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November 4, 2016

Starting off a new career can be complicated at the beginning, especially for who doesn’t have loads of work experience, as university students or people who have recently changed their fields of work.

The biggest struggle in these types of situations is to find a suitable job to personal skills and tastes. Finding the right job can represent a serious challenge for whoever is new to a particular field and is looking for building up an exciting new career.

This is why signing up to a progressive social media platform as Opus Matrix, which is entirely designed to suit all sorts of professionals’ needs, can be an optimal choice for someone who is looking for a captivating job. There is no mystery around the fact that it is crucially important to create strong professional connections in order to be able to open up compelling job opportunities and meet fascinating experts from different fields. Opus Matrix can help you achieving all of this very easily and fairly quickly too, by simply joining its vibrant online community.

Opus Matrix allows anyone to sign up for free and become part of a compelling global community of ambitious professionals. By creating your own profile (similarly to any other social media profile) you can showcase your skills, make your CV public to recruiters and to any users, which would strongly help you find the kind of job you have always wanted. In addition to this, this unique platform enables you to discover new job opportunities offered by OM members, interact with thousands of worldwide users and explore special networking activities as partnerships and crowdfunding groups.

There are many other useful projects and groups you can be part of and all of them will make your name more well-known in your industry and allow you to grow professionally. Platforms as LinkedIn are extremely popular around the world among professionals but they are too over crowded to be actually effective for someone with little work experience. If you are looking to build up a new career and to start networking effectively, it would be highly recommendable to begin from a medium-sized community as OM where you can easily interact with other professionals and find a suitable job without wasting all the time and energies that a bigger and wildly more popular platform would require.

So what are you waiting for? Join Opus Matrix today and enjoy all the incredible opportunities it can offer you to make you become a successful business person!

Good luck,

The OM Team


Where is the way out of the poverty trap? The issue about government benefits

A few days ago the OM team met and discussed in depth a common problem for those of us who are recipients of government benefits.

One lady in our team, a single mum on benefits, who is trying to run her own business, knows exactly what this feels like. She tries desperately to make ends meet, but always encounters the problem when she is in danger of exceeding the limit of income set by the benefit system. As soon as this happens, she loses more than she earns!

Why is it taking so long to help people get out of the poverty trap and off benefits? Government should be building them bridges and rewarding them, instead of punishing them if they try to grow their business and work. Surely, the ideal is to help people become self-sufficient. Anyway, we really struggled with this subject, especially as we are well aware that there is large number of mums on our site who are experiencing the same problem.

We want to hear from you. We want to hear about your struggles, your successes and your suggestions.

The OM Team

Find Your Business Network and Grow
business network

Twenty-five years ago, before computers became mainstream for ordinary people like me, I learned a very valuable lesson. Funny, I’m applying it only now, but with big leaps forward in technology, I am able to take this learning experience to another level. For a short time in the 90’s, I explored self-employment as a Financial Advisor. During my training, my colleagues and I were told to draw up a list of all our friends and people we knew and target them as our first clients. The people I targeted became my very first customers and as they recommended me to others and my business rapidly increased. I later learned that some people in the office had been growing their businesses in this way for 25 years!

Fast forward to today. I found myself heading down the self-employment route again very recently. It’s been four years and through trial and error, I’ve realised that those same principles apply and work today. Connecting with other people in a meaningful way, such as through a purpose-built business platform like LinkedIn, Opus Matrix is definitely the way forward. The recession has meant that many more people are subscribing to networks and business communities like this. So why go it alone?

The most important thing is to find the business network that suits your personality and your needs and which offers your business the best chance to grow. There are several sites around from which to choose, but like many people, I have found that they don’t all offer the same degree of return for the effort I’ve put in. Being a social medium, as well as a business network site, enabled me to easily identify other professionals’ skills and connect with them. It started with me inviting my friends, and they inviting theirs. In this way, we have created a pool of skills, resources and even people to work with and support one another.

