you will narrow it down or even select a niche to target. There are lots of ways to reach new people online and offline these days but actually anyone can be your customer in most cases.

Opus Matrix has a growing list of members from different backgrounds and offering varied skills to the table. A simple update from your profile can be seen by our active community and this could help to boost your brand awareness and generate discussion. It may not initially result in a direct sale but it can help to generate interest and knowledge of what you do. Posting regularly also means that your messages, blogs and other content posts will go out on our Twitter feed reaching thousands of people looking for new products or services and we have good engagement on our social channels.

Social media is obviously effective for outreach purposes and Opus Matrix is another network that you can take advantage of for linking back to your website and your social media channels.

Simply go to your profile and you will find the update box. Share your latest update about what's new, as you would a tweet on Twitter, include hashtags if you wish and you can mention other members with the @ symbol before their profile name. This goes out into our Twitter stream and reaches our wide audience who will click through to interact with you on the site.

We also have the 'secure handshake' feature on our website, which allows you to get value from working with others by contributing your skills and tasks in exchange for someone else's services. This can work well to help you get started, especially with new projects or business ideas and Opus Matrix is a secure platform for organising a work project with skillsharing.

We look forward to your updates and love to hear what's new with our members.

Check our recent activity from our members:

Dental Implants

Handcrafted Jewellery

New Members

The OM Team

Be My Job Valentine
February 14, 2018
Be My Job Valentine
Happy Valentine’s Day


No doubt you will receive a bunch of flowers, chocolates or even something extra special from your loved one today. We all make personal choices about who to spend our time with and have fun with but what about the world of work?

Work is a massive part of our lives and choosing the right career is like a marriage, an alignment of goals and personal objectives. Choosing a job you love can be a hard and tedious task but as we evolve through education, we can identify our key skills and how best to use these in the marketplace.
For some, their professional skillset will lead them down a corporate path or niche business career but for others it’s not so simple and when you throw in a personal life and family commitments, the career can often be left on the shelf.

A change in circumstances can affect your career choices and sometimes becoming a parent can make you reassess what’s important and change your mindset. For many mumpreneurs, their inspiration is to choose a career that fits around their hectic lifestyle. There are so many freelance opportunities now that tasks can be completed when you have time and you have the power to switch your working hours on or off.
For example, working evenings may be the best option for you, when it’s a quiet time of the day and you can focus on getting everything done without the hassle of phone calls and emails during the day or children running around your feet.

The wider you throw your freelance net, the more opportunities will come your way and your true love career may actually turn out to be lots of little jobs bundled together to suit you.
Connect with other freelancers and create multiple income streams on Opus Matrix.

The OM Team

New Year, New Opportunities
2018 new year

The New Year creates the chance to reflect over the last year. With the start of the New Year, it's the time to review 2017. Did you accomplish your goals for 2017? What changes did the last year bring you and your business? And of course, what do you hope to achieve in 2018?

Each year, we all set New Year resolutions. Whether your resolutions are personal or professional, we have some tips for helping you reach your goals.


Three Tips for Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

  • Set realistic and manageable resolutions
  • Break your resolutions into smaller weekly goals
  • Stay motivated by measuring and celebrating your progress


Recent Blogs


For a more in-depth read, check out our recent blog post on New Year Resolutions. The New Year is also a fantastic time for trying new things and our blog Discover Hidden Talents by Trying New Things may just provide the motivation you need.

Remember, Opus Matrix can help you achieve your resolutions. Whether it's networking to find the perfect job, connecting with your next business partner, or opening new opportunities, we're the perfect platform for achieving big things. Read more about it with our blog Achieve Big Things With Opus Matrix: The Ideal Platform for Collaborating.


Hall of Fame


Here’s our Hall of Fame at the moment. As you know, our recent competition is coming to an end and there are only 2 weeks left before we announce our new winner. Click here to get started sharing your posts.

At the end of January, we will announce our winners. For our current competition we are offering a £50 prize for the best fully completed profile and £50 for the most active user of the site. The winners will receive the prize as an Amazon voucher. Good Luck!

Position Name Points
1 Toni Charles 350.00
2 Tonia Hall 210.00
3 Jane Quinn 190.00
4 Anita Oleksy 174.00
5 Novelette Ellis 132.00



Happy January!

The OM Team


Baby it’s Cold Outside! Do your networking online
December 16, 2017

Christmas is just days away and the cold winter is setting in. December can be a difficult month for job searching as everyone is caught up in the holiday chaos and yearly budgets are reaching their end.

Opus Matrix can help you build connections with people. It helps you to create skill-sharing opportunities with similar individuals as well as businesses. In short, it can be a great way to extend your network and help you get one step closer to your professional goals.


Tip: Try the Saved Search Function

Plus, finding the right people just got even easier with the saved search function. The saved search function saves your previous searches and sends you alerts when we find someone that matches your criteria joins the network.

To start using the saved search function, simply complete the skillshare form. You'll automatically see a list of members that match your criteria and will then receive an e-mail alert for any new members.


Check Out Our Competition

Don't forget to check out our most recent competition. Two £50 Amazon vouchers are up for grabs. One voucher will be rewarded to the best fully completed profile, while the other voucher will be rewarded to the most active user. Winners will be announced in January.

Tip: You receive extra points for posting new blog articles

Hall of Fame

Kickstart your profile now and post your first blog – Click here to get started

Recent Blogs

Check out some of our most recent member blogs:

1) The Importance of Managing Time Effectively: Setting Realistic Timescales and Other Tips

2) Budgeting for Christmas: how to be creative and save money by making gifts

3) How to Optimize Your Daily Schedule for Maximum Impact


Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

The OM Team

Who are you looking for?
October 14, 2017

We all spend hours these days browsing the web through our smartphones mainly but sometimes without any real objective. There may be one particular reason for logging into Facebook but once you are in there, you’ve forgotten what that was and somehow you are watching random videos and losing valuable time.

Opus Matrix is a welcome alternative network that keeps you focused on connecting with key people and enabling skill-sharing opportunities with like-minded individuals and business owners.  With a full profile, your skills and interests will be findable through our member search and many of our members will be looking for someone like you for their next project or business venture.

An important section to complete, when editing your profile is to say who you are looking for. The more specific you are the better. Many people join with the objective of finding someone to work with.

For a more detailed request, you can also complete the skillshare form. This will show you a list of members with that criteria but will also set up an email alert so when someone joins the site with skills or jobs which fit what you are looking for, you will receive an email with details so you can welcome them to the site.

Here are the top 5 people on the site right now:

  1. Novelette Ellis - For classic and modern bespoke couture, Novelette Novalis is the name you want on the label. Novelette Ellis is a professional fashion designer creating men’s and women's clothing in Peckham, London. Each piece is designed and sewn individually by her. We are focusing on menswear but offer fantastic womenswear as well. Prices on our clothing change from time to time, depending on the fabric. All fabrics are sourced locally, and we plan to travel to Paris in February to source new fabrics.


  • Jane Quinn – Mi World Consultancy - I started miworld to help people organise their businesses for growth. I was part of a team that launched an award-winning product so understand the challenges that an increase in business can bring - Be prepared to be surprised!


  1. Anita Oleksy - Behind every knitter is a huge pile of yarn. Chat to me about all things knitting, blogging and fashion.


  1. Marilyn Mountford - 'Behind Closed Doors' tells the fascinating story of the studio built by George Romney and its history, available now from the website 


  1. Ferial Puren - Join the Ignite Life Community and collaborate with like-minded people on their transformational journeys. Invite your friends to join the community of people who are choosing to come alive, to create the future that we were born for…

If you would like to be featured in the next newsletter, all you have to do is be active on the site, post some blogs, update your profile, make connections and gain enough points to reach a top 5 spot.

Our recent competition has come to an end and Novelette has won!

