How to exchange your skills or services and gain points
September 4, 2017
points balance

Opus Matrix is a wealth of talent with lots of our members offering a great range of skills and services. We recognised that other sites would pigeon-hole people to their particular field and so wanted to offer a membership site with an opportunity for our users to wear their many hats. If you are a girl in a corporate world with a creative spark and micro business, Opus Matrix is a great place to hang out. Likewise, if you are an entrepreneur and perhaps been running your company for a while now, the site is a good place to bounce ideas around for your next venture.

You may have your own blog or images you share with your own audiences and we’d love to see them too. In fact, if you post regular updates and be active on the site, you’ll find the points total on your profile increases.

This is because we want to reward our most prolific users and keep you active on the site. The more people who join, the wider our network becomes and the more opportunities arise for everyone.


Points win Prizes

As the points stack up, you can use them to your advantage to buy services from others or exchange for other interests.

We also run regular competitions and we are due to the announce the next winner of an Amazon voucher for £100 on 1st October. The person with the highest number of points at the end of the month will win. Read more here.


The Secure Handshake

We encourage our members to barter skills or services and you could too. For example, if you find someone you would like to work with, offer to exchange a certain number of points. This way no money changes hands but an investment can be made on both sides to work together on a project. Opus Matrix is the holding account for the points and when both parties are satisfied that work is complete, the points are released back into your accounts. Read more here.

Give us a shout @opusmatrix if you need anything.

The OM Team

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