This is what the network has offered me:

1   The Ability to Form Working Relationships

During my journey, I realized that I did not possess all the knowledge and strengths I needed in order to make my business a reality. By connecting with others, I am now able to create a business that I never could have made on my own.

2   The Ability to Have Multiple Income Streams

Yes, this has been a great discovery. Through ‘putting my skills out there’, I have found that people are willing to pay me for some skills that I considered a hobby, because others needed my expertise to further their business project.

  1. More Customers

Being in a dedicated Business Network has provided me with both working partners and customers. Inviting my friends to join and encouraging them to ask their own friends, has greatly increased all our opportunities. This has meant that by increasing our skills mix, we are providing more potential customers for all of us.

4   A New Social Life

Through the links I’ve made, I have dramatically improved my social life. YES! Meeting others with different skills who I might not otherwise have met, has meant countless invitations and networking with others through their connections. I’ve made some great new friends whom I might never have met before. In fact, I’ve never been so popular.

This is what I’ve learned:

  • Find a business network platform that works for you.
  • Work your network. You get out only what you put in.
  • Grow your business.

Debbie Davis

Opus Matrix

Business Plus Membership
business+ 2016

Business Plus Membership 

This membership plan is amongst the best ones that Opus Matrix currently offers to its beloved users.

Business Plus offers extraordinary features to its users, as the opportunity to create a very personalised business profile aimed at showcasing skills, CV, work experiences, interests, causes, services and products, in order to find and obtain captivating jobs, to create lucrative partnerships and get in touch with key professionals.

Thanks to a great tool called ‘Skillshare’, you will be able (as the name itself reveals) to share your professional skills with hundreds of other users, who will find you and possibly get in touch with you. Skillshare can also lead you to discover potential job openings offered by entrepreneurs and companies registered on Opus Matrix. In order to be always reachable, keep in mind that, adding contact details and your Skype name, can really make a difference, allowing you to be contacted by local and international professionals.

Business Plus enables you to post 10 jobs per year and apply to all vacancies posted by different organisations on Opus Matrix. In addition to this, with Business Plus you can easily access and be part of crowdsourcing projects, sell your products or services anywhere in the world without being charged of any fee, post your own projects, blogs, events, while being always able to read other users’ profiles, posts and activities. As any other sort of social media platform, Opus Matrix gives you the chance to freely interact with other professionals and to be active on forums.

Another tool to take into great consideration is known as ‘Meet the Experts’, which provides all Business Plus members with astonishing opportunities to communicate with smart entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts who will help you receive valuable information, consultancy and tips about leadership, management, or self-employment, any time you need.

Joining Business Plus has been strongly recommended by hundreds of users who are satisfied about its advantages, such as getting target social media marketing to specific customers or buyers.

You can easily create your own account today and conquer a fantastic membership for only £89.99 a year including three months for free as our special offer, or for £7.99 a month. This is certainly a wise investment that you won’t regret. Let your career shine!

The OM Team

Individual Plus Membership

Why Joining Opus Matrix?

Opus Matrix is an outstanding platform for professionals who wish to develop their career and build lucrative connections with business partners and experts in their field. Thanks to five convenient membership plans, Opus Matrix offers a variety of practical features designed for ambitious workers and entrepreneurs: Individual Membership, Individual Plus Membership, Business, Business Plus and Business Pro. Anyone can join Opus Matrix. It is quick, easy and will certainly improve your professional future.

Individual Plus Membership:

There are numerous benefits that having an Individual Plus Membership can bring to your personal life and career. By paying only £5 per month you will be able to enjoy a great variety of useful tools and services that will allow you to boost the quality and importance of your career, as well as the level of expertise in your fields of professional interest, including the creation of profitable business connections.

