The Revolution of Fitness Is Called Flexxicore Challenger
December 1, 2015
fitness challenger

Today most of people seem to be obsessed with the idea of staying fit. Eating healthy, doing lots of sports, trying all kinds of new fitness trends and drinking protein shakes or multivitamin juices, are all things that have recently gained a great popularity, not only in the UK, but also in the majority of western countries.

It is not a mystery the fact that exercising and following a balanced diet is extremely good for our life, in fact, in recent years, gym memberships have radically increased, as well as the attention that most of us give to fitness and food containing low amounts of sugars and fats. All these facts are fantastic, because it means that we are starting to care more about what we consume and how.

Taking good care of ourselves on a daily basis is a powerful way to maintain our bodies and minds young, strong, happy and dynamic, fortifying our immune system and preventing the risk of contracting diseases. Most of us unfortunately have extremely busy lives, which make practically impossible finding some time to go to the gym in order to exercise. Let’s face it. After long hours spent at work or at school, often the last thing we want is to sweat and feel forced to do loads of exhausting fat-burning and toning movements. What usually happens to most of us is that we just end up going home, lying on the couch watching TV or doing something relaxing instead of a superb workout, while deep inside we feel guilty for not having pulled out the strength to exercise.

The great news is that there is now a new exciting way to keep our muscles toned after a challenging day at work, without demanding any extra efforts to our body. The perfect solution for us is called Flexxicore Challenger, which is a revolutionary technology providing high-intensity body training with only 5-10 minutes of workout per day. This advanced Whole Body Vibration Training equipment is recommended to people of all ages and perfectly suitable for home use.

The Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is also known as “Acceleration Training” or “Biomechanical Oscillation”, and consists of increasing the outcomes of every exercise and movement, while strengthening the human body’s natural reaction to vibration. Flexxicore Challenger was invented at the beginning of 2015 and has already been an outstanding success on the market. Its concept was inspired by the theory of acceleration training, which was studied and practiced in Russia to cure astronauts affected by muscle atrophy and to train professional athletes to become stronger and more flexible.

As you can see thanks to this explanatory video (, staying fit has never been so easy and pleasant. Flexxicore Challenger has met the appreciation of hundreds of international users who have stated to be grateful about the high functionality and effectiveness of this fantastic product. Its creators are now offering a special 50% offer for its launch on the UK market, including an advantageous two-month-No-Obligation Trial.

What are you waiting for? Start immediately enjoying the benefits of this incredible method and you will notice the beautiful results on your body!

Contact Mike Hall for more information.

The OM Team

Use nutritional supplements to optimise your sport performance
September 20, 2015

Source: Mike Hall

As a squash coach, I am consistently seeking ways to improve my performance and overall health, not just to do better but to feel great too! I am very much interested in the psychology of sport and how the mind plays a major part in your overall outlook and capabilities. However, it’s also especially important to respect your physical health with regular exercise and a good, balanced diet that includes all the right nutrients and vitamins.
Having a healthy diet is a challenge for every human being, regardless of their size, shape or physical capabilities. There is a wealth of information everywhere about how to stay healthy and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Although, it’s not easy to be consistent and many people lose track of what’s good for them and what nutrients they are consuming. For those who want to stay in control, I recommend Phil Richards’ products.
I am keen on promoting and reviewing Phil’s products, as I believe in their power to transform peoples’ overall health and ultimately their sport performance. His range of nutritional supplements are based upon nature - giving the body what it requires from well sourced ingredients. The products are all free from chemicals and sweeteners like Acesulfame K, aspartame and sucralose. The quality of the product is put before the taste of the product so they might not always taste amazing but the important thing is that they get you results, time and time again.
Phil is a renowned Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning coach and has applied his knowledge and experience to develop these effective products. As they are used by top athletes, it’s clear that they obviously work and can improve your overall health. For all those working in the health industry, it’s a great idea to go into partnership with Phil and promote his products, alongside what you do, as an affiliate. I will regularly review his products on this blog and highlight specific products that could help you reach your health goals.

How to transform your fitness and wellness
May 20, 2015

Source: Mike Hall

As we enter the month of March, many peoples’ New Year’s Resolutions are starting to become a distant memory.
If you haven’t stuck to your fitness goals, then perhaps now Pancake Day is over, you are ready to get started again! Many people try to be as realistic as possible when setting themselves goals but we all have a tendency to be too hard on ourselves. A good alternative is to seek a method of fitness that will last you a lifetime and keep your mind and body feeling good.

