One-to-One Social and Digital Media Marketing Coaching


Sold By: Fin Wycherley


Your company has an under-optimised presence online and would like to improve online lead generation and brand awareness strategies using social media and digital marketing techniques. You are scared to begin with social media because of the damage it can do to your brand. Or you have begun the journey but not getting any results. Let's fix this.

I was trained individually by Mari Smith - Forbes most influential social media expert in the world - and manage her clients social media accounts as well as some of the top social media gurus in the world. Now, I would like to bring my skills to women in Scotland who would like to start, build, grow and expand their business online.

Join me for a unique 10-hr one-to-one social and digital media marketing personalised coaching programme on how to build your online presence to increase brand awareness, lead development and sales conversions online.

The one-to-one coaching may include any or all of the following elements, depending on your company's business objectives:

BUILD: Analyse and set up the foundation stones of a robust social media client conversion strategy

  • Current online SWOT analysis and audit
  • Online Competitor Analysis
  • Persona Development
  • Lead Magnets
  • Launches and Events
  • Topics and Themes
  • Keyword and Hashtag Mapping
  • Landing pages and Email marketing
  • Channel Selection and Set-up
  • Branding, Images, Scheduling and Automation
  • Brand Awareness, Driving Traffic and Influencer Marketing
  • Editorial Calendars
  • Content Integration
  • Content Amplification
  • Metrics and KPIs

GROW: Knowledge of ability to scale the strategy using specific productivity-saving, advertising and niche promotions strategies on each selected platform and either outsource or manage the implementation with KPIs

MEASURE: Be able to provide monthly metrics and reports to quantify growth, KPIs, benchmarks and opportunities for improvement

FUNDING: 50% funding available for small businesses, charities, social enterprises, freelancers and startups based in Scotland

PLEASE NOTE: This personalised service will no longer be available exclusively by me after January 2016. Instead, you will be trained by my team who I have hand-picked and trained to support you achieving your business objectives.