Your State of Mind and having a Business Edge
August 9, 2013

Everyone wants to be successful, none of us start out hoping we will fail but sometimes we do fail in business, relationships and other ways as we live our lives.
It is how we react to the failure that is important. How we learn,how we pick ourselves up and how we get back in the flow.

Much is written about behaviours and successful traits of entrepreneurs and business people but this month I want you to consider your state of mind. State of mind is described as your mood or your outlook and thinking. We have all experienced low moods where our state of mind is not in a place of productivity yet we push ourselves to make decisions and participate in meetings when we are not at our best.

I believe that you like me have also experienced powerful positive states of mind where you are living in the flow, making things happen and getting results where you can do no wrong - business and relationships thrive and you are on top of the world. You are in the flow then something or someone happens that can affect your state of mind. An argument with a supplier, a deadline missed, an invoice not paid on time, a proposal lost, a contract cancelled, a meeting postponed after hours of preparation. Numerous speed bumps that stop us in our tracks.

Imagine living and working always in that flow of productivity , that place where magic happens, where the more you understand about your state of mind the less bothered you are about the ups and downs of life. With greater understanding the mishaps and the disappointments that inevitably happen in life and business will leave you more able to worry less , relax more and have greater business clarity in achieving your goals and objectives.

I work with people who really want to transform the way they live their lives and operate their businesses. People who are ready to be successful ,who want to become more resilient, less stressed and have a greater ability to see what they want to really achieve from their businesses and their lives.

This month I am offering a unique opportunity for 10 people to sign up for a very special challenging journey of business and self discovery that will include group and one to one business and personal coaching over a 6 month period both in person and online .The successful participants will be selected through an interview and online questionnaire process.

If you are interested in taking this business and self discovery journey with me please follow the link to the relevant page on the WOWA2Z site.
I look forward to working with you.

To your increasing success ,

Jacquie Forde

Jacquie Forde is a business coach and social entrepreneur who enjoys helping people be successful in life and business.

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