Make Money with Your Hobbies
October 7, 2016
debbie davis

Working for many years for the same company or doing the same type of job for too long can become quite boring for most of people.

With the times changing due to global economic factors, it’s becoming more frequent to find workers who are often changing jobs. Flexibility and creativity are two important qualities that every worker should develop in order to feel more satisfied about their job. Since work occupies over 50% of adults’ existence, it is obviously essential to find the right type of job that suits us best and makes us feel happy at the end of the day.

Let’s talk frankly: since work takes such a big part of our lives, it should obviously represent something that makes us feel excited to wake up every morning for. A job should be an activity that makes us always feel proud of.

Our job should definitely be something we are truly passionate about and that matches our interests, and not something that we do just because we have to and because it pays the bills at the end of the month. Paying the bills is certainly crucial, because not many people want to find themselves living under a bridge, but we should always keep in mind that we have the right and we also have the skills to do a job that we fully love.

Everyone has some interests and hobbies. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could wake up every morning knowing that we are going to do something for the next seven or eight hours that we deeply enjoy and that makes us also earn a satisfactory income? Well, even though some of you might be rolling your eyes right now thinking that is an irrational idea, you have to know that this is actually possible.

There are numerous people around us that have changed their lives by turning their hobbies into profitable activities and they could not be happier! Are you for instance interested and skilled in photography, design, gardening, teaching a particular subject, speaking fluently a foreign language or playing an instrument? Therefore you should fully embrace your passions and think about how you could exploit them in order to make money. You could start slowly, by creating your own website and social media accounts, where you could advertise your activity and start offering freelance services to people who need someone with that specific skill you have, for example.

There are tons of fascinating and inspirational stories about talented people who had the courage to embrace their passions and turn them into fruitful activities, so use them as examples to change your life and get the job that you really want! By doing so you will not only feel happier, more proud of yourself and more accomplished, but also everyone surrounding you will notice how much you have positively changed and be charmed by your radiating energy. This means that by changing your job and by doing something you honestly love and are interested in, your family, your close friends or your partner will also feel happier being infected by your enthusiasm.

Transforming your existence by finally doing a job that makes you happy is possible and I have personally experienced it. I have always been fascinated by music and had a strong passion for singing. I realised that this is what I really wanted to do and have enjoyed various gigs around the world. I’ve also realised a passion for vocal coaching and now offer this as a service to others. I started to get my business organised in order to allow myself to achieve my dream. I’ve now moved to Spain, where I can share my skills with others and also enjoy the sun!

Just letting you know that next week I will be 'featured artist of the week" on SpectrumFM Spain
Danny and Richard will play some of my songs on their respective shows
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Every dream can come true if you believe in yourself. If you know that you are highly skilled in something, don’t waste your time and use your knowledge in a creative way to get the type of job you have always dreamed of!

Good luck!

Debbie Davis

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