With Individual Plus Membership you will be also enabled to open your own account, which you can access any time you want and modify as you please in order to match your personal taste and work experiences. Among the different information that can be uploaded on your profile there are the following: CV, contact details, such as Skype, websites, social media accounts and email address (so that experts, employees or entrepreneurs can reach you if interested in your capabilities), as well as lists of hobbies, interests and professional skills.

This particular type of membership also offers you the incredible opportunity to buy or sell products, services and goods from or to anyone locally and internationally. In addition to that, you can post your own blogs in order to share your knowledge with other users who are involved in your same field of work, as well as read what other members publish.

Surprises are not over, because having an Individual Plus Membership also means that you can join interesting conversations with other professionals, increasing one more time your chances to broaden your career, business or to establish productive partnerships.

Thanks to the advanced feature ‘Skillshare’ you will easily find potential business partners who could help you increase your profits. Among the other excellent features provided by Individual Plus Membership, there is ‘Meet the Experts’, an outstanding section of the website that gives you access to advice and tips, thanks to a direct conversation between you and business mentors, who will provide you with all the help you need if interested in receiving entrepreneurial and business consultancy.

There are currently hundreds of users who strongly enjoy the advantages offered by their Individual Plus Membership on Opus Matrix, as it allowed them to find jobs, increase the success of their own career or company, and meet an incredible variety of clever professionals who contributed to fortify their business plans and goals.

Become the next Individual Plus member today from just £4.99 a month and share your future achievements with us!

The OM Team

Business Membership
business 2016

What to expect joining Opus Matrix

Opus Matrix is an outstanding platform for professionals who wish to develop their career and build lucrative connections with business partners and experts in their field. Thanks to five convenient membership plans, Opus Matrix offers a variety of practical features designed for ambitious professionals: Individual Membership, Individual Plus Membership, Business, Business Plus and Business Pro. Anyone can join Opus Matrix. It is quick, easy and will certainly improve your professional future.

Business Membership

Opus Matrix offers users the incredible opportunity to create an account on this advanced platform aimed at fortifying your career thanks to a very practical Business Membership. This type of plan has already hundreds of users, who admit to be entirely satisfied about its functionalities, services and special features.

Business Membership allows you to design your personal profile in order to sell and showcase your activities and products, as well as to find jobs and potential employees. At the same time, you can get in touch with key professionals who also belong to your same industry, sharing your work experiences and creating constructive business partnerships.

The great advantage of selling your products or services both nationally and internationally via Opus Matrix is that no fee is ever charged to you, which means that everything you own from sales stays yours. One of the most appreciated features by our numerous Business members is called ‘Skillshare’, which comfortably enables you to list all your professional skills on your personal profile, to make sure that entrepreneurs, business owners, employees or workers like you, can notice them and possibly get in touch with you if interested in your potentialities. This extraordinary tool gives you the unique to chance to amplify your career, as well as develop and strengthen your connections, which might lead you to an increasingly successful and rewarding future.

There are however many more fantastic advantages that having a Business Membership can bring to your life, such as seeing other users’ business profiles, getting in touch with any professional you wish to communicate with, posting five jobs per year and obtaining exclusive access to job postings presented on Opus Matrix. In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to access and be part of any crowdsourcing project, find useful tips about self-employment, business management by obtaining business support, thanks to direct interactions with key professionals who are here to help you develop your ideas.

Joining Opus Matrix is extremely simple. Business Membership is available to you for only £4.99 month a month, or alternatively, a £44.99 annual pack gives you three months of free membership.

Becoming a Business Member could be one the smartest business moves that you ever made, so join the Opus Matrix family today and you won’t regret it!

Employing a member of staff for the first time…What should I do?

If your business is expanding and extra support is required, important points to consider are ‘What am I prepared to delegate?’ and ‘What will I trust someone else to do in my business?’ Once you have answered these questions you are prepared to move forward.

The role...
Preparation is key, before you advertise; prepare a job specification (a list of all day to day responsibilities, tasks and objectives). This information will determine whether full time or part time support is needed.

