Be creative and innovative when you’re broke

These last years have certainly been a challenge, economically speaking, for the majority of European countries, including the UK. The unemployment rate is going tremendously up and more people are falling into despair since finding jobs is getting increasingly competitive. This is why paying rent, bills and various expenses becomes a struggle at the end of the month.

There is, however, a solution to everything and absolutely no need to feel scared about the current situation, even though it is objectively quite problematic for most of us. The truth is that, there are several activities that all workers in need of augmenting their monthly income can do, in order to live a more comfortable and less stressful life. Each of us are full of resources and skills so these can be definitely used to obtain more money.

Think for a second about all the professional skills that you have acquired over the years and about all the relevant things that you know how to do. It does not matter if some of these skills are not related to the type of jobs you have had so far, because you can exploit anything you are very good at to increase your earnings.

For instance, are you an excellent photographer and all your friends have always told you that, thanks to your talent and technique, you should be thinking of becoming a pro? If this is the case, then go for it! Start looking for online job vacancies which are offering work opportunities for freelance photographers, or try to take part of local events, where photographers are always needed.

Are you an amazing cook or baker? Then why don’t you start your own freelance business? Create an account or page on popular social media platforms, as Facebook, and start advertising your cooking-from-home services! Such business is already popular in major European cities, so why don’t you join this trend? You could cook for small groups of people in town who would be extremely happy to pay in order to receive freshly homemade dishes to enjoy during a meal with colleagues, friends or relatives. Furthermore, small bistros and cafes are often looking for freelance cooks who can make food for them from home, so give it a try!

If, for example, you love animals or children, you could always sign up to some babysitting or dog sitting agencies or look for online ads offering this type of jobs. It might not be the kind of job that you have usually had, but it can be a profitable way of making a better living and by doing something you love!

Do you have great graphic and web design skills? Then again, think outside the box and put your capabilities into practice in order to get more money at the end of the month. There are plenty of companies who are constantly looking for creative talents like you, and the best thing is that you can work for any international company, since as a freelancer you can work from the comfort of your home.

This clearly means that there are plenty of opportunities out there to discover and explore! The key to success is being fearless and self-confident about what you know.

If you are not a creative type, do not worry, because you can also find loads of interesting freelance jobs, exactly as anyone else. Are you good in accounting, at teaching a specific subject or at speaking a foreign language very fluently? Here you go! You can definitely take advantage of your precious skills in order to earn more money than you ever thought.

As I previously said, it is all a matter of putting skills into practice and making things happen, so stay positive and build a more successful career from today!

The OM Team

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