Five Essential Traits for Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur
5 entrepreneur traits

Have you ever wondered what kind of person makes a successful entrepreneur? Are entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs predestined to be successful? Or does their success hinge on traits that have been developed over time? Whether you're only just emerging onto the market or have an already established business, we explore the top five traits that most successful entrepreneurs possess.


One of the most common barriers to developing a successful business is having to face constant rejection. In fact, some of the most iconic entrepreneurs like Henry Ford and Walt Disney went bankrupt before making it big. These failures should be viewed as opportunities to learn about what worked and what didn't work. Those that can undergo these hardships, learn from them, and come back stronger are far more likely to become successful.


In order to preserve, belief in both yourself and your product or company is essential. It motivates you to work through difficult and stressful situations and encourages you to take risks. Only those that take risks can challenge the status quo and significantly disrupt the market enough to reap the financial rewards. Risk taking is certainly not for the faint hearted and it requires substantial confidence or self-belief.


Successful entrepreneurs must be daring and brave. Most people fear the unknown and unpredictability. Running a business is undoubtedly unpredictable. You may not know how much money you'll make each month or if certain risks will pay off or be devastating. However, every success comes with the possibility of failure. This can be incredibly scary and is all about controlling our response to the unknown. As Brian Tracey, career development expert, states, 'the key to success if for you to make a habit throughout your life of doing the things you fear'.


Successful entrepreneurs must have the ability to 'think outside the box' to see novel market opportunities and explore uncharted territories. No one becomes successful by simply copying current products or services. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs, such as Nikola Tesla (inventor of the electric car and alternative power), are renowned for being able to see opportunities that others could not. Despite criticism, they were resourceful, brave, and determined enough to make their innovative dreams into a reality.


To survive in a competitive market and overcome challenges, successful entrepreneurs must be adaptable and flexible. However, this flexibility extends beyond simply a willingness to change, but should also include the ability to quickly discover innovative solutions. All companies and entrepreneurs will undergo a series of changes before becoming successful. These changes rely on creativity as well as the willingness to adapt or in other words, resourcefulness.

The good news is that all of these traits can be cultivated through hands-on experience, speaking with other successful entrepreneurs, or other learning opportunities. To get started, check out some of our related blogs such as 'It's never too late to start a business' or 'work smarter not harder'.

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The 10 Behaviours of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs
November 29, 2016

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a job for everyone, this is why only a small percentage of the global population has exceptional entrepreneurial skills. Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? If you have recently considered going down this career path, then this article can definitely help you understand if you have the necessary qualities and the right type of lifestyle to become the next bright star in the entrepreneurship universe.  Here are the 10 most essential habits that brilliant entrepreneurs follow:

1) Exercise and Healthy Nutrition

It may seem obvious, but in order to be successful you need to be mentally active and able to take important business-related decisions quickly and without hesitating for too long, so that you don’t miss any crucial chances. If you want to think fast and effectively you need to conduct a healthy life. For this reason it is important to do exercise at least three times a week and to eat nutritious ingredients, such as greens, fresh fruit, healthy fats, including all foods containing high levels of proteins, avoid alcohol and drink about two litres of water per day, to make sure that your body and mind stay fully energised and in shape. By following this simple routine, you’ll be able to maintain an optimal health and your entrepreneurial career will certainly benefit from it.

2) Make Daily Plans           

Planning plays a crucial role when running one or more businesses. It does not matter what type of projects you are currently working on or what sort of field you are in, the most important factor influencing an entrepreneurs’ success is their ability to plan their day in advance. An advice: every evening after you’re done working, make a detailed plan on your agenda about what you want to achieve on the following day; so schedule meetings, tasks, phone calls, emails that need to be sent and everything else that has to be done by the end of the day, with specific times and deadlines.

3) Find Specific Goals

Setting precise goals and respecting deadlines is essential if you want to be a top entrepreneur. Every efficient business person wants to achieve something specific and is working towards one or more goals. If you don’t have any goal at the moment, try to think on a long term perspective. What could you possibly do in order to boost your business up and destroy competition? Once you find your answer, make a well-structured and rational plan and work towards the accomplishment of your goal.

4) Know Your Limits

If you want to be ahead of the game you need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Being true to yourself and taking both your qualities and flaws into serious consideration is extremely important when working and taking crucial decisions for your business. When you are honest to yourself and have the humility to recognize and accept the weak and strong sides of your personality, you’ll be able to better interact with your colleagues, employees and make more conscious business choices.

5) Hiring Powerful Individuals

Successful entrepreneurs would have never gotten where they currently are if they didn’t hire exceptionally talented and skilled individuals. That said, it doesn’t mean that you must find employees who only graduated from Ivy League universities and who filled their resumes with job experiences in top-notch companies, but it means that you have to carefully consider who you are letting into the realization of your entrepreneurial dream. It is essential to select candidates who previously covered very formative roles, which turned them into self-confident, proactive, stimulating, serious, responsible and trust-worthy team workers, who can be the perfect match for your business, thanks to their outstanding professional qualities. Entrepreneurs are the creators of their own business, but good employees are what makes it grow and known to the world, so be careful about who you are opening the doors to.

6) Learn…Always

No one ever stops learning in life, no matter the level of education that has been accomplished and all the incredible experiences that have made people who they are. If you really want to become an outstanding entrepreneur you have to stay curious and to keep your mind always flexible and open to new theories, new concepts and ideas. Although it may seem pretty obvious, no entrepreneur has been able to become successful if it wasn’t for her/his ability to constantly assimilate knowledge. If you don’t allow your mind to learn on a daily basis, even when you are sure that you already know what you need to know, you’ll never enable yourself and your business to keep growing.

7) Look for New Opportunities

Successful entrepreneurs don’t stop conquering new goals, ever. Even when they have achieved something important, they keep working hard, without resting themselves, because they know that if they want to keep being successful they have to lookout for new challenges. Victorious entrepreneurs always conduct tons of research about current trends, about their competitors and especially about what could make their customers and clients happier than what they already are. A powerful entrepreneur knows who to catch an interesting opportunity and knows when the risks involved are reasonable enough to achieve what could make his/her business even stronger than what it is.

8) Be Satisfied About Yourself and What You Do

One of the rules to be a fantastic entrepreneur is to be grateful about your accomplishments and happy about the type of life you are conducting. If this isn’t the case, then it means that you should change something in your life in order to be happy and proud about your existence as you are supposed to be. Entrepreneurs who have a positive attitude and who are proud about their lives and career perform exceptionally because they are fully aware of their potential and know what their business and their persona is worth of.

9) Perseverance

Every powerful entrepreneur does not start working towards something and then stops right in the middle of the process, because that would mean that time, efforts and money went completely wasted. If you want your business or project to succeed and accomplish what you wish for, then you will certainly have to work with tenacity and perseverance by following a precise plan, otherwise you’ll never achieve anything at all and your dreams will remain exactly what they are: dreams.

10) Self-Confidence

If you are thin-skinned and too vulnerable when stricken by criticisms, then it might become hard for you to overcome the tough reality of the business world. As an entrepreneur you will definitely have to face unpleasant moments and hear negative comments about your business and actions. Such events, however, do not have to stop you and make your feel defeated, but they should actually become your source of strength and turn you into a stronger fighter who will prove anyone wrong with better work. You should constantly keep in mind what you are worth of and try to develop a good sense of humour, which you’ll need when facing obnoxious moments.

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What Opus Matrix can offer you as an aspiring female entrepreneur?
female entrepreneur

Opus Matrix is a place where females are valued and respected for their skills, services and interests. It may be a silly thought to think of sewing or child minding as your best skills but where there is a skill - there is always a demand for it somewhere. An aspiring female entrepreneur can grow their business and sell their skills.

Opus Matrix is a place where you can try out your often forgotten or unrecognised skills gained by experience to mentor others and in return gain endorsements. A place where you can easily identify and communicate with people with the skills you need to move forward. Aspiring and established entrepreneurs can hugely prosper on this site.

There are also lots of mums out there who are wondering how to make the transition back to work after being off on maternity. Some will be looking for new opportunities that fits in well with childcare demands and costs. Many will often see becoming a mum as the perfect opportunity to break away from the corporate world and start down the path of self-employment.

Starting a business doesn't necessarily have to involve big financial commitments or set working hours. As your own boss, you can decide how much time to spend and focus on the small milestones initially. Your small venture could be part of a wider plan to expand once the kids have got to school.

A simple way to get started is to focus on what you are good at and learn how these skills can be utilised by others on a freelance basis.

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Shine in our online community
October 30, 2015
online community

As the days grow darker and the cold wind starts blowing in, it won't be long until Christmas lights are twinkling. Whether you are in business or not, there's no doubt that this is the time of year when things get busy with so much to do. This is where Opus Matrix can help you achieve more if you make the most of your membership plan and help you to shine in our community!

Opus Matrix is more than just a website, it's an online community. It's a wealth of resources and ideas from like-minded people who are interested in collaborating on new projects. Members can skillshare and exchange their talents for mutually beneficial reasons. This can be a great way of getting things done without breaking the bank. For example, if you need a web designer, perhaps they will create one for free in exchange for a discount on your products in your shop.

Opus Matrix is an online community with an effective tool for searching for people with key skills but it is also a great platform to get your voice heard. From your profile, you can post your own blogs and get these seen by a large audience via our social media channels. Also, if you are a Business Plus member and you use Twitter, your tweets will be embedded in our site and shown to every Opus Matrix member when they log in. The OM team would like to encourage members to be active on the site and reward everyone with points for doing so.

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A week goes so fast….on Opus Matrix
October 10, 2015
3 months free

It's been one week since Opus Matrix launched already and it's great to see some activity on the site with new members connecting and discovering the benefits of collaboration on a global scale.

A week can go so quickly when you are busy, especially if you are working your socks off to get your business idea moving forward. There's always so much that we have to do that it is tempting to say it's not possible or that you'll come back to it at some point. However, it's important to stay focused and remind ourselves how little time we have. Otherwise, nothing will get done.

“You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to….. everyone.”

We only have the same amount of time as any entrepreneur or creative genius. Everyone has little things that get in the way of executing your plans from childcare to shopping trips.

For those who find themselves stuck in jobs they hate, it's worth spending time on planning your way out or even simply quitting as every minute you spend is effectively wasted if it is not what you want to spend the rest of your life doing.

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Skill Share your way to success
September 21, 2015
skill share

Skill share your way to success 

It is a sobering thought to think the Apple, arguably the most valuable company on the planet, started as a home business, just where many are or are hoping to be very soon. Steve Jobs got a head start because very early on, he was able to partner with someone who had the skills he lacked. Jobs had the vision, and together with Wozniak, created the Apple I and Apple II computers. Wozniak was responsible for the electronics, while Jobs concentrated on the design. Both worked to their strengths and in so doing, built a superior product from the word ‘go’. The rest, as they say, is history.

Apple’s head start began because of the simple fact that the power of two heads working together can be disproportionately greater than the power of only one. Forming Skill share partnerships early in your business life, can increase the possibility of making those first steps into business much bigger, more productive and making you (both) more likely to succeed. In many other ways, relationships like these are also beneficial to your health and well-being. Going it alone can be a lonely road.

2015 has seen more and more highly-skilled older women ‘managed’ out of the workplace, turn to self-employment. This has been going on for some time and is likely to go on for the foreseeable future. Their need to make extra income means that there is now a huge skills base for people to tap into.
How do you find people with whom to share skills?

Here’s how:

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or even an established SME (in which case you can skip point 1

1.   Ascertain your goal, think big, think long-term, e.g. to create the best Cake Shop in Crewe, London,wherever

2. Create a list of your skills and the resources you need in order to fulfill this ambition

3. Create a list of the skills/resources you don’t have

This will give you a good idea of the sort/skill type of the person (s) you need to find to skill share. the way forward  

Using a website like this would be invaluable at this point. This website has a sophisticated search engine which can help you pinpoint that key person to barter or share skills with. This kind of working can mean acquiring the expertise you need in the areas you need, and inexpensively, whilst not compromising your business idea. is a supportive community for entrepreneurs formed from individuals just like you, at various stages in their business life. It’s a community of people with the skills - and sometimes the resources - to form that ideal business partnership. contains all the tools, resources and people you need to take your business idea to the heights you've always dreamed of.

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"Together we're working"

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Britain needs successful women: Maria Miller calls for stay-at-home mothers to go back to work to boost the economy
stay at home mums

Source: Mail Online

• Getting them back to work would boost economic growth by 0.5% a year
• Businesses will today be told to ‘embrace’ the benefits of flexible working
• Experts say women ‘should be shaping economy – not just try to fit into it

A shortage of successful women is holding Britain’s economy back, Cabinet Minister Maria Miller will warn today.
The equalities minister will warn that it is unacceptable that highly-skilled and talent women continue to languish behind men in the workplace.
More help will be offered to school girls to get ahead in business while employers will be urged to hire women over 50.

The call comes as a government-backed report says stay-at-home mothers should go back into the workforce to boost economic growth.
Getting those women back to work would boost economic growth by 0.5 per cent a year or 10 per cent by 2030 – vital if Britain is to emerge from the financial crisis, experts said.
Businesses will today be told to ‘embrace’ the benefits of flexible working to lure millions more women into the labour market.

A report by the Women’s Business Council, commissioned by ministers, urges bosses to ‘support working parents’ by offering more freedom over when and where they work, so long as the task is completed. Experts led by Ruby McGregor-Smith, the chief executive of outsourcing giant MITIE, said that ‘women should not just try to fit into the economy, they should be shaping it’.
Mrs McGregor-Smith this week criticised the ‘macho’ culture in business for holding women back by resisting flexible working.
Women make up 46 per cent of the workforce but account for just a third of management roles.

More info:

Aspiring entrepreneurs: Individuals to SMEs
aspiring entrepreneurs

Have you ever felt like something is missing?

We all feel like this from time to time but sometimes you’ve got to take a few steps in the right direction to find someone or something that will improve your situation.

As a skilled individual, you may find yourself not currently fulfilling your potential or lacking the opportunity you need to further your career. The thought of self-employment may frighten you but you can start small and collaborate with other aspiring entrepreneurs for mutual benefits.

Read more