How Opus Matrix differs from other social networks
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Opus Matrix Is the Perfect Social Network for Professionals

Using online platforms like Opus Matrix to develop your business and career can be the key to an outstanding future full of exciting resources and new opportunities.

Today we are living in the Internet era; there is no doubt about it. Everything seems to be based on technology. Even the business world nowadays requires every worker to have IT skills since almost everything we need is online.

Some people like using the internet for professional reasons, while some don’t, because they find it impractical, especially those who were born before this digital boom.

Never as much as today, it is fundamental to own social media platforms in order to make our business stand out and be ahead of the competition. Popular social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, for instance, are globally considered as extraordinary tools to create profitable connections in the business world and enhance the visibility of our work or company. There is, however, another social platform out there which can bring even more benefits to your job than the above mentioned websites: Opus Matrix. Its name might not ring a bell to you since it’s been recently created by an ambitious and highly skilled team of UK entrepreneurs. Designed by women, particularly for women but not exclusively for women at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey, its professional outcomes are absolutely fantastic.

Even though Opus Matrix is a relatively new social network, it has already grabbed the attention of numerous users. The advantages of using this great website compared to the most traditional social media platforms are the following:

Opus Matrix Vs Facebook

Millions of people all around the world have loved Facebook intensely since 2004 the year of its global launch. Facebook was purpose built for chatting and general communication, but can Facebook really be considered the right social medium to increase professional visibility and improve careers? Probably not. It is true that Facebook has helped different individuals to become famous, making some contents go viral, or allowed many users to advertise their products and services, but the truth is that Facebook is simply not a website built to achieve professional dreams. If you want to promote your business or become a more successful worker, increasing your number of clients or sales, then a professional website such as Opus Matrix (OM) is the right fit for you. OM is much easier to use than Facebook, especially for those of you who are not Facebook’s biggest fans. OM has a much simpler design and less features than Facebook thereby making it very practical and faster for you to use. OM allows you to create you own skills profile for free and upload your photo and your CV. In addition, it allows you to write about and sell yourself and interact easily with other users.

teamworkOpus Matrix Vs Twitter

Twitter is an incredible social network but it is not really the best choice to launch or boost a career. If you are looking for a new job, new employees or simply people with whom you might want to work via skill share, Twitter might help you and provide you with what you are looking for to a point, but for that degree of collaboration it is not always ideal. OM can offer everything you need in less time and in much easier ways. As on Twitter, OM allows you to publish your own posts, follow other users and be involved in their activities. However, OM does not have restrictions on the number of characters that you can use in order to write a post. It enables you to identify and form partnerships with the people who have the skills that you are looking for, join groups and start your own business Projects. It also gets you easily in touch with experts who are there to give you tips on how to improve your business or career often at little or no cost as a member of OM!

Opus Matrix Vs LinkedIn

These two amazing websites have in common more than you can imagine but with only one crucial difference. OM is easier and faster to use. OM allows you to find jobs quickly, get in touch with other professionals in your field of work or in different fields ( professionals who want to interact with you).Besides, OM enables you to build an interactive profile which can be seen by other potential entrepreneur employers or industry experts. LinkedIn can be overwhelming and rather complicated to navigate especially if you are not very computer savvy. With OM you will never have this sort of problem because its user friendly format and layout have been designed with this in mind. OM can satisfy all your needs and enable you to browse and find quickly whom and what are are looking for.

Creating an account on Opus Matrix is free and its benefits will definitely make a difference in your professional life. Try it to believe it!