Setting goals that WORK for you and your business
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Setting goals and objectives is a practice that has been around for some time.

We’ve all heard of SMART goals which were first introduced in 1981, but do they really work? Why do objectives fail to motivate in so many instances? The answer is simple - they are not compelling for the individual. For goals to work, they need to be more than Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely….they need to be attractive to the person trying to achieve them.

High achievers and really successful people don’t ponder over whether their goals are SMART….they believe in them even when others think they are unbelievable.

Setting Compelling Outcomes:
Invariably we often find ourselves setting goals that reflect what others want, not what we as individuals want. This is not only true of the objectives given to us by our employers, which are driven by what the company wants or needs, but can be true within our personal lives as well. Family and peer pressure often drive the goals we set ourselves, as does the fear of what we don’t want to lose. Consequently, we often fail to really understand or believe in the goal, setting ourselves up for failure before we even start.

Compelling outcomes work at all levels, in large organisations, small businesses and for individual goal setting. Whether it is achieving a personal goal such as losing weight or starting your own business, without a compelling outcome your chance of success is severely limited.

So what’s the difference between a SMART outcome and a compelling one? A compelling outcome needs to appeal psychologically and emotionally to the recipient and must be robust enough to remain in place even during times of continuous change.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the creators of Neuro Linguistic Programming, studied and modelled numerous individuals who were known as high achievers and excellent in their chosen field. From their work they identified nine key steps to achieving a compelling outcome.

You’re only nine steps away from making your goals real and achievable – read more to find out what these simple but effective steps are.

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