Social Networking for Business

There are so many advantages of social networking for your business, such as millions of business contacts at your fingertip; you can share news and updates live; attract visitors to your website; it is quick and effective. This article provides some very useful tips too.

Website Description Est. Monthly Visitors
Facebook Online Community 750,000,000
YouTube Video Sharing 450,000,000
Twitter Micro Blogging 250,000,000
LinkedIn Professional Networking 110,000,000
Blogger Web Log 75,000,000

Advantages of Social Networking
• Completely gratis
• Millions of business contacts at your fingertip
• Share news and updates live
• Attract visitors to your website
• Quick and effective
Disadvantages of Social Networking
• Distracts you from work
• Detracts from real relationships
• Reputation can quickly be ruined online
• Eyesight and physical health can be affected

Social Networking Tips
Begin with a Clear Purpose
Decide what your purpose for social networking is and then use it for that purpose only. Write your purpose down and make it visible before going online. After every session, ask yourself, "What did I just attain while social networking today and was it in line with my purpose?"
Set Up Advice: Take time to set up a profile on all social networking sites. Always add your photo and fill in the ‘About’ section with pertinent info. Include a link to your website. Connect all social networking sites so they point to each other, saving you some time. Everything you do on your sites should remain in line with your purpose.
Begin with a Clear Time Frame
Decide beforehand the exact amount of time you want to spend social networking and then stick to your time limit. Disable instant messaging while working or have intentional times when your purpose is to chat with a clear time frame of how long you intend to chat to people.
Update Advice: The best time to update your status is daily around 3pm on weekdays, Wednesday 3pm being the top time of the week. If you want to post twice a day, update at 11am or 8pm in addition to your 3pm post. Updates outside of these times will attract less attention but you should monitor when your target audience are most online. Take a break from 3pm Friday until 11am Monday – it will bear little fruit unless your target audience are specifically online over weekends for some reason.
Begin with a Clear Target Audience
Decide beforehand who you need to connect with and stick to these ‘friends’ only. Avoid searching for past friends or loves – they will take up all of your time and bear no fruit. Be intentional! See who is following people in a similar line of work to you and connect with them too.
Friends Advice
Don’t feel bad for not accepting a friend request or blocking someone, knowing who not to connect with is as important as knowing who to connect with. Some people are likely do more damage than good and once a good reputation is lost it’s very difficult to win it back.
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