Our Founder
debbie davis

debbie-DOn turning 50 I had come to realise that as far as job prospects were concerned, I had reached my ‘sell by’ date. Employment opportunities where I could use my present skills were non-existent.

All this meant that all the skills, abilities and experience I had accumulated over the years, felt suddenly of no value. The fact is, I knew that I was not alone in this situation and what a waste it would be to ‘let these skills go’.

That there were many other women just like me having the same experience. Almost daily rising unemployment and news of job cuts made me realise that the only way I was going to be able to move forward was through self- employment.

Searching the Internet for information that would help me make this transition revealed many ‘businessy’ sites geared towards helping people already in business and targeting (it seemed) younger people.

It was out of this need that the idea of Opus Matrix came to me…

Debbie Davis

I decided that a more ‘human website’ addressing the needs of people just like myself where we could engage, exchange skills and ideas and in some instances collaborate together to make jobs for ourselves is what I was looking for. I also wanted a site that was user-friendly, informative and empowering and, most importantly, not boring.

Through previous employment I had benefited from much professional training in many areas and had amassed many skills. But I knew that I could not have made this website alone. I needed the skills and expertise of others to make Opus Matrix a reality. Fortunately for me, I found amongst my friends hidden talents and skills that I didn’t possess to make my business dream a reality. With a similar passion we have pooled resources to make opusmatrix.com a reality.

My team and I hope that this website will enable you to connect with others on the ‘same boat’ to do what we have done through skill sharing.

We celebrate the resourcefulness of women and small businesses and believe that by connecting and working together we can make ideas a reality.

A big shop window for little shops!

A friendly website, where women and small business can share ideas and develop potential.