Get The CompTIA Certification Training Your IT Career Needs

Get The CompTIA Certification Training Your IT Career Needs

CompTIA sets the standard for IT services for many years, and the complete 2020 CompTIA certification course is offered for 90% off. The CompTIA offers fourteen courses for more than 300 training hours. The latest hardware and software technologies are taught step by step in the course. This further includes administration, networking, installation, cloud works, security, and cyberattack. This course ensures that all training complies with CompTIA standards.

A total of fourteen courses are offered in the package, and the following describes a few courses.

1.CompTIA A+

This will introduce you to networking, troubleshooting, mobile devices, security, operating systems, etc. It gives 24/7 content access for 25.29 hours. It also educates to manage users, workstations, and implementation of network connections. Overall this course covers core technologies and enables them to pass out the entry-level in the IT field.

2. CompTIA Network+

In this training, you will learn how to install, troubleshoot network technologies, configure, etc. It gives 24/7 content access for 40.23 hours. It describes network protocols and wireless networks. Furthermore, it identifies threats to countermeasure and control. It also gives training in cabling and appliances install and configuration.

3. CompTIA Server+

It educates how to maintain, secure, and plan a variety of server equipment. It gives access 24/7 to content for 27.44 hours. CompTIA Certification provides clear knowledge in changing the server environment and handles the recent technologies.   

4. CompTIA Linux+

This will guide you on how to manage the Linux system administration duties. It gives access 24/7 to content for 11.05 hours. It gives practice in understanding hardware and system configuration. It also educates Linux diagnostics and troubleshooting.

5. CompTIA Cloud+

This gives training on how to compute the cloud environment using technologies and system requirements. It further familiarizes and provides more ideas to run systems successfully. It gives 24/7 access for 23.3 hours. Also, give training in analyzing system requirements for successful data migration to the cloud. After finishing the training, the person will have skills to troubleshoot connectivity and security issues.

6. CompTIA Project+

Although this course is not IT-based, it is still required for the business, and CompTIA certification is highly valid. This gives training on how to coordinate and manage projects. It gives 24/7 content access for 25.42 hours. Furthermore, these enable management stakeholders, resources, project documents, and manage the project life cycle. It also ensures prompt communications. 

7. CompTIA Core Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies are becoming very famous and most useful for online transactions. Thus blockchain is handling these cryptocurrencies and helps in sharing data storage in the new manner. TheCompTIA course helps project managers, IT professionals, and business advisors. This enables us to understand the basic concept of using blockchain in the business. It gives 24/7 content access for 34.31 hours. Four ‘T’s are educated like Transparency, Tamper, Traceability, and Trust. It also describes how it differs from bitcoin. Upon completing the course, you will be familiar with the origin of the blockchain and how to use it to drive business. 

8. CompTIA Security+

This makes more awareness of cybersecurity linked with network security and risk management. It gives 24/7 content access for 15.39 hours. It teaches how to secure the network so that it will be available and securely maintain critical data.

9. CompTIA PenTest

This course allows us to learn about the holes in the network and avoid hackers’ attacks. Furthermore, it educates vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to control security.

10. CompTIA CASP

This is an advanced security control method using cybersecurity. This provides more practical training.

Overall these courses cost you about 3500 USD, but these are all given on sale at a price of 89 USD only. These courses will assist in obtaining the desired job with a good salary.

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