This time we are offering a £50 prize for the best fully completed profile and £50 for the most active user of the site. The winner will be announced shortly after New Year and the winner will receive the prize as an Amazon voucher.

Good luck to all members and please contribute your recent blogs for extra points too.

Here’s the recent blogs from our members:

Ever had a Clothes Encounter In The Business World

When will our proverbial ‘water crisis’ become urgent enough for us to start paying attention?

The Importance of Sleep: Your Life May Just Depend On It


The OM Team

What new challenges have you set for 2017?
January 13, 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

Here we are already in the middle of January, when your New Year’s Resolutions and goals should be put to the test. For many business owners, it’s a good time of year to take stock and work out new challenges for the year ahead (read our latest blog). Were you as successful as you aimed for last year? What can you do differently this year to make yourself or your business more productive and profitable?

Over the festive period, we had lots of new members join us in response to our Facebook competition. This has been very positive so we have decided to extend this until 8th March to celebrate International Women’s Day. All those that have entered so far will be entered into the prize draw to win the £100 Amazon voucher.

As a new member, the first step should be to fully update your profile. As with any other social network, it’s important to upload a profile photo and provide as much detail about yourself or your business so that you will get found through the site and through Google search. You can also update your status regularly, chat to other members and post your own blogs or offers. You may even connect with a new business partner! Start a new project today!

The main benefit of the site is time management. We all wish we had more time to get more things done and be a few steps ahead. If you skillshare with other members then you can afford to take a breather or holiday now again. For example, collaborating with someone who is skilled in social media management will save you the time required to engage with your community of followers. As an active member, you have the opportunity to attract potential customers through OM, reaching an immediate audience of over 8 million per annum

Skillsharing is great for exchanging services without the need to part with any cash. A business challenge for 2017 could be for you to focus on collaborative projects to make the most out of skillsharing.

All the best

The OM Team

P.S. We are currently making changes to the site to enhance it further and appreciate your patience during this transition. If you do experience any issues or temporary errors, please contact us at [email protected]

How does your business translate across the networks?

If you are a business owner or venturing into promoting your sideline project then it’s important to focus on who your target audience is. This could involve researching into their interests, their location and most importantly what type of messaging they respond or engage with. Your product could be very niche or appeal worldwide but your message about the product will need to be delivered in different ways across each of the social networks and on popular websites.

We have recently introduced a language translation feature on our site so members can choose their preferred language to read the information in. Simply look out for this in the sidebar:





We entrepreneurs are always looking for new customers and language doesn't have to be a barrier! 

This is great for Opus Matrix, as we want the site to be accessible to people all over the world who are looking for opportunities to collaborate but don’t want language to be a barrier. Please invite your friends from other countries by sending them a link to the homepage.

profileWe would like to welcome our new members and highlight the benefits of using the site this month. From your profile page, you can do most things like add blogs, projects, offers or products. Please let us know if you require any help with getting started. Most importantly, it’s best to focus on firstly getting your profile fully completed with photo and your latest status update.

Secure handshake

Don’t forget you can take advantage of our ‘Secure handshake’ service. Simply make arrangements with another member to skillshare and exchange services for free then you can use this form to create a 'Secure Handshake'. Find out more.

The OM Team

P.S. If you have any queries about your membership, profile or our special offers, please contact [email protected]

Are you caught in the whirlwind of Brexit?
secure handshake

It’s summertime apparently - not that the weather in the UK is anything to go by. However, the schools have finally finished for the holidays and parents are frantically getting away for a much needed break. Regardless of where you are, we hope you are enjoying this time of year.

It’s certainly a worrying time at the moment for entrepreneurs in Britain, as the country takes steps to leave the EU. The current economic situation will affect some business owners more than others but perhaps the best thing for entrepreneurs is just to plough on regardless, as with change often comes new opportunity. We’d love to hear from our members of their views on this subject.

Feel free to start topics in the ‘Groups’ section of the website.


