Are you caught in the whirlwind of Brexit?
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It’s summertime apparently - not that the weather in the UK is anything to go by. However, the schools have finally finished for the holidays and parents are frantically getting away for a much needed break. Regardless of where you are, we hope you are enjoying this time of year.

It’s certainly a worrying time at the moment for entrepreneurs in Britain, as the country takes steps to leave the EU. The current economic situation will affect some business owners more than others but perhaps the best thing for entrepreneurs is just to plough on regardless, as with change often comes new opportunity. We’d love to hear from our members of their views on this subject.

Feel free to start topics in the ‘Groups’ section of the website.


The last quarter of this year has gone so fast and it’s great to see new members on We would especially like to announce the winner of the latest competition and Ouafa Benterki, it’s you! There’s a £100 Amazon voucher coming your way. Thanks for connecting with others in our community and referring friends to the site.


We actively encourage skillsharing in our community and the skillfinder service (page only visible when you are logged in) enables members to search for people based on a certain combination of skills and also by location. This has proved very popular and many of our members have said they are willing to barter their skills.

We understand that some people are a little cautious having just met someone online who wants their service for free in exchange for the work they will do for them. Therefore, we’ve introduced the ‘Secure Handshake’. This involves both parties placing a deposit with Opus Matrix until the jobs are complete. Once both parties are satisfied with the result, each person gets their money back (please note that a 10% admin fee applies). If you have been in touch with someone who wants to barter with you and skillshare, please email the details to [email protected].

We also have further exciting announcements for skillsharing on this site. Coming soon!

The OM Team

P.S. If you have any queries about your membership, profile or our special offers, please contact [email protected]

Are you part of our networking opportunity?
networking opportunity
Of course you are part of our networking opportunity, you have signed up to Opus Matrix either because you want to network with other individuals who have something to sell or you would like to promote your business services. When we say networking opportunity, we would like to remind all members about the full potential of Opus Matrix and to fully benefit, it’s best to complete your profile fully to maximise your chance of getting seen across our website and social media channels.


This month, we are also offering the chance for members and friends to meet up face to face. If you are based in Scotland, then this free event is an ideal chance to catch up with others and discover more about skillsharing. Come along next week:

Tues 21st June, 10 – 12pm @ The Coffee House, 144 High Street,
Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1QS.
Click here to find out more and RSVP.

Competition… not long to go now!

As an existing member of OM, you will also have the option to gain more points for our regular prize draw. All you have to do is invite your friends and colleagues to our meetups and your points will increase. As always, you can gain points through the site for being an active member, such as posting regular blogs, products, offers and endorsing other members.

This quarter’s 'REFER A FRIEND " competition ends on June 30th. You could win £100 JUST for referring friends. The more friends you refer the more likely you'll win. Winners will be drawn from a hat and announced in our July Newsletter.

Good luck!

The OM Team

Are you based in Scotland? Come along to our Collaborative Commons Enterprise Meetup
May 23, 2016
collaborative commons

We are very much an online business with members from all over the world but we’re having a little change next month for our first meetup in the Collaborative Commons Enterprise group. We network with our members across social media but sometimes it’s good to sit down face to face for a good old fashioned chat over a coffee. OM is global but we have a large following in Scotland and so our first meetup will be:

Tues 21st June, 10 – 12pm @ The Coffee House, 144 High Street,
Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1QS.

Click here to find out more and RSVP.

This is very much an open group, that is free for anyone to come along, even non-members. It’s a good opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and discuss ideas for skillsharing and collaboration on projects. We plan to hold regular OM meetups and some of these could even take place online eventually too so we can connect with our members elsewhere.

Each meetup will consist of an introduction and update on the offers available through and we would like to invite all Business Plus members to be speakers at our future meetups too. This provides an opportunity to have the spotlight on you and/or your business services. If you would like to put your name forward to be a speaker soon, please email [email protected].

We encourage our members to keep their profile and status updated, especially to specify what you want from the site and who you would like to connect with. This will help you get found by other members and give us the information we need to grow your network and opportunities.

