The Importance of Managing Time Effectively: Setting Realistic Timescales and Other Tips
November 27, 2017

Whether you're an entrepreneur or are employed by a large-scale company, time management is important. However, most people struggle to manage time efficiently and often get bogged down in non-essential tasks.


Without the ability to manage time efficiently, you will miss deadlines and fall behind on assignments. This will ultimately lead to unhappy clients/customers and increased stress. Thus, it is essential to master time management skills.


In this blog, we'll provide you with three tips for ensuring that you efficiently manage your time.


Start Early


Procrastination can damage your reputation and business. It's best to start early as this allows time for errors. Often people leave assignments till the last minute, which causes unnecessary stress and sometimes sloppy, inadequate work.


Try making a to-do list to keep yourself motivated


Break Large Assignments into Smaller Tasks


Breaking large assignments into smaller tasks help ensure that progress is being made. Sometimes, large projects may feel overwhelming and you may struggle to know where to start. Smaller tasks can make the project seem more manageable.


Try setting weekly or daily goals


Set Realistic Timescales


Setting realistic timescales or even overestimating deadlines can help prevent problems and delays. If you finish early, great – everyone will be happy. If you finish late, that could be the end of your career or business.


Realistic timescales also prevent you from becoming stressed as you won't be trying to accomplish too much work within a tight period of time. The above tips, such as breaking a large assignment into smaller tasks, can be used to determine a realistic timescale.


Try to complete the task two days before the actual deadline


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The OM Team

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