How to Beat Procrastination
March 22, 2018

Procrastination is one of the greastest challenges and evils for any professional. Procrastination can greatly hurt your career and performance and should be avoided. While we all struggle with procrastination to a degree, 20% of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators.

Yet, how do we overcome our procrastination? According to Psychology Today, procrastination is not an issue of time management or of poor planning. It is not a genetic, biological trait, but is instead the individual's inability to self-regulate.

Psychologists have frequently studied procrastination and these studies have come up with some strategies for beating procrastination.

1) Don't Put Off Tasks

Due to the Zeigarnik effect, we are more likely to remember unfinished tasks. When something is left unfinished, it bothers us and as a result, our brain continually reminds us to finish the task. It may be easy to put off tasks for tomorrow, but even taking small steps towards accomplishing the task can help it ACTUALLY get accomplished.

2) Start Small

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by big tasks, which only increases our likelihood to avoid doing them. When we're not quite sure where to start, it can be difficult to even image accomplishing the task. In order to avoid intimidation, start small by breaking the task into different parts.

For example, the big tasks may be to design an international marketing campaign. To make the task seem easier, start with conducting market research on your client and potential market. By making the task seem smaller and more manageable, you're more likely to get started and subsequently finish the task.

3) Assess Your Motivation

We are more likely to accomplish tasks if we have a strong motivation to do so. Most of the time, we don't think about the why. Psychology Professor, Fuschia Sirois of Bishop's University has conducted research on procrastination and suggests that identifying a personal meaning in the task increases our motivation.

Why wait? Get started beating procrastination today. Once you make some of these tips part of your daily routine, procrastination will stop obstructing your personal life and career progress.

Ideas for When You’re Stuck At Home
January 29, 2018
2018 goals

Christmas is expensive. We all spend far too much money during the holidays, which ultimately leads to a quiet January. Whether you're doing a dry January or simply staying home to recuperate the cash, we're here to help with ideas for keeping you occupied.


Get Productive

Just because you may be stuck at home, this doesn't mean that you can't be productive. January is a great time for networking as it's the start of many companies and people's yearly budgets. Most people are also more open to new ideas and opportunities in the New Year.


Get Networking

Opus Matrix is a great platform for networking. Simply chatting to like-minded people can help generate new opportunities as well as ideas. Who knows, these relationships may even eventually lead to paid opportunities!

I strongly believe in the power of networking and most of my professional opportunities have come from simply reaching out to other people in the industry. Not all conversations immediately lead to paid opportunities and quite often it wasn't until I had built a relationship with someone that a paid opportunity became available. I believe that all conversations are worth having – even if it simply leads to a suggestion such as an online course or resume twerk, it can eventually lead to bigger opportunities.


Home Craft Business

Why not start a new business? Whether it's knitting scarfs or ceramics, a craft business may be a great home business. With our online retail space, entrepreneurs can list and sell their goods through Opus Matrix. So boost your income by channelling your inner creativity.


The OM Team

Achieve Big Things with Opus Matrix: The Ideal Platform for Collaborating
debbie davis project

We are all seeking online engagement with our target audiences on various platforms. There are lots of techniques to reach people, but true engagement takes time, patience and an eye for detail. Like composing a new song, each individual element plays an essential role and needs to be played at the right time to gel with the singer and other instruments. Whatever project you are working on, you’ll need to spend time working on each element and ultimately how they will fit together in the final delivery.

Our founder, Debbie Davis, was a well-established singer in Scotland before moving to Spain. As she settled in there, she wanted to continue her passion for music by singing gigs. This can be very difficult without the right connections and, so she began to reach out to other musicians in the area.

She used the principle of collaboration developed with Opus Matrix to connect with people and share ideals. She found musicians that suited her style and began to discuss her love of disco. Initially this wasn’t something the others had experience in but once they realised they could use their skills to achieve something special, they were all on board.

Debbie is now part of four different musical groups and it wasn’t seen as business initially, nor did it happen overnight. It began with a passion for music that allowed her to build personal connections with like-minded people. She was able to engage with musicians to discuss how they could be involved and how their top strengths could be used. After chatting about their interests and skills, Debbie invited Denis from Plan Bee to be her bass player and sing on some tracks. In return, Denis invited Debbie to join his Plan Bee band and sing under his plans.

Check out the Debbie Davis Project:

Debbie believes that the best way to collaborate on Opus Matrix is by finding people with complementary skills to yours. This can be achieved by talking to business connections and once realised can be the driving force behind big projects. With a bit of patient and time work, amazing things can be accomplished.

Debbie made personal connections that led to conversations about business plans and eventually created business opportunities for Debbie. Opus Matrix is an online community that helps people connect and eventually collaborate with one another. It is a place where people can share ideas, skills, and much more.

Debbie would have never accomplished her goal of singing in Spain without the help of connections. Whether you're looking for personal connections to fuel a passion or business opportunities, Opus Matrix is the ideal platform for meeting like-minded people, sharing ideas, discovering other's plans, and eventually building the relationships necessary to make ideas happen.

Follow the Debbie Davis Project on Facebook


Engage is the key to success in business and we want to facilitate this for our members. Try the skill finder tool and find people with similar or related skills or interests. Find out what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve and you may find some common ground. It could be the key to your success!

Different people bring different influences and the best businesses often emerge through chance meetings of individuals.

The OM Team


Not Everyone Was Meant To Be an Entrepreneur

In a world where everyone seems to be striving to popularity and success, sometimes it can be difficult to feel as being able to fit in the strict norms and expectations set by the competitive society we live in.

There are an incredible amount of ambitious individuals around us who have astonishing business plans and who aim at turning themselves into the next Richard Branson or Steve Jobs in their field of expertise.

The truth, however, is that luckily for the majority of people out there, not everyone has a specific plan and especially not everyone wants to become an entrepreneur. This does not mean that whoever does not wish to become a business owner, a magnate or even a freelancer is a poor soul, because there are plenty of talented, intelligent and brilliant professionals who are happy with their own career path and who have ambitious goals.

The crucial thing that needs to be understood, by who is not an entrepreneur and by who, for some reason, might feel guilty and have a low self-esteem because of this, is that being an entrepreneur is not mandatory in order to have a rewarding professional life. This means that the word entrepreneur is not a synonym of success and happiness. One person can be extremely successful and end up having an astonishing career without necessarily being an entrepreneur.

There are thousands and thousands of smart individuals on this planet who feel completely satisfied and honoured about their careers and who already have the job of their dreams, the type of job that they have always worked hard to conquer. Plenty of dependent workers are proud of their own achievements and have different plans for their future, so please keep in mind that not everyone has the same goal when it comes to career choices and that the winning options available to each of us are countless.

Not being an entrepreneur does not mean to be less creative, less ambitious or less resourceful than an entrepreneur, simply because not everyone wants the same things. It is for this reason that joining such a vibrant online community as Opus Matrix can really make a difference in your professional life, since you will have the chance to virtually meet an outstanding number of fascinating users, from all over the globe, each with different jobs, career goals and dreams.

Opus Matrix is the online space where you can enhance your professional skills, find new job opportunities, showcase your professional accomplishments, make your CV public and engage with employers as well with other bright individuals as you. Building up a career is about creating a solid network of professional connections and Opus Matrix is here to help you accomplish that.

The OM Team


Join Us and Display Your Skills
November 4, 2016

Starting off a new career can be complicated at the beginning, especially for who doesn’t have loads of work experience, as university students or people who have recently changed their fields of work.

The biggest struggle in these types of situations is to find a suitable job to personal skills and tastes. Finding the right job can represent a serious challenge for whoever is new to a particular field and is looking for building up an exciting new career.

This is why signing up to a progressive social media platform as Opus Matrix, which is entirely designed to suit all sorts of professionals’ needs, can be an optimal choice for someone who is looking for a captivating job. There is no mystery around the fact that it is crucially important to create strong professional connections in order to be able to open up compelling job opportunities and meet fascinating experts from different fields. Opus Matrix can help you achieving all of this very easily and fairly quickly too, by simply joining its vibrant online community.

Opus Matrix allows anyone to sign up for free and become part of a compelling global community of ambitious professionals. By creating your own profile (similarly to any other social media profile) you can showcase your skills, make your CV public to recruiters and to any users, which would strongly help you find the kind of job you have always wanted. In addition to this, this unique platform enables you to discover new job opportunities offered by OM members, interact with thousands of worldwide users and explore special networking activities as partnerships and crowdfunding groups.

There are many other useful projects and groups you can be part of and all of them will make your name more well-known in your industry and allow you to grow professionally. Platforms as LinkedIn are extremely popular around the world among professionals but they are too over crowded to be actually effective for someone with little work experience. If you are looking to build up a new career and to start networking effectively, it would be highly recommendable to begin from a medium-sized community as OM where you can easily interact with other professionals and find a suitable job without wasting all the time and energies that a bigger and wildly more popular platform would require.

So what are you waiting for? Join Opus Matrix today and enjoy all the incredible opportunities it can offer you to make you become a successful business person!

Good luck,

The OM Team


Make Money with Your Hobbies
October 7, 2016
debbie davis

Working for many years for the same company or doing the same type of job for too long can become quite boring for most of people.

With the times changing due to global economic factors, it’s becoming more frequent to find workers who are often changing jobs. Flexibility and creativity are two important qualities that every worker should develop in order to feel more satisfied about their job. Since work occupies over 50% of adults’ existence, it is obviously essential to find the right type of job that suits us best and makes us feel happy at the end of the day.

Let’s talk frankly: since work takes such a big part of our lives, it should obviously represent something that makes us feel excited to wake up every morning for. A job should be an activity that makes us always feel proud of.

Our job should definitely be something we are truly passionate about and that matches our interests, and not something that we do just because we have to and because it pays the bills at the end of the month. Paying the bills is certainly crucial, because not many people want to find themselves living under a bridge, but we should always keep in mind that we have the right and we also have the skills to do a job that we fully love.

Everyone has some interests and hobbies. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could wake up every morning knowing that we are going to do something for the next seven or eight hours that we deeply enjoy and that makes us also earn a satisfactory income? Well, even though some of you might be rolling your eyes right now thinking that is an irrational idea, you have to know that this is actually possible.

There are numerous people around us that have changed their lives by turning their hobbies into profitable activities and they could not be happier! Are you for instance interested and skilled in photography, design, gardening, teaching a particular subject, speaking fluently a foreign language or playing an instrument? Therefore you should fully embrace your passions and think about how you could exploit them in order to make money. You could start slowly, by creating your own website and social media accounts, where you could advertise your activity and start offering freelance services to people who need someone with that specific skill you have, for example.

There are tons of fascinating and inspirational stories about talented people who had the courage to embrace their passions and turn them into fruitful activities, so use them as examples to change your life and get the job that you really want! By doing so you will not only feel happier, more proud of yourself and more accomplished, but also everyone surrounding you will notice how much you have positively changed and be charmed by your radiating energy. This means that by changing your job and by doing something you honestly love and are interested in, your family, your close friends or your partner will also feel happier being infected by your enthusiasm.

Transforming your existence by finally doing a job that makes you happy is possible and I have personally experienced it. I have always been fascinated by music and had a strong passion for singing. I realised that this is what I really wanted to do and have enjoyed various gigs around the world. I’ve also realised a passion for vocal coaching and now offer this as a service to others. I started to get my business organised in order to allow myself to achieve my dream. I’ve now moved to Spain, where I can share my skills with others and also enjoy the sun!

Just letting you know that next week I will be 'featured artist of the week" on SpectrumFM Spain
Danny and Richard will play some of my songs on their respective shows
Mon 17th Oct, Wed 19th and Friday 21st 8.05am and 10.05am
Tues 18th Oct, Thurs 20th 9.05am and 11.05am

Spectrum FM 96.1 & 106.8 covering Costa Almeria & Calida

Every dream can come true if you believe in yourself. If you know that you are highly skilled in something, don’t waste your time and use your knowledge in a creative way to get the type of job you have always dreamed of!

Good luck!

Debbie Davis

Do you have an Olympic work ethic?
olympics work ethic

The Olympics is in full swing in Rio and we can watch young athletes from all over the world, pushing themselves to their limits and beyond in order to achieve their dream goal of a medal. It’s entertaining viewing for us but the full story of how they got there is often lost in the chaos of the games. It’s one thing to qualify to represent your country for these games but the sweat and tears they have suffered to work their way to the top is monumental.

The work ethic of an Olympian is something to admire and entrepreneurs and small business owners can learn from them and be inspired by their determination to reach the top of their game. Michael Phelps is breaking records with his gold medals but when you analyse his daily routine, it is quite boring and systematic.

In 2008, Phelps was actually eating around 12000 calories a day in order to fuel his body and optimise it for performance. His typical breakfast would be:

  • Three fried egg sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise
  • Two cups of coffee
  • One five-egg omelette
  • One bowl of grain
  • Three slices of French toast
  • Three chocolate chip pancakes.

This is enough to make anyone sick but he would basically swim and eat all day long in preparation. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with your workload and begin to falter. However, you must remain focused on your tasks in order to be prepared to reach your goal. It’s necessary to ride the storm in order to reach calmer waters, whatever happens along the way.

Some of these athletes have been around for years working away on their performance and are making their first appearance at the Olympics. In the same way, there are businesses who have been out there for years and some only make an impact after 5 or 10 years working towards their goals. It took Facebook a number of years to build up a profit, despite having large valuations placed on it since it started.

If you believe in yourself and your business goals, then you have a good chance of succeeding. There are bound to be competitors out there but with focus, determination and motivation to succeed, you will slowly rise above them.

Please get in touch if you are feeling the pinch on your entrepreneurial journey or have stories to share about your success.

The OM Team

Making income from your hobbies

Finding a stable job nowadays is getting increasingly complicated due to the current political and economic tensions existing worldwide. Getting hired is becoming always more competitive, which makes finding an interesting role quite difficult for anyone, no matter the level of work experience or qualifications gained over the years. However, there are always options for expanding your income streams.

Although this might seem a fairly negative moment for all of you who are job hunting, it is essential to bear in mind that there is always an exciting solution to everything. Have you ever considered that now, thanks to the fantastic development of technology, it is possible to actually turn most of your hobbies into real sources of income?

Just think about it for a minute, there are an extensive number of successful freelancers online who have quit their jobs and launched outstanding careers by applying their skills and interests and transforming them into money! So this is what you could also go for. Below you will find three examples of creative hobbies that can become a great way of making money and replacing usual office jobs. These ideas can also be implemented by someone who perhaps has already a job, but who simply feels the need of changing things in his/her life, so keep your mind open and flexible and see what you can get out of your hobbies!

1) Writing/Blogging

Have you always liked writing since you were in school? If you have often thought that becoming a writer is too much of an irrational plan, now it is the moment to rethink about it. There are loads of websites were you can find ads posted by a variety of international agencies and companies which are looking for talented freelance writers. Try answering any of these ads by sending a sample of your writing and see how it goes! That is definitely a way of making an interesting amount of money, although it may not immediately replace a full time salary, but with time and patience you might soon be able to expand your writing services, increase your number of clients and turn your hobby into a real job, which gives you complete freedom and independence!

Blogging is a very similar option, although in this case you most likely would not write for any specific client but only for yourself and your audience. Are you particularly passionate about any specific topic? Consider for instance such topics as: gardening, cooking, IT, fitness, politics, economics, health, gaming, psychology, etc…if you have a great interest in any subject you could talk about it on a weekly basis (you decide the frequency) in a series of blog posts. You are obviously not the only one with that particular interest, so take that as an advantage to boost your income up! Starting a blog is very simple since you can quickly set up an account on WordPress, where you will be also able to find a broad list of colourful templates ready for your immediate use. Once that you have created your blog, wrote on it several posts and conquered the attention of a discrete amount of followers, then you can also start adding advertising arrangements and affiliate deals, which will finally bring your income up. There are numerous professional bloggers out there, who have simply started by opening an account on a blogging platform as WordPress and started writing about what they liked the most, becoming soon able to make blogging their full time job.

2) Photography

Today everyone is continuously taking pictures with their smartphones and sharing them through social media, but only a very small percentage can actually be defined as excellent photographs. If you know how to handle a professional camera and can take surprisingly good photos, then you should definitely start thinking about exploiting this fantastic skill in order to make money. You can start from creating a Facebook page and a website to advertise your services and showcase your work, attend networking events and discover who needs a professional photographer. There are always plenty of weddings, graduations and various types of ceremonies in need of talented photographers, but most of them are very expensive to hire, so those would represent great occasions for you to start doing this fascinating job while asking for a lower compensation than experienced photographers. This way you will put yourself ahead of competition and become an interesting choice for whoever wants to hire a photographer. Another way of earning money through photography is to open an account on platforms as Flickr, where you can showcase your photos and sell them to potential clients. Capturing special moments that will last a lifetime could make your hobby become a real job, so give it a try!

3) Fitness

If you love fitness and know by experience how to eat healthily and what exercises to do in order to get a fitter body, then you should probably start thinking about making some profit out of it. Becoming a personal trainer is not complicated. You would obviously need certifications, but a little bit of studying has never hurt anyone, especially when the subject you are focusing on is something you are passionate about and that can transform your existence. There are nowadays a variety of popular fitness courses that people worldwide are eager to try, such as, for instance, Crossfit, Pilates and a wide range of cardio exercises, so you could specialise in one or more of them, get the right training, obtain the necessary qualifications and consecutively apply for jobs at gyms or sell yourself as a freelance personal trainer. If you choose the second option, you could find as your first clients your family’s friends or friends’ friends so that you can slowly start making some money while having a job that truly satisfies you and makes people taking your classes happy.

There are certainly many more hobbies that can be strategically used in order to grow your income, such as graphic design, video editing, teaching music, web design, social media marketing, software engineering, crafting and many more. What you should keep in mind is that for almost any skill you have there is the chance of developing a successful career where you could become your own boss, so be creative and don’t be afraid to try new paths!

The OM Team





Be creative and innovative when you’re broke

These last years have certainly been a challenge, economically speaking, for the majority of European countries, including the UK. The unemployment rate is going tremendously up and more people are falling into despair since finding jobs is getting increasingly competitive. This is why paying rent, bills and various expenses becomes a struggle at the end of the month.

There is, however, a solution to everything and absolutely no need to feel scared about the current situation, even though it is objectively quite problematic for most of us. The truth is that, there are several activities that all workers in need of augmenting their monthly income can do, in order to live a more comfortable and less stressful life. Each of us are full of resources and skills so these can be definitely used to obtain more money.

Think for a second about all the professional skills that you have acquired over the years and about all the relevant things that you know how to do. It does not matter if some of these skills are not related to the type of jobs you have had so far, because you can exploit anything you are very good at to increase your earnings.

For instance, are you an excellent photographer and all your friends have always told you that, thanks to your talent and technique, you should be thinking of becoming a pro? If this is the case, then go for it! Start looking for online job vacancies which are offering work opportunities for freelance photographers, or try to take part of local events, where photographers are always needed.

Are you an amazing cook or baker? Then why don’t you start your own freelance business? Create an account or page on popular social media platforms, as Facebook, and start advertising your cooking-from-home services! Such business is already popular in major European cities, so why don’t you join this trend? You could cook for small groups of people in town who would be extremely happy to pay in order to receive freshly homemade dishes to enjoy during a meal with colleagues, friends or relatives. Furthermore, small bistros and cafes are often looking for freelance cooks who can make food for them from home, so give it a try!

If, for example, you love animals or children, you could always sign up to some babysitting or dog sitting agencies or look for online ads offering this type of jobs. It might not be the kind of job that you have usually had, but it can be a profitable way of making a better living and by doing something you love!

Do you have great graphic and web design skills? Then again, think outside the box and put your capabilities into practice in order to get more money at the end of the month. There are plenty of companies who are constantly looking for creative talents like you, and the best thing is that you can work for any international company, since as a freelancer you can work from the comfort of your home.

This clearly means that there are plenty of opportunities out there to discover and explore! The key to success is being fearless and self-confident about what you know.

If you are not a creative type, do not worry, because you can also find loads of interesting freelance jobs, exactly as anyone else. Are you good in accounting, at teaching a specific subject or at speaking a foreign language very fluently? Here you go! You can definitely take advantage of your precious skills in order to earn more money than you ever thought.

As I previously said, it is all a matter of putting skills into practice and making things happen, so stay positive and build a more successful career from today!

The OM Team

The Amazing Benefits of Self-Employment

I don’t believe that I am alone in saying that I’m shocked at how quickly the winter season has come and gone. Where did the time go? 13 years from my legal retirement age, I realise that even these years will also be gone in a flash. I can’t also imagine how I ever dreamed that I could continue to bury my head in the sand about how I would be able to afford to live when this time came.

It has taken a personal tragedy to make me address reality and be proactive in taking some control over my financial future. I’ve realised that I know hardly anyone who is still in employment at retirement age. Besides, two thirds of the final Salary Pension to which I signed up 26 years ago, is but a distant dream. In addition to all that, with the news that for those of us in employment, the increase in technology means that we are all working 5 times harder than we did in the 70’s. This situation will only worsen and, for the vast majority of us, we are running harder and going backwards. Furthermore, no longer can we depend on our parents leaving us their property. Their increasing longevity and changes in the law means that this inheritance is now being gobbled up by Nursing Home fees. Added to this, our children’s inability to secure employment or housing could possibly result in a very bleak future if we do not act now.

So how can we keep up?

 I used to think of self-employment as a dirty word, but after having experienced it, I’m wondering why I didn’t try it before. For me, it’s about tapping into skills and talents that are lying dormant and using them to starting new businesses. This could possibly secure a reasonