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Business Bio For classic and modern bespoke couture, Novelette Novalis is the name you want on the label. Novelette Ellis is a professional fashion designer creating men’s and women's clothing in Peckham, London. Each piece is designed and sewn individually by her. We are focusing on menswear but offer fantastic womenswear as well. Prices on our clothing change from time to time, depending on the fabric. All fabrics are sourced locally, and we plan to travel to Paris in February to source new fabrics.
Services Accountants, Advertising, Brand Consultant, Brand Identity, Business Coaching, Business Consultancy, Business Mentoring, Business Networking Skills Training, Business Planning, Business Promotion, Business Services, Creative Concepts, Fashion and Design, Graphic Design, Indian head massage, Ladies and Lil ladies clothing boutique, Ladies Fashion Boutique, Manufacturing, Marketing and PR, Marketing Communications, Massage Therapy, Media, Digital and Creative, Network Marketing Business, Printers, Retail, Shop, Social Selling, Software Development, Songwriting, Speech writer, Telecoms, T-shirt printing, Vocals, Web Strategy, Website Marketing, Website Optimisation, Website Review, Workshops, Writing
Type of Business Other
Testimonials Principal Consultant at ACJ Menswear Consultancy
Novelette achieved her BA in Menswear at the London College of Fashion before taking up various jobs in the fashion industry. She has now started her own label and we wish her very success with this venture.

Fashion & Beauty Photographer
Novelette is a true creative. Her designs are inspirational, beautiful and the workmanship and tailoring is second to none. I have had the pleasure of working for Novelette on a location shoot. Her instructions were clear, she was extremely well organised and her sense of humour brought joy to the shoot. Would be very happy to work with her at any time.
October 14, 2013, Grey was a consultant or contractor to Novelette at NOVELETTE NOVALIS LTD
Website www.noveletteellis.co.uk
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Explore the unique style of fashion designer Novelette Ellis, the owner of Novelette Novalis in Peckham, London. She designs, make her patterns, and makes each piece on her own. You will not find this from most fashion designers! Her skills, intelligence, and experience contribute to the fabulous appeal of all our bespoke couture. Experience You Can Trust Novelette has been sewing since 1976 and she came to Britain in 1989. Her experience prior to coming to Peckham, London, includes sewing for the prime minister of Jamaica’s children, as well as creating clothing for the wives and children of US ambassadors during the 1970s. She also has experience subcontracting for Burberry™. Unique Styles The owner of Bias wore one of her novelette’s skirt had to repeat as it was a hit in Spain. All the skirts designs were a hit summer at local boutique Bias in Peckham. I’m working on featuring in Paris menswear next trade show. Fashion trendsetters and customers alike love the fact that every style Novelette creates is different, so customers can know that no one will have the exact same dress, which is especially important when attending an event

Core Skills & Experience

Consumer rights, Graphic Design, Industry Business Advisor, Management Skills, Marketing, None, Photographer, Teaching

Other Skills

Pattern making, Sample Making, Fashion Drawing, Storyboard/Moodboard, Colour Forcast, Trend Forecast, Alterations, Sewing Womenswear and Mens Clothing


BA (Hons) Design Technology for the Fashion Industry, Specialist in Menswear Tailoring, City & Guilds Level 4 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (Kensington and Chelsea College), Professional Development Awards (PDA) Certificate in Digital Origination QuarkXPress, Photoshop and Illustration (London College of Communication University of the Arts London, BTEC Diploma in Fashion Design (Croydon College School of Art and Design), City & Guilds Creative Fashion and Fashion Skills (Lewisham College)

Hobbies & Interests

Arts, Blogging, Camping, Church/church activities, Computer activities, Cooking, Crafts, Exercise (aerobics, weights), Gardening, Laughing!, Painting, Photography, Politics, Reading, Relaxing, Researching, Sewing, Shopping, Singing, Socializing with friends/neighbours, Swimming, Travelling, Walking, Workshops



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