How does your business translate across the networks?

If you are a business owner or venturing into promoting your sideline project then it’s important to focus on who your target audience is. This could involve researching into their interests, their location and most importantly what type of messaging they respond or engage with. Your product could be very niche or appeal worldwide but your message about the product will need to be delivered in different ways across each of the social networks and on popular websites.

We have recently introduced a language translation feature on our site so members can choose their preferred language to read the information in. Simply look out for this in the sidebar:





We entrepreneurs are always looking for new customers and language doesn't have to be a barrier! 

This is great for Opus Matrix, as we want the site to be accessible to people all over the world who are looking for opportunities to collaborate but don’t want language to be a barrier. Please invite your friends from other countries by sending them a link to the homepage.

profileWe would like to welcome our new members and highlight the benefits of using the site this month. From your profile page, you can do most things like add blogs, projects, offers or products. Please let us know if you require any help with getting started. Most importantly, it’s best to focus on firstly getting your profile fully completed with photo and your latest status update.

Secure handshake

Don’t forget you can take advantage of our ‘Secure handshake’ service. Simply make arrangements with another member to skillshare and exchange services for free then you can use this form to create a 'Secure Handshake'. Find out more.

The OM Team

P.S. If you have any queries about your membership, profile or our special offers, please contact [email protected]

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