The last quarter of this year has gone so fast and it’s great to see new members on We would especially like to announce the winner of the latest competition and Ouafa Benterki, it’s you! There’s a £100 Amazon voucher coming your way. Thanks for connecting with others in our community and referring friends to the site.


We actively encourage skillsharing in our community and the skillfinder service (page only visible when you are logged in) enables members to search for people based on a certain combination of skills and also by location. This has proved very popular and many of our members have said they are willing to barter their skills.

We understand that some people are a little cautious having just met someone online who wants their service for free in exchange for the work they will do for them. Therefore, we’ve introduced the ‘Secure Handshake’. This involves both parties placing a deposit with Opus Matrix until the jobs are complete. Once both parties are satisfied with the result, each person gets their money back (please note that a 10% admin fee applies). If you have been in touch with someone who wants to barter with you and skillshare, please email the details to [email protected].

We also have further exciting announcements for skillsharing on this site. Coming soon!

The OM Team

P.S. If you have any queries about your membership, profile or our special offers, please contact [email protected]

Are you part of our networking opportunity?
networking opportunity
Of course you are part of our networking opportunity, you have signed up to Opus Matrix either because you want to network with other individuals who have something to sell or you would like to promote your business services. When we say networking opportunity, we would like to remind all members about the full potential of Opus Matrix and to fully benefit, it’s best to complete your profile fully to maximise your chance of getting seen across our website and social media channels.


This month, we are also offering the chance for members and friends to meet up face to face. If you are based in Scotland, then this free event is an ideal chance to catch up with others and discover more about skillsharing. Come along next week:

Tues 21st June, 10 – 12pm @ The Coffee House, 144 High Street,
Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1QS.
Click here to find out more and RSVP.

Competition… not long to go now!

As an existing member of OM, you will also have the option to gain more points for our regular prize draw. All you have to do is invite your friends and colleagues to our meetups and your points will increase. As always, you can gain points through the site for being an active member, such as posting regular blogs, products, offers and endorsing other members.

This quarter’s 'REFER A FRIEND " competition ends on June 30th. You could win £100 JUST for referring friends. The more friends you refer the more likely you'll win. Winners will be drawn from a hat and announced in our July Newsletter.

Good luck!

The OM Team

Are you based in Scotland? Come along to our Collaborative Commons Enterprise Meetup
May 23, 2016
collaborative commons

We are very much an online business with members from all over the world but we’re having a little change next month for our first meetup in the Collaborative Commons Enterprise group. We network with our members across social media but sometimes it’s good to sit down face to face for a good old fashioned chat over a coffee. OM is global but we have a large following in Scotland and so our first meetup will be:

Tues 21st June, 10 – 12pm @ The Coffee House, 144 High Street,
Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1QS.

Click here to find out more and RSVP.

This is very much an open group, that is free for anyone to come along, even non-members. It’s a good opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and discuss ideas for skillsharing and collaboration on projects. We plan to hold regular OM meetups and some of these could even take place online eventually too so we can connect with our members elsewhere.

Each meetup will consist of an introduction and update on the offers available through and we would like to invite all Business Plus members to be speakers at our future meetups too. This provides an opportunity to have the spotlight on you and/or your business services. If you would like to put your name forward to be a speaker soon, please email [email protected].

We encourage our members to keep their profile and status updated, especially to specify what you want from the site and who you would like to connect with. This will help you get found by other members and give us the information we need to grow your network and opportunities.

As an existing member of OM, you will also have the option to gain more points for our regular prize draw. All you have to do is invite your friends and colleagues to our meetups and your points will increase. As always, you can gain points through the site for being an active member, such as posting regular blogs, products, offers and endorsing other members.

This season’s ‘Hall of Fame’ competition will run from June to December and you could win £100. Remember you can invite a friend to the site from your profile page to boost your chance of winning.

This quarter’s 'REFER A FRIEND " competition ends on June 30th. You could win £100 JUST for referring friends. The more friends you refer the more likely you'll win. Winners will be drawn from a hat and announced in our July Newsletter.

What better way to start the holidays!

Kind regards,

The OM Team