Dear Mumpreneurs, Time to Roll Up Your Sleeves!
September 20, 2016

Summer is over and “sadly”, as probably most of you would say. There is absolutely no reason to get depressed though, because the approaching fall and winter seasons should be lived with excitement, especially if you are an ambitious and active mumpreneurs (a fun word meaning a full time mum who is also an entrepreneur).

Having your kids back to school is a great occasion to finally start focusing on your entrepreneurial plans again. You will now have much more time available to work on all the projects you have put aside during the summer, when you were taking care of your children all day long.

After taking your kids to class every morning, you will now have several hours a day and for five days a week to focus all your energies on your business projects. This is why it can be a bit overwhelming to start working full time at the end of each summer when the academic year begins and why it is so crucially important to create detailed schedules about all the work that you need to get done on a weekly basis.

By making a rational plan about what you want to achieve and by giving yourself precise dates by when you want all your business tasks to be completed, you will enable yourself to find mental strength, motivation, optimism and successfully commence a new profitable work season.

Creating detailed schedules, of everything that you need to get done, on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis, is essential to an effective business organisation and is a key rule that every brilliant and accomplished entrepreneur follows in order to be always ahead of competition.

Think about all the time you finally have for yourself now that your kids have started going to school again! All these hours from Monday to Friday can be usefully employed in order to obtain outstanding business results.

You could interpret the beginning of the academic year as also a new and refreshing start for your business, a sort of business year, which commences from today and that can be full of glorious moments, thanks to your strong good will and entrepreneurial determination.

Have you wanted in these last few weeks or months to get in touch with some potential clients, investors, sponsors, or to update certain aspects of your business, in order to increase sales as a result? Then now it’s the time to work on everything you have wanted to change and accomplish! Get a coffee first thing early in the morning after having left your children at school and grab your laptop or a pen and a notebook and start designing your success!

Remember, if you can think about having an increasingly successful business, then you can definitely achieve it, because you have all the necessary mental power to get exactly what you want! Nothing can stop a progressive, creative and forceful mind!

Have a wonderfully lucrative business year and good luck!

The OM Team

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