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We are all seeking online engagement with our target audiences on various platforms. There are lots of techniques to reach people, but true engagement takes time, patience and an eye for detail. Like composing a new song, each individual element plays an essential role and needs to be played at the right time to gel with the singer and other instruments. Whatever project you are working on, you’ll need to spend time working on each element and ultimately how they will fit together in the final delivery.

Our founder, Debbie Davis, was a well-established singer in Scotland before moving to Spain. As she settled in there, she wanted to continue her passion for music by singing gigs. This can be very difficult without the right connections and, so she began to reach out to other musicians in the area.

She used the principle of collaboration developed with Opus Matrix to connect with people and share ideals. She found musicians that suited her style and began to discuss her love of disco. Initially this wasn’t something the others had experience in but once they realised they could use their skills to achieve something special, they were all on board.

Debbie is now part of four different musical groups and it wasn’t seen as business initially, nor did it happen overnight. It began with a passion for music that allowed her to build personal connections with like-minded people. She was able to engage with musicians to discuss how they could be involved and how their top strengths could be used. After chatting about their interests and skills, Debbie invited Denis from Plan Bee to be her bass player and sing on some tracks. In return, Denis invited Debbie to join his Plan Bee band and sing under his plans.

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Debbie believes that the best way to collaborate on Opus Matrix is by finding people with complementary skills to yours. This can be achieved by talking to business connections and once realised can be the driving force behind big projects. With a bit of patient and time work, amazing things can be accomplished.

Debbie made personal connections that led to conversations about business plans and eventually created business opportunities for Debbie. Opus Matrix is an online community that helps people connect and eventually collaborate with one another. It is a place where people can share ideas, skills, and much more.

Debbie would have never accomplished her goal of singing in Spain without the help of connections. Whether you're looking for personal connections to fuel a passion or business opportunities, Opus Matrix is the ideal platform for meeting like-minded people, sharing ideas, discovering other's plans, and eventually building the relationships necessary to make ideas happen.

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Engage is the key to success in business and we want to facilitate this for our members. Try the skill finder tool and find people with similar or related skills or interests. Find out what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve and you may find some common ground. It could be the key to your success!

Different people bring different influences and the best businesses often emerge through chance meetings of individuals.

The OM Team


Why Collaboration is the Key to a Successful Business

Collaboration can take many forms. Whether its collaborating with other SMEs, between coworkers, or clients, collaboration has become an important part of many businesses' frameworks.

As the world has become increasingly globalised, businesses have had to adapt their methods of collaboration. For example, programs such as Skype, Google Chat, etc. now allow for coworkers located in different countries to work together on projects.

Collaboration is a relatively new concept and as a result many individuals and businesses are often hesitant about group work. Employees may worry that not everyone will contribute equally and other people may receive undue credit.

Equally, businesses may worry about having to address cultural conflicts and any associated expenses. Regardless, modern business trends have caused collaboration to become essential for meeting global demands and maintaining a competitive edge.

Collaboration Increases Efficiency

Working within a group can greatly increase your efficiency. If everyone contributes equally, it allows you to tackle larger projects in less time. Since everyone typically has different skills, it also means that you can play to your specific strengths within the project.

On the other hand, it also means that you don't need to try to master new skills as it is likely that another group member or coworker already has the experience to accomplish that specific element of the project. However, with everyone contributing their expertise, the project should overall be significantly stronger.

Collaboration Increases Flexibility

Modern technology has created a host of online collaboration platforms (Skype, Google Docs, Slack, etc.) that allow employees to contribute to projects – regardless of their location or working hours. As markets become increasingly international, a greater diversity of skills and insights are required for success.

These online collaboration platforms help employees to merge and share various ideas and skills that ultimately produce more effective campaigns or projects. In addition, these platforms have also been demonstrated to increase employees' levels of engagement and ability to be better informed.

Collaboration Improves Customer Satisfaction

Social media has drastically impacted businesses as they can now easily engage directly with customers. As a result, customers can now collaborate on marketing campaigns and business development.

Customers are valuable sources of information for determining the health of a company and can greatly influence the company's growth.  For example, identifying actively listening to customers can help companies to discover gaps in the market, fresh ideas for campaigns or products, and even to create content. Collaborating with customers can directly contribute to the company's success.

Here at Opus Matrix, we place collaboration at the heart of everything we do and our website offers many platforms to help you connect with other individuals. For example, our skillshare platform helps freelancers network and contribute their unique skills to accomplish larger projects or create businesses. Alternatively, our numerous online groups and projects are another great networking opportunity. Regardless of how you choose to collaborate, Opus Matrix helps you to share ideas and develop your true potential.

The OM Team

Success through Collaboration: Women Unite
March 14, 2017

It was International Women’s Day last week and Iceland announced that the country has joined Switzerland in making firms prove equal pay for Women.

This is progress in the right direction, However the sad news is that the UK's gender pay gap still stands at 17.5 per cent….it’s not a surprise that the amount of female freelancers is rising each year.

In a recent study of nearly 2,000 freelancers conducted by the independent research firm Edelman Berland, A clear majority of full-time freelancers–53%–are women.

So why are more women drawn to freelancing? And, more importantly, what lessons can we learn from their choices?

I think most women would agree that the traditional work structure just isn’t working well for them. A common complaint is:
• Starting families and struggling with taking time away from the office in their 30’s
• Hitting the glass ceiling in terms of pay and promotions in their 40’s.
• Ignored altogether in their 50s/60s

With the 40-plus-hour work weeks, the nursery fees and the gender pay gap more and more woman are choosing to take the leap and work freelance.
The benefits of being a Freelancer are:

• Flexible Hours
• Control over Jobs
• Work when you want
• You’re the boss!
• You keep the profits

The disadvantages of Freelancing are:

• Loneliness and isolation
• Un-Reliable Work
• Difficult to switch between work and personal time
• Constantly chasing work and clients
• Not getting paid

A major complaint from Freelancers is the feeling of isolation and loneliness, particularly for those who work exclusively from home.
With International Women’s Day, it’s a great time to reflect on the benefits of collaborating with other women.

By working and collaborating with other like-minded Women, freelancers can benefit not only from the social interaction but also create strategic partnerships with other businesses by working together on business projects and exchanging services rather than money for work.

It may be daunting if this type of exchange service is new to you and it’s always wise to ensure the following steps are considered before embarking on new projects.

  • Pick the right partner.
    Whether it’s a short or long-term project, you want to make sure you’re working with the right person. Ask questions, check referrals and follow your gut.
  • Define the purpose.
  • Not every collaborative project ends with a big cheque in the end. Define the purpose; state the goal of your collaborative project.
  • Write everything down.
  • Goals, expectations, responsibilities, project length, contact information, you must write it all down especially for long collaborative projects. When things are left unspoken and undocumented, it leaves the door open for potential problems down the road.

Opus Matrix Is the Perfect Social Network for Female Professionals to seek exciting resources, new opportunities and collaborate with other inspiring females.

Designed by women, particularly for women at every stage of their Freelance journey, The benefits of joining Optus Matrix are absolutely fantastic.

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