Making income from your hobbies

Finding a stable job nowadays is getting increasingly complicated due to the current political and economic tensions existing worldwide. Getting hired is becoming always more competitive, which makes finding an interesting role quite difficult for anyone, no matter the level of work experience or qualifications gained over the years. However, there are always options for expanding your income streams.

Although this might seem a fairly negative moment for all of you who are job hunting, it is essential to bear in mind that there is always an exciting solution to everything. Have you ever considered that now, thanks to the fantastic development of technology, it is possible to actually turn most of your hobbies into real sources of income?

Just think about it for a minute, there are an extensive number of successful freelancers online who have quit their jobs and launched outstanding careers by applying their skills and interests and transforming them into money! So this is what you could also go for. Below you will find three examples of creative hobbies that can become a great way of making money and replacing usual office jobs. These ideas can also be implemented by someone who perhaps has already a job, but who simply feels the need of changing things in his/her life, so keep your mind open and flexible and see what you can get out of your hobbies!

1) Writing/Blogging

Have you always liked writing since you were in school? If you have often thought that becoming a writer is too much of an irrational plan, now it is the moment to rethink about it. There are loads of websites were you can find ads posted by a variety of international agencies and companies which are looking for talented freelance writers. Try answering any of these ads by sending a sample of your writing and see how it goes! That is definitely a way of making an interesting amount of money, although it may not immediately replace a full time salary, but with time and patience you might soon be able to expand your writing services, increase your number of clients and turn your hobby into a real job, which gives you complete freedom and independence!

Blogging is a very similar option, although in this case you most likely would not write for any specific client but only for yourself and your audience. Are you particularly passionate about any specific topic? Consider for instance such topics as: gardening, cooking, IT, fitness, politics, economics, health, gaming, psychology, etc…if you have a great interest in any subject you could talk about it on a weekly basis (you decide the frequency) in a series of blog posts. You are obviously not the only one with that particular interest, so take that as an advantage to boost your income up! Starting a blog is very simple since you can quickly set up an account on WordPress, where you will be also able to find a broad list of colourful templates ready for your immediate use. Once that you have created your blog, wrote on it several posts and conquered the attention of a discrete amount of followers, then you can also start adding advertising arrangements and affiliate deals, which will finally bring your income up. There are numerous professional bloggers out there, who have simply started by opening an account on a blogging platform as WordPress and started writing about what they liked the most, becoming soon able to make blogging their full time job.

2) Photography

Today everyone is continuously taking pictures with their smartphones and sharing them through social media, but only a very small percentage can actually be defined as excellent photographs. If you know how to handle a professional camera and can take surprisingly good photos, then you should definitely start thinking about exploiting this fantastic skill in order to make money. You can start from creating a Facebook page and a website to advertise your services and showcase your work, attend networking events and discover who needs a professional photographer. There are always plenty of weddings, graduations and various types of ceremonies in need of talented photographers, but most of them are very expensive to hire, so those would represent great occasions for you to start doing this fascinating job while asking for a lower compensation than experienced photographers. This way you will put yourself ahead of competition and become an interesting choice for whoever wants to hire a photographer. Another way of earning money through photography is to open an account on platforms as Flickr, where you can showcase your photos and sell them to potential clients. Capturing special moments that will last a lifetime could make your hobby become a real job, so give it a try!

3) Fitness

If you love fitness and know by experience how to eat healthily and what exercises to do in order to get a fitter body, then you should probably start thinking about making some profit out of it. Becoming a personal trainer is not complicated. You would obviously need certifications, but a little bit of studying has never hurt anyone, especially when the subject you are focusing on is something you are passionate about and that can transform your existence. There are nowadays a variety of popular fitness courses that people worldwide are eager to try, such as, for instance, Crossfit, Pilates and a wide range of cardio exercises, so you could specialise in one or more of them, get the right training, obtain the necessary qualifications and consecutively apply for jobs at gyms or sell yourself as a freelance personal trainer. If you choose the second option, you could find as your first clients your family’s friends or friends’ friends so that you can slowly start making some money while having a job that truly satisfies you and makes people taking your classes happy.

There are certainly many more hobbies that can be strategically used in order to grow your income, such as graphic design, video editing, teaching music, web design, social media marketing, software engineering, crafting and many more. What you should keep in mind is that for almost any skill you have there is the chance of developing a successful career where you could become your own boss, so be creative and don’t be afraid to try new paths!

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Where is the way out of the poverty trap? The issue about government benefits

A few days ago the OM team met and discussed in depth a common problem for those of us who are recipients of government benefits.

One lady in our team, a single mum on benefits, who is trying to run her own business, knows exactly what this feels like. She tries desperately to make ends meet, but always encounters the problem when she is in danger of exceeding the limit of income set by the benefit system. As soon as this happens, she loses more than she earns!

Why is it taking so long to help people get out of the poverty trap and off benefits? Government should be building them bridges and rewarding them, instead of punishing them if they try to grow their business and work. Surely, the ideal is to help people become self-sufficient. Anyway, we really struggled with this subject, especially as we are well aware that there is large number of mums on our site who are experiencing the same problem.

We want to hear from you. We want to hear about your struggles, your successes and your suggestions.

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Britain needs successful women: Maria Miller calls for stay-at-home mothers to go back to work to boost the economy
stay at home mums

Source: Mail Online

• Getting them back to work would boost economic growth by 0.5% a year
• Businesses will today be told to ‘embrace’ the benefits of flexible working
• Experts say women ‘should be shaping economy – not just try to fit into it

A shortage of successful women is holding Britain’s economy back, Cabinet Minister Maria Miller will warn today.
The equalities minister will warn that it is unacceptable that highly-skilled and talent women continue to languish behind men in the workplace.
More help will be offered to school girls to get ahead in business while employers will be urged to hire women over 50.

The call comes as a government-backed report says stay-at-home mothers should go back into the workforce to boost economic growth.
Getting those women back to work would boost economic growth by 0.5 per cent a year or 10 per cent by 2030 – vital if Britain is to emerge from the financial crisis, experts said.
Businesses will today be told to ‘embrace’ the benefits of flexible working to lure millions more women into the labour market.

A report by the Women’s Business Council, commissioned by ministers, urges bosses to ‘support working parents’ by offering more freedom over when and where they work, so long as the task is completed. Experts led by Ruby McGregor-Smith, the chief executive of outsourcing giant MITIE, said that ‘women should not just try to fit into the economy, they should be shaping it’.
Mrs McGregor-Smith this week criticised the ‘macho’ culture in business for holding women back by resisting flexible working.
Women make up 46 per cent of the workforce but account for just a third of management roles.

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How to Get a Job – Some step by step advice how to find a job!

Source: Karen Milligan-Vata, Nicole Willson, Horses4Ever & Manuel_Montenegro

Whether you’re looking for your very first job, switching careers, or re-entering the job market after an extended absence, finding a job requires two main tasks: understanding yourself and understanding the job market.

Presuming you’ve already chosen a career and are currently searching for jobs, this website article is a good guide showing several ways to actually get a job.

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Job Search Tips and Strategies for Older Job Seekers
November 22, 2013

Source: Alison Doyle

How easy is it to find a job if you are over 40, bound by children or are a carer to an elderly relative?

I’m always a little surprised at how young can be considered old by employers. In some industries, especially high-tech, even mid-thirties can be considered old. In fact, I spoke to one computer programmer who considered the workers in his office who were over thirty old!

Unfortunately for older job seekers, the older you are, the longer it can take to get a job and the harder it can be to get hired.

What can you do to address age discrimination and promote your candidacy for employment? There are strategies older job seekers can implement to help expedite a job search and to find gainful, and meaningful, employment.

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