As an existing member of OM, you will also have the option to gain more points for our regular prize draw. All you have to do is invite your friends and colleagues to our meetups and your points will increase. As always, you can gain points through the site for being an active member, such as posting regular blogs, products, offers and endorsing other members.

This season’s ‘Hall of Fame’ competition will run from June to December and you could win £100. Remember you can invite a friend to the site from your profile page to boost your chance of winning.

This quarter’s 'REFER A FRIEND " competition ends on June 30th. You could win £100 JUST for referring friends. The more friends you refer the more likely you'll win. Winners will be drawn from a hat and announced in our July Newsletter.

What better way to start the holidays!

Kind regards,

The OM Team

The Amazing Benefits of Self-Employment

I don’t believe that I am alone in saying that I’m shocked at how quickly the winter season has come and gone. Where did the time go? 13 years from my legal retirement age, I realise that even these years will also be gone in a flash. I can’t also imagine how I ever dreamed that I could continue to bury my head in the sand about how I would be able to afford to live when this time came.

It has taken a personal tragedy to make me address reality and be proactive in taking some control over my financial future. I’ve realised that I know hardly anyone who is still in employment at retirement age. Besides, two thirds of the final Salary Pension to which I signed up 26 years ago, is but a distant dream. In addition to all that, with the news that for those of us in employment, the increase in technology means that we are all working 5 times harder than we did in the 70’s. This situation will only worsen and, for the vast majority of us, we are running harder and going backwards. Furthermore, no longer can we depend on our parents leaving us their property. Their increasing longevity and changes in the law means that this inheritance is now being gobbled up by Nursing Home fees. Added to this, our children’s inability to secure employment or housing could possibly result in a very bleak future if we do not act now.

So how can we keep up?

 I used to think of self-employment as a dirty word, but after having experienced it, I’m wondering why I didn’t try it before. For me, it’s about tapping into skills and talents that are lying dormant and using them to starting new businesses. This could possibly secure a reasonable lifestyle with which to retire comfortably; it may even be our only means of support in retirement. This is where OM really delivers the tools because it allows you to make multiple income streams by advertising your skills, as well as testing and selling your products. You can use the time left in employment to test and build up a business.

The good thing about this site is that you can find other people with complementary skills and work alongside them to share ideas, projects, etc. In this way, you can achieve things that you couldn’t have done on your own. With an online OM shop, you could start making money now. The best thing about this is that the OM team will actually do your digital promotion for you so you don’t even have to create your own website!

I have been able to start my own business and until it begins to bring in an income, I can get some revenue from my other skills. I might even be required for mentoring because of my own business knowledge. All my skills can potentially earn me income. As most people tend to drift into areas they are good at, for the first time in my life I can say that although I am working, hard it doesn’t feel like work.

Debbie Davis
Opus Matrix

Where is the way out of the poverty trap? The issue about government benefits

A few days ago the OM team met and discussed in depth a common problem for those of us who are recipients of government benefits.

One lady in our team, a single mum on benefits, who is trying to run her own business, knows exactly what this feels like. She tries desperately to make ends meet, but always encounters the problem when she is in danger of exceeding the limit of income set by the benefit system. As soon as this happens, she loses more than she earns!

Why is it taking so long to help people get out of the poverty trap and off benefits? Government should be building them bridges and rewarding them, instead of punishing them if they try to grow their business and work. Surely, the ideal is to help people become self-sufficient. Anyway, we really struggled with this subject, especially as we are well aware that there is large number of mums on our site who are experiencing the same problem.

We want to hear from you. We want to hear about your struggles, your successes and your suggestions.

The OM Team

How to Make Business Networking Easy
Business Networking

Start-ups are often hungry for success, full of ambition and aspiration. This is often equally balanced with feelings of vulnerability as inevitable mistakes are made.

Small business owners all need the same things: growth and development.  They all benefit from making useful connections with similar or different businesses. It’s good to work with other small organisations as their services can be less expensive than using larger companies. Check out what networking events are available at your local Chamber of Commerce on line or in your local newspaper. A word of caution: if your product or service is particularly geared towards women, I’d suggest you to look for Women’s Events in particular. In fact, there appear to be a 3:1 ratio of men to women at most meetings I’ve ever attended.

Business networking is also fundamental for your organisation and career as it can be the source of your very first customers and referrals. Good referrals and advertising through word of mouth is like gold dust in the business world, especially between the first five years. Businesses have needs, such as finding others with particular skills to get tasks completed, selling their products or services and to tell people about they do.

Opus Matrix can work for you at all stages of your business journey. It’s a great place to gain some professional connections from the comfort of your house. By creating your own profile, you’ll be able to virtually meet and chat with other professionals who have those skills you need to develop. Perhaps you are starting to sell a few things online and want to see how it goes or maybe you are well-established but need to take things to the next level. As a business member you can find jobs, people and other businesses as customers or potential business partners with no additional costs.

OM can work wonders for your business and definitely increase potential income opportunities. Our platform has met the appreciation of many of our members. S .Thomson, one of our numerous users, stated: “ are amazing advocates of the smaller business. It is nice to have a team of people on your side to help champion your business. I would whole heartedly recommend their services. It will be money well invested.”

Do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you want any personal recommendations or services. As I want you to avoid any possible business mistake, I am happy to point you to the right people who can help you in anything you need.

Debbie Davis

Find Your Business Network and Grow
business network

Twenty-five years ago, before computers became mainstream for ordinary people like me, I learned a very valuable lesson. Funny, I’m applying it only now, but with big leaps forward in technology, I am able to take this learning experience to another level. For a short time in the 90’s, I explored self-employment as a Financial Advisor. During my training, my colleagues and I were told to draw up a list of all our friends and people we knew and target them as our first clients. The people I targeted became my very first customers and as they recommended me to others and my business rapidly increased. I later learned that some people in the office had been growing their businesses in this way for 25 years!

Fast forward to today. I found myself heading down the self-employment route again very recently. It’s been four years and through trial and error, I’ve realised that those same principles apply and work today. Connecting with other people in a meaningful way, such as through a purpose-built business platform like LinkedIn, Opus Matrix is definitely the way forward. The recession has meant that many more people are subscribing to networks and business communities like this. So why go it alone?

The most important thing is to find the business network that suits your personality and your needs and which offers your business the best chance to grow. There are several sites around from which to choose, but like many people, I have found that they don’t all offer the same degree of return for the effort I’ve put in. Being a social medium, as well as a business network site, enabled me to easily identify other professionals’ skills and connect with them. It started with me inviting my friends, and they inviting theirs. In this way, we have created a pool of skills, resources and even people to work with and support one another.

This is what the network has offered me:

1   The Ability to Form Working Relationships

During my journey, I realized that I did not possess all the knowledge and strengths I needed in order to make my business a reality. By connecting with others, I am now able to create a business that I never could have made on my own.

2   The Ability to Have Multiple Income Streams

Yes, this has been a great discovery. Through ‘putting my skills out there’, I have found that people are willing to pay me for some skills that I considered a hobby, because others needed my expertise to further their business project.

  1. More Customers

Being in a dedicated Business Network has provided me with both working partners and customers. Inviting my friends to join and encouraging them to ask their own friends, has greatly increased all our opportunities. This has meant that by increasing our skills mix, we are providing more potential customers for all of us.

4   A New Social Life

Through the links I’ve made, I have dramatically improved my social life. YES! Meeting others with different skills who I might not otherwise have met, has meant countless invitations and networking with others through their connections. I’ve made some great new friends whom I might never have met before. In fact, I’ve never been so popular.

This is what I’ve learned:

  • Find a business network platform that works for you.
  • Work your network. You get out only what you put in.
  • Grow your business.

Debbie Davis

Opus Matrix

How to share skills

Are you a recent Opus Matrix user and have still some doubts about its multitude of functionalities? This post will effectively explain how one of the most important and useful features offered by this website works: Skillshare.

If you decided to join the Opus Matrix universe, you are probably an entrepreneur, a business owner, a freelancer, an ambitious individual looking for new employment opportunities, or you might be a career-oriented person who wishes to expand his or her own professional network. Whatever the reason, you may be certainly interested in developing your career. This is where Skillshare can come in handy.

As you surely know, having a specific set of skills related to the professional field you are in, can really make a huge difference when applying for jobs or seeking business partnerships. Showcasing all your skills on your Opus Matrix profile is fundamental as it will definitely increase your chances of finding the type of employment or business opportunity that you want.

By completing your profile with all the professional skills that you have acquired over the years or months of work experience, you will be able to attract other Opus Matrix users. In this way you might get the attention of an employer or of a potential business partner or client who is looking for someone exactly like you, with your same type of knowledge and capabilities.

Showcasing the services that you offer can also be extremely advantageous for the development of your career or business, as it will augment the possibilities of finding more clients, potential sponsors and collaborators. As a consequence, your profit will also increase, as well as your level of success and satisfaction.

Skillshare has another extraordinary advantage. It allows you to spot professionals with the kind of skills and interests that you are searching for, thanks to the practical tool called Skillfinder. By clicking on Skillshare, you will be instantly directed to the Skillfinder page (as long as you are logged in), where you will be asked to insert the location, skills, including spoken languages and hobbies, which you are interested in. The results will immediately show you someone registered on Opus Matrix who matches your search. This unique feature enables you to quickly find what and who you need in order to turn your professional goals into real achievements.

Start using Skillshare now and enjoy its great outcomes! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

The OM Team

Giving you more business exposure
business exposure
At Opus Matrix, we are continuously thinking of ways to get our members noticed and we aim to give you as much business exposure as possible through our networks. We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals and enable you and your business to prosper.

This month we are especially focusing on women in business, as March is the month of Mother’s Day on the 6th and International Women’s Day on the 8th. Therefore we will give shout outs to mumpreneurs who are using the OM site to network and on the 8th March, to celebrate Women’s Day, we will offer Business Plus membership for free (for 1 year, usually £89.99) to anyone who signs up via this link:

Our regular blogs will also now include mentions of our members throughout, as a way of cross-referencing skilled people on OM. This will be great to draw extra web traffic your way but it is only available to those who have a completed profile, i.e. with profile photo, skills added and business services clearly stated.


There’s only one month to go now before we announce our new winner. Winners are chosen every quarter based on their contributions to the site in terms of blog posts and being an active networker, with a complete profile. This time you can win £40, click here for more details.

Good luck!

The OM Team

Opus Matrix: A Community of Collaborators
February 24, 2016

Are you new to the fascinating business world? Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to expand his/her business? Are you a career-oriented individual who is seeking new jobs, partnerships and useful connections within a specific industry? If the answer to one of the above questions is yes, then Opus Matrix is the right platform for you.

Opus Matrix is an engaging website designed for all professionals wanting to increase the success of their business or career. By choosing one of our membership plans, users will be enabled to join the platform and benefit from its unique services, which will allow them to connect and collaborate with other dynamic professionals.

By signing up to Opus Matrix, users will have the possibility to create their personalised profiles (similarly to other social media) where their skills, work experiences, hobbies, activities, articles, CV or events will be listed. Thanks to a detailed profile, other users might find you and get in touch with you because interested in the set of skills you have and which could be potentially useful for their business.

One of the most practical features that our users enjoy using is called Skillshare, which allows them to showcase their professional skills in order to easily find potential collaborators, employers, or partners. This tool will turn your professional dreams into successful realities, since it will enable you to combine your skills with others to develop new business opportunities and consecutively more income.

We especially recommend small to medium sized business owners to join Opus Matrix, since our platform will enable them to communicate with the right experts who, in some way, might help them expanding their profits, strategies or ideas. Opus Matrix will give small businesses the chance to become more well-known, to discover new captivating opportunities, to sell their products or services online both locally and internationally, as well as receive valuable tips from consultants, thanks to our special service called Meet the Experts.

Sharing your skills and mentoring can be great ways of generating funds to feed your main business. This is the ideal way to put cash into your business without having to borrow money or get funding from third parties.

None of us is good at everything. If you have realised this and sometimes find extremely tiring being an entrepreneur, freelancer or employee while managing all your professional activities, then we suggest you to join OM, so you can build up your career, become increasingly successful and also help other brilliant professionals like you.

Sign up

The OM Team