Still not convinced about Social Media?
February 17, 2015

Think everyone who is raving about social media is pulling a fast one?
Convinced none of your customers are online?

You may be missing a trick and letting the proverbial business grass grow around you.
And let's not mention the fact that while you are thinking about whether to dive in to social media or not, you are giving your competitors plenty of time and space to get up close and personal influencing and building relationships with your prospects and clients online!

You do realise that when ... and it's a "when" not an "if" ... you finally decide to build a strategy for your business on social media, your competitors will have already set up a massive forward offensive on every platform you need to dominate in your niche.
Let me give you a couple of teensy wee suggestions why you might find Facebook to be a very fine thing for your business.
Why Every Business Should Be Doing Facebook Marketing!

Let's start with some sexy statistics
• Almost 1.3 billion people are on Facebook
• 5 Facebook profiles are set up every second
• Users spend 20 minutes during a visit
• 510,000 comments are posted every minute
• 53% of shoppers make a purchase from a Facebook Page
• Consumers from Facebook spend an average of $100
• 68% of marketers say Facebook ads are effective

It's quite clear to see that almost every single person - whether they admit to it or not - has a private Facebook page.
And the only way Facebook can provide this enormous service to consumers? Sell ads.
And those ads, if properly constructed and targeted, appear in front of the targeted prospect, at the right time, whenever they log on, in a friendly and informative way.
Facebook Advertising for Retailers.

Now, you're bound to have heard a lot of marketing 'experts' tell you how Facebook is impossible to operate, how it's run by the CIA and how it invades people's privacy. But as a Facebook expert, I can tell you the opportunities for businesses are immense.
What's certainly true is that Facebook has become so complicated to operate that when newbies attempt to get busy with advertising, it can cost a lot of money with precious few results.
For example, if you have a ski shop and want to tell people about your fabulous ski sale, we could put up a post on Facebook that was targeted at all those who have liked 'Ski-net,' 'PowderMag,' and half a dozen of your competitors. And who live with 25 miles of your shop. And who were aged 17 – 54. And who have visited your website in the past month.
By my calculations, there are 84,000 people who fit that criteria (without adding all those that visited your website ... and I've assumed the shop is somewhere in Edinburgh). Pretty interesting, right?

So, are you ready for the really crazy, sexy cool bit?
Announcing Facebook Newsfeed Ads!
I can make sure your ski shop message lands right inside the timeline of those targeted people the next time they log into Facebook to find out what's happening. This is not one of those ads that sit on the right hand side. These are ... (drum roll) ... NEWSFEED ADS!

Facebook Ads
You'll maybe have even come across them yourself on your newsfeed. Every 10 items, there is a 'sponsored post' aka an advert.
Precise Targeting With Facebook Ads
Yes, entrepreneurs and companies will have chosen to advertise to you because you fit their demographic. Some of them target crassly like "all women over 25 who live in UK" (you can guarantee that that advert is costing them a pretty fortune).

But if you want to target a very precise niche, then the price comes down massively.
For example, if my client wants to target, all women who live within 25 miles of Aberdeen aged 25-45 who are engaged, who like Mercedes Benz and the Institute of Chartered Accountants, I can serve up my client's messages to them on a regular basis ... on their newsfeed!

Annoying Facebook Newsfeed Ads
Of course the trick is to make sure the ads don't look like ads. The key ingredient is to remember why people go to their social media platforms of choice - to be entertained and informed. So if you keep that in mind, and NEVER sell or pitch you'll do fine. It's the crass and vulgar types that give Facebook ads a bad name by imprecise targeting, copy, images and messages.
Keep your messages informative, useful, amazing or fun and you'll not get people switching off in their 1000s. In fact, you'll get folk merrily clicking through and recommending your invaluable post to their friends and family!

In other words, do it wrong on Facebook and your brand (and wallet) will suffer.
Do it right, and as Proximo in Gladiator says "Win the Crowd and you will win your freedom" Well, certainly your financial one on social media.

Are you an enthusiast on social media or a hater? Do you refuse to engage your business on social media for fear of the harm it can do?
Or are you somebody who loves what social media does for their business but recently with all the changes, you can't seem to get the same results as you did in the past?
Let us know your thoughts on your experience, and share the ups and downs of social media.

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