In addition, set a budget for salary and overheads, this may include work space, furniture, tools or technology.
You need to register as an employer with the HMRC. You will need to pay tax and NI on behalf of your new employee
How will they be paid? PAYE or cash? A payroll facility must be set up before the employee starts, this will generate itemised pay notes, P60’s (year end document) and P11d’s (benefits) if required. You can receive support from your bank or your accountants.

Employer’s liability insurance must be taken with an authorised insurer; it must cover £5 million as a minimum.
Salary and benefits – what will you offer? Remember to check out the minimum wage rates, they can change annually.
Advertising and interviewing...
With a clear idea of what the job entails and how your business operates you will think about the best form of advertising for the role. This may include use of local press, radio, social media, or verbal.
I would always recommend carrying out the interview yourself. Do this in an environment similar to where they would work; it will create the right image for you and your business.
Decide on a short list of questions to ensure consistency with the interviews, responses from candidates will be easier to compare.
Very important from my perspective, if someone has taken the time to come for an interview, always inform them of the outcome of the interview and if the answer is no give them constructive feedback as to where they could improve their skills.
Once you have identified the person for the role...
Ensure your potential new employee has a legal right to work in the UK, anyone subject to immigration control must have a work permit prior to commencing work. Passports are a must to ensure you comply with UK law on immigration.
Contracts of employment are a legal obligation to give to your employee. This must be done within 2 months of commencing employment. Contracts must include, salary, hours, holiday entitlement (28 days a year, including statutory bank holidays), notice period and other terms and conditions you feel are applicable to the role. I would highly recommend a probationary period, this protects you as an employer, you can terminate the employment with a week’s notice if the arrangement does not work out.
Health and safety....
It is essential to carry out risk assessments on the tasks your employees will be undertaking. This will help to protect you and any claims that may be made against you or your business, ensure you check out your terms of employer’s liability insurance.
Remember throughout the process you are demonstrating your company image it is important to get it right with a positive experience. It will help set the culture of your business and your employer - employee relationship.

Business is not for you?

I have spoken to many people who ask the question...

” Do I still want to be in business?”

I did some personal reflection on that same question; I started up a couple of years ago with a love for what I do and a passion to deliver a service that outwits, outreaches and outdoes everyone in my profession.

Back when I started, I believed my zest for my business would shine through every time. I was inspired and truly thought I couldn’t do anything other than be successful

My excitement did not stop the initial thoughts that everyone trying something big and new has; “Am I ready?” “Is this the right path?” “Who will buy from me?” and of course, “Will anyone buy from me?”

And then a thought came that surprised me, I wasn’t in it for me.

Business isn’t about you – in fact it should never be about you. It’s for the people you serve – your clients, customers and contacts. It’s about their hopes and dreams, their wants and needs, their desires and wishes. You are in business to be there for them, when they need you.

And when you switch to that mindset, the wonderful law of reciprocity kicks in – when you give, you receive.

Not just from whomever you help and serve, but from others too. And that is a blessing that can fill you up and sooth your soul.

So the next time you wonder if you are in business for the right reasons, think of the words of your clients, what have they said to you about what you provide that has made you grateful to be in business.

Do I still want to be in business? You bet!

Do you?

One more thing.....don't keep us a secret, please share this.

Job Search Tips and Strategies for Older Job Seekers
November 22, 2013

Source: Alison Doyle

How easy is it to find a job if you are over 40, bound by children or are a carer to an elderly relative?

I’m always a little surprised at how young can be considered old by employers. In some industries, especially high-tech, even mid-thirties can be considered old. In fact, I spoke to one computer programmer who considered the workers in his office who were over thirty old!

Unfortunately for older job seekers, the older you are, the longer it can take to get a job and the harder it can be to get hired.

What can you do to address age discrimination and promote your candidacy for employment? There are strategies older job seekers can implement to help expedite a job search and to find gainful, and meaningful, employment.

More info: