How is your social media strategy working out?
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Are you the type of company or organisation that has just got over the fact that social media marketing is actually here to stay? Or maybe you have grudgingly accepted that social media isn’t actually “all about people eating their breakfast”?

Perhaps you’ve even whispered to some folk on your team “We need to set ourselves up on social media?”

I can tell you straight up where your next social media strategy mistakes are going to be. Ready for the big list of chronic misadventures in the life of the reluctant entrepreneur with their social media strategy?

1. Friends and Family
You ask your friends and family – all those that seem to ‘get it’ – to find out what all this social media milarkey is all about.
Bad, bad idea! They don’t know anything about your clients needs and how to shape your message around their questions on the right platforms using the right tools. And let’s not even start with a social media strategy fit for purpose!
2. Interns
WRONG! Interns know as much about social media MARKETING and nurturing relationships with your target audiences as you do about Snapchatting with your bomas.
Let’s be honest here, if you wouldn’t send your intern out to network on your company’s behalf, why let them loose on your online brand reputation? They may very well be good at ‘chatting’ with their mates on a variety of platforms but I can promise you they know NOTHING about conversion rates and the buyer journey.
3. Generic Social Media Strategy Workshops
Now, there’s nothing wrong with generic workshops per se. You can pick up a fair few tips and tricks to grow your business online. In fact, I have been known to offer a fair few in my time. Still do, in fact.
However, what’s good for the goose, ain’t necessarily good for the gander!
The strategy for a hotel is completely different to a law firm, which is completely different to an online estate agency or a pizza franchise.
General rules and tips about social media will get you not truly get you much closer to building a robust social media strategy, that’s perfectly tailored for your business objectives.
4. Social Media ‘Experts’
Well, without wanting to diss anyone in particular … (wait for it …), taking lessons about Facebook or Twitter marketing from people who patently have few followers, reach, community, brand or engagement has got to be one of the worst business moves in the universe!
Since there are no barriers to entry, everyone and their grannie is able to set themselves up as social media experts. You will only get good results from companies with a decent track record in engagement and have built an active community around them. Not to mention track record in your sector, testimonials, blah, blah, blah.
5. Making It Up As You Go Along
Cheap, yes. But doomed to failure.
Making up certain things as you go along will only take you so far. Doing your own accounts, legal documents, marketing, administration, events management and social media will burn out your resources pretty quickly.
And let’s not even talk about some rogue troll messing with your carefully constructed reputation. Do you know how to manage negative comment? Or a story about your company that’s going viral in the negative direction? Can you handle all the content demands that the various platforms require? Can you measure the impact accurately?
The best businesses survive on focusing on their core strengths and outsourcing all the rest. Fools rush in to social media strategy and marketing where angels fear to tread. Rushing in to do social media marketing without a plan, a strategy and some skilful execution is tantamount to walking to Paris without a map. Or building a skyscraper without a plan. Or making a chocolate eclair without a recipe.
How To Get Your Social Media Strategy Right Every Time

The only way to get your social media strategy to work effectively for you is to follow these simple steps:

Consultant / Consultancy: Pull in a brilliant social media strategist (again, no names, lol) with a proven track record in delivering results
In-House Workshops: Work hard together during a full-day / 4-day workshop to uncover a plan that meets and compliments your business objectives both on and offline
Marketing KPIs: Develop a strategy and target KPIs that are easy to implement in terms of the company resources: people, budgets, communities and content assets.
Technical Training: Get trained up on the key platforms that work for your target audience groups (journalists, prospects, donors, existing customers, etc)
Coaching: Get follow-up coaching on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure all skills and resources are optimised with new developments in the sector, new resources, new staff, new platforms, etc.
Over To YOU
What’s your preferred method of approach to your company’s social media strategy?
Do you generally wing it?
Has your organisation got any more wacky approaches to their social media marketing?
Have you heard of ingenious ways companies are coming up with their strategies?
I’d love to hear some fun stories on how folks are getting it sooo wrong. Give us all a laugh!
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