New Year Resolutions: How to Become A More Effective You
January 16, 2018
new year resolution
Have you set your New Year resolution yet?


According to a poll conducted by YouGov, most people have set New Year resolutions aimed at improving their self. The top five include eating better, exercising more, spending less money, taking better care of themselves (such as getting more sleep or eating better), and reading more books.


Switch Off

These goals all align with becoming a more effective you. Self-care is essential for increasing your productivity. Perhaps the biggest barrier to proper self-care is our constant connection to our phones and e-mails. It's hard to have personal time to destress when your e-mail is always within reach. As a result, we often struggle to feel refreshed or even get a good night sleep.

In order to start focusing on yourself, it's important to switch off. In fact, I find an hour of no-technology before bed helps me have a better night sleep. To do this, designate one or two hours every day to turn off all your technology devices. Yes, even your Netflix.


Reduce Stress

Another side effect of always being switched on is increased stress levels. When we cannot escape work, we cannot reflect and relax. Even social media platforms and online news outlets have been proven to increase stress.

Decreased stress is just another reason to TURN OFF your technology!


The Perfect Balance Between Sleep, Diet, and Exercise

When we get busy, we often sacrifice one of the three ingredients that are essential for well-being: sleep, diet, and exercise.

We're all guilty of sleeping less so that we can exercise more or eating bad food as its quicker than making a healthy meal. Our wellness depends on achieving the perfect balance. We cannot be truly healthy or as effectively lose weight without this balance.


A Healthy Life is a more Productive Life

Wellness and self-care are essential to being productive. We are not as efficient when we haven't slept well or our bodies hurt from a lack of exercise. Our wellness is the foundation that our personal and professional success is built on.

Being healthy makes us happier and as a result, helps us to see the world differently. It helps us have a can-do attitude and ultimately achieve big things!


The OM Team


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