Our Target Market
target market

Opus Matrix is a purpose built social platform designed to help professionals expand their careers, professional networks, businesses and ambitions.

Thanks to a generous selection of membership plans, users can deeply enjoy all the special features that this unique website offers. Opus Matrix (OM) is easy and quick to use. It’s a perfect match for different types of professionals, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs or job seekers. This means that everyone, no matter their field or level of expertise, is welcome to register and try out our multitude of services.
Our team has developed detailed features for each membership plan within our target market. We aim to meet our users’ expectations, allow them to achieve their goals and reach the success they have always dreamed of. Each membership has been created to be particularly suitable for any professional at whatever stage they are along the entrepreneurial road.

OM Individual Membership is free of charge. Creating a Profile enables you to experience how it feels to build a career through creating partnerships in a supportive, collaborative network like OM. It is suitable for individuals interested in connecting with others through skill share in order to expand their career options and create new businesses. It is a convenient membership plan for currently unemployed individuals or for those workers who may be in employment but who need to create additional income while they are employed. On OM, there will invariably be someone on the lookout for someone like you. Your completed Skills Profile will make you easily identifiable to others looking for someone with your skills.

Individual Plus is a particular membership especially designed for new aspiring entrepreneurs, salespeople or bloggers. It presents additional features compared with the Individual membership:- in particular a shop and promotion to up to 6 million potential customers per year for your goods and services. It is available for only £4.99 per month or for a very convenient price of £44.99 per year with annual membership (13p per day) and with the initial 3 months free trial at present working out at under 10 p per day.

successFor the same price, users can enjoy the benefits offered by Business Membership, which is a practical plan specifically made for entrepreneurs, start-up or small business owners. Thanks to its advanced features and services, this particular membership has met the appreciation of a wide category of professionals, who can daily recognise the profitable development of their efforts.

Business Plus memberships are best suited for workers who are specialised in trade activities or for small-medium size businesses. An added feature of Business Plus membership is additional promotion of their goods and services. As with other membership levels, this one also enables users to display their skills, with the idea being that they can create income from them to fund their primary business rather than seek funding and the compromises funding often brings. This plan is best suited for those professionals who want extra promotion for their goods, services and even their Special Offers. For as little as £7.99 per month or £89.99 per year (24p per day), this membership plan allows entrepreneurs and business owners to sell their products, goods, services and Special Offers both nationally and globally to an instant audience of up to 12 million potential customers per year (we actively grow our audience daily so this figure will increase!) With the present first 3 months free, taken out now this will cost just under 20p per day! Amongst other great features, and at no additional cost, Business Plus members can stipulate their target audience too.

Business Pro is the perfect option for workers who manage multiple businesses which all need promotion. It is also a great solution for those who own small, medium or large businesses. This membership provides users with outstanding features which have been exclusively created for this target group and their staff. Like Business Plus membership, for as little as £19.99 per month or £199.99 per annum (55p per day), a benefit is promotion up to 12 million potential customers for each business. Again with the present offer of the first 3 months free you get all this for just under 44 p per day AND is currently no limit to how many businesses!

As with all OM membership levels, all members keep the entire income they make for themselves without being charged any additional sales fees.

To see the full range of features offered across the memberships available on OM - Click here.