As a sporty person all my life, I understand the need to train the body and the demanding impact this can have on the body. In particular, squash is a fast game that is physically challenging with a need for skill and quick thinking. In fact, squash is seen as the top sport to play for overall health and fitness benefits. Therefore, it’s an ideal workout for sports enthusiasts and as a squash coach since the 1980’s; I have experienced and demonstrated the benefits.

As a current coach at Grange Squash Club in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, I am particularly focused on the role of the mind in the game and how to use it effectively in sync with the physicality of the sport. The psychology and mental capacity to play the game is a big factor, as well as technique and natural ability. The brain works hard to recall memories of past successes and this works with playing golf too. It’s important to react responsibly to sport situations so that you can deal with similar events well in the future. As a Masters Mind Factor golf coach, I can help people develop a practical approach to using the mind in sport and getting the best out of yourself.

Your fitness should be your top priority if you regularly take part in sport and its worthwhile discovering the science behind your performance. If you use your heart and lungs correctly, then you can synchronise your brain into an ideal rhythm. The point when the brain and heart rhythms match is when you can get into the zone of peak performance, which feels great!

I also have a strong interest in Tai Chi and implement Chinese methodologies into my coaching. Tai Chi is all about the stillness within and controlling your breathing. Even in a fast-moving game like squash, Tai Chi techniques can be effective for every movement and action from the forehand and backhand to the swivel of the hips and hitting a shot. Tai Chi is fantastic for gentle exercise too and can be used to treat health problems or prevent injuries.

My passion for exercise and wellness has also led me to introduce the Flexxicore Passive Exerciser to people. In particular, I visit office workers to let them try the product during a 15 minute break. Sitting at their desks all day, office workers can often hunch over their computers and develop bad habits leading to bad posture and poor circulation. Using the Flexxicore can prepare your body for any activity and many users have said they have felt both invigorated and relaxed from the sensation.

For further information, please contact me at [email protected]

If You Don’t Mind Cancer Causing Radiation Passing Through Your Food, Keep Using A Microwave
April 20, 2015

Source: Prevent

We have talked about it as a team. We are very health conscious, but this article really puts the nail in the coffin!

Are microwaves a benign bastion of convenience or a sinister contributor to biological and nutritional damage? That depends where you attain your health information from. Many believe microwaves are an ingenious time-saving device and wonder how anyone ever lived without them.

Others are aware their food doesn't quite taste the same after microwave use, but unapologetically swear by them just to help them get through the day a little bit faster. However, a growing percentage are now heeding the advice of holistic health experts advising them of the dangers. Regardless of where you stand, humans are the only animals on the planet who destroy the nutritional value of their food before eating it, and the use of microwaves is no exception.

If you're a regular reader of any type of website that thrives to educate on natural and toxic-free living, then you probably disposed of your microwave long ago. If you still use a microwave and just stumbled on this information, pay close attention as all the information on this page will eventually lead you to throw out your nuker and get back to old fashioned heating methods which are far more effective for your long-term health.

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Do you often feel exhausted?
February 20, 2015

Source: Mike Hall

Our daily routine can slowly grind anyone down and make you feel exhausted. There are things we must do each day from household chores to driving to work and sitting at a computer. These tasks build up and we often subconsciously stumble along, without realising the potential harm we are doing to our bodies over time or the lack of exercise in our lives.

It’s easy to do nothing and just rely on copious amounts of coffee or chocolate throughout the day to give you a boost but this can increase your weight and lead to further health problems. We’d all like to feel less lethargic and a brief holiday might do the trick to reinvigorate yourself. Although, it would be most beneficial to implement something into the daily routine in order to improve your sense of wellbeing each day. Eating healthy can help a lot but if you are finding it hard to get started in the morning and generally feel that you have little energy, then consider exercise.

Physical exercise is essential for everyone but busy lifestyles can put this to the bottom of the priority list. Pressing work matters can get in the way of energising your body properly. The FlexxiCore Passive Exceriser provides a solution to this as it only takes 5 – 10 minutes a day to use and this is enough to improve your circulation and relieve stress. Perhaps you go to the gym about twice a week but don’t have time to do something on a daily basis. This product is ideal to do first thing in the morning before breakfast or at any point during the day when you have ten minutes to spare.

Passive exercise can clear your head, relieve tension and leave you feeling ready to start the day. This can work wonders for your productivity. Have you ever felt that your mind is cloudy and you can’t seem to get anything done? With a reinvigorated mind, tasks will seem simpler and less stressful to do. Life can be extremely challenging at times but a fit body and mind can certainly help to deal with things.

The product can help ease back pain, which is a big problem for a lot of inactive people. It does this by encouraging the flow of fluid along the spine, as you lie down and rest your legs on the small piece of equipment. Relaxing in this position, allows you to let it’s rhythmic wave travel through your body, which can also stimulate deep breathing. The ‘goldfish’ like movement helps to reduce inflammation in muscles and reduce toxins caused by this. This type of exercise has been practised in Japan since the 1920s and is proven to work at improving vitality.

To find out more or arrange a trial with this product for yourself or your work colleagues, please contact me:
Mike Hall
[email protected]

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Yoga sessions enhance your squash game
February 20, 2015

The game of squash has always been known as a fast-paced sport, where you’ve got to be quick on your feet and have good vision. This can be a reason for many to rule it out but there is a way of developing your awareness to new levels using common sense exercise, which can boost your brain performance and wellbeing. London Olympic Games and Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games were a massive success for sport and in particular the interest in squash. There has been an upsurge in interest from women, perhaps inspired by the medal successes from the female athletes in sports such as rowing, swimming and cycling.

Women are excited about getting involved in new sports and squash is an ideal one for them to experiment with. Yoga sessions can be great for a slow exercise to combine with squash, which will help them boost a feel-good factor and prepare for more physical sports performance as they progress.

Physical exercise is obviously beneficial for your health and sense of wellbeing but most importantly people want to have fun. They want to participate in a sport that is competitive but also active and fun to play with friends. Squash can be combined with new exercise classes that will be mutually beneficial. Yoga in particular is fantastic for improving flexibility, suppleness and mental awareness. This is a key skill for going into a game of squash. With yoga incorporated into your sport performance, you will find an increase in anticipation of shots when playing squash and find that the game slows down, as you use your body and mind in synchronisation for every movement.

For all those who play squash already, we may find a niggling injury slows us down or our bones are simply not up to every exertion required for the game. Therefore, there is need to do something extra that will give them the edge and keep their bodies functioning longer and stronger. Yoga is an activity which can help train your body, muscles and mind collectively. It is a satisfying and interesting activity that will enhance your squash game, no matter what level it is at.

In preparation for squash we can do various cardio exercises and other muscle training but yoga enables us to prepare to a whole new level. Squash demands strength and flexibility and yoga is particularly good for toning muscles. Yoga can channel an explosiveness to your body. By doing the movements slowly and holding poses, you are able to activate muscle fibres, which build endurance. When you are holding challenging poses in the right way, you will feel completely relaxed and get rid of unwanted stress. This is ideal for controlling aggression and getting yourself psyched up before a squash game.Yoga provides a full workout of mind, body and soul.

The way you feel after doing a session can actually increase your self-confidence and make you feel more awake throughout the day. People with busy lifestyles tend to rely on coffee and sugary foods to get them through the daily routine but yoga can give them enough of a boost to avoid this. It can even help boost metabolism, which helps with weight loss, increases bone density and helps maintain joint flexibility.
For those who have done yoga on a daily basis, they have found it beneficial to keep it up and feel that it has added to their squash game.

Sports players find that stretching is especially important as they get older and yoga helps them to increase and balance their strength throughout their body. On the squash court, they can stretch further and return shots they would have previously considered impossible. Their vision and level of skill during the game is enhanced both physically and mentally. Breathing is a key aspect of yoga and is something that can often be overlooked in sport. However, breathing is intrinsically important to success in the game.

Squash players know the feeling of heaving for a breath when returning shots but those who learn about breath control in a yoga class will be amazed at the difference it brings in all activities on and off the court. Yoga rejuvenates you and gives you great mental energy for your daily life, helping to focus on every aspect. Therefore, it’s a common sense approach to improving your health and maintaining it as well as adding skill to your squash game.

The best way to discover the benefits of yoga is to try it out. As a good squash player, you will need a good body and a sense of awareness and understanding of breathing. Yoga will help with all techniques and beyond. Once you’ve tried yoga, the important thing is to stick to it and set yourself goal, which is good for boosting your squash performance. Every squash player would like to improve their game and optimise their health, fitness and overall performance. By providing yoga classes we are giving them the opportunity to learn more about their bodies and avoid injury. Posture is controlled in the brain and yoga teaching allows you to understand how movement is controlled in the brain.

Yoga classes at the Grange Club, Edinburgh, will be a means of encouraging new members (particularly female) into a squash court environment. They will be introduced to yoga through Mike Hall, who has taught squash from complete Beginner to Full International Standard for over 25 years. During this period he has been passionate in introducing cross training methods such as Chi Yoga to the game of squash, so as to make squash a true game for LIFE. His work has been featured in New Scientist Magazine, BBC Radio 4 and in “In Praise of Slow (exercise) – a book which reached the top ten best sellers list in the USA and UK.

How Water Helps With Weight Loss
December 17, 2014

We’ve all heard it many times.....
Drink Water, Water, Water.....
But do you understand why drinking water is so important to your health and how it helps with weight loss?
Here’s a brief explanation.

The Effect Of Hydration On Overall Metabolism:
This could be easily expanded into a textbook of information of how and why water is used in almost every bodily function.
To name just a few:
• It is responsible for absorbing and transporting all but four vitamins
• Storing carbohydrate in your liver and muscle tissue
• Aiding digestion
• Transporting and removing waste products in the blood
• Keeping your immune system functioning properly
• And so much more.

To save you from a very dry and scientific read, I will just say this; without optimal water levels arguably every function of your body would be negatively affected in some way.
Your basal metabolism is...
The amount of calories your body needs just to stay alive – it’s the energy needed to keep the body functioning, with absolutely no activity factored in. It fluctuates drastically from person to person.

People who already keep themselves well hydrated may not see quite as drastic of results, but many people may see even more drastic results, all from a few extra glasses of water a day.
However, getting enough water does not just help you regulate how much you eat -- it helps you digest it properly, as well.
“Water allows your kidneys to function properly and filter everything they need to, and allows us to eliminate effectively and not be constipated,” Melton says. “People who don’t get enough fluids in their diet tend to be constipated.”

Do you understand how Plexus works and why your water intake is so important?
It's simple, really.
When you drink the 'Pink Drink' it breaks down sugars in your body, filtering thru the liver before it hits the pancreas.
When your pancreas isn't overworked your body naturally releases excess stored up fat from your body. The more water you drink, the quicker you flush the excess fat and sugars from your body.
Your body is made up of 80% water, so it needs to be well hydrated in order to function properly.

Several doctors and specialist such as Dr. Oz and Chris Powell suggest that you need half your body weight (in ounces) in water each & every day for your body to function at its best.
Meaning a person weighing 180 lbs. would need to consume 90 ounces of water every day. That's only 4-5 bottles a day.
Better yet, get a large water bottle, measure how many cups it holds and figure out how many times you have to refill it in order to drink enough water per day.
You can do it! Your body will love you for it!

We love to have your feedback,please leave a comment.

Let's Be Healthy,


P.S. Learn more about weight loss and other health issues.

Sugar – Being A Sugar Watchdog Is Not Easy
April 21, 2014

Sugar Is Very Sneaky

“Sugar words’ that end in -ol are a sugar alcohols. For example sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol and maltitol. Watch for these words on labels.

These sweeteners are chemically related to alcohol, but they have no alcoholic effects.

What exactly are sugar alcohols?

They are carbohydrates that are converted to ordinary sugar during digestion.

Sugar alcohols are used in many products labeled as “low carb,” “low sugar” or “sugar free.”

Don’t be fooled. Sugar alcohols have calories and will raise your blood glucose level.

In addition, many low-carb foods that are sweetened with sugar alcohols are high in fat, and large quantities of sugar alcohols often cause diarrhea.

Sugar alcohols are only one of many hidden sugars.

It is important to be aware of all the hidden sugars in your diet; and understand how carbohydrates and sugar affect blood glucose levels.

26 Seconds to hit your bloodstream
December 12, 2013

Did you know that when you apply something topically to your skin that it hits your blood stream within 26 seconds, scary thought huh.

There is more and more evidence that skincare products are linked to cancer. Some of the chemicals used in products can be extremely dangerous when used over a long period of time
What prompts you to purchase a certain skincare product? Is it that the packaging looks nice, maybe its expensive so you think that it must be a good product or perhaps you have watched a TV advert that shows someone with a flawless skin and you hanker after that look.

Next time you shop for your skincare products and this includes your shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, body washes I urge you to take a look at the labels. If there are more words on the label that you can't understand than the ones you can then I would think twice about purchasing it.

I suffer with Hypothyroidism and most things that I read point to my personal care products having partly caused my problem due to the toxins in the products attacking my immune system.
It has only been seen I have matured (refuse to say got old) that I have started to take notice of what I am putting into my body and on my skin. Now I look for companies that produce products containing the smallest amount of chemicals possible so that I don't bombard my body with toxins.

Looking back at my 16 year old self I would now say check everything you use. Don't just use it because it is the latest fad, read the ingredients label to check what is in it before letting it come into contact with your skin. As a mum I would now also check what I used on my babies skin as it is quite scary when you start to research it what we are putting on our children's delicate skins.

If we can start from a very young age using products with less toxins in then we can help our children's long term health.
In summary don't stop using products as there are some great ones out there but just be more aware of what you are using in the same way that we now read more food labels do the same with your personal care products.