Hall of Fame

Are you in our Hall of Fame yet?


Position Name Points
1 Novelette Ellis 376.00
2 Toni Charles 350.00
3 Dina Kowalski 251.00
4 Tonia Hall 210.00
5 Anita Oleksy 206.00
6 Jane Quinn 190.00
7 Kris Keppeler 176.00
8 Michelle Peters 132.00
9 Marilyn Mountford 130.00
10 Ferial Puren 120.00
11 Laura-beth Thompson 100.00
12 Michelle Littlewood 100.00
13 Helen Price 100.00
14 Jacqueline Talbot 100.00
15 Diane Mitchell Brassington 100.00
16 Jayne Purnell 100.00
17 Hilary Kemp 100.00
18 Julie Townsend 100.00
19 Tracy Hallett 100.00
20 Hilary Facey 100.00
21 Linnie Twos 100.00
22 Angela Caine 100.00
23 Kerry Tuckett 100.00
24 Alice Cuninghame 100.00
25 Day Ashton 100.00

We run regular competitions and to be in with a chance of winning, it's best to an active member of our community.

All you need to do is to regularly login at Opus Matrix and post any blogs, events, offers or projects you would like to share. The more you post and connect with others, the more chance of winning, as we reward members with points. You will also increase your chances of being seen by your target audience too.

All participating members MUST have a completed Profile to be entered and sharing gives big points too!

For our current competition we are offering a £50 prize for the best fully completed profile and £50 for the most active user of the site. The winner will be announced shortly after New Year and the winner will receive the prize as an Amazon voucher.

Good luck to all members and please contribute your recent blogs for extra points too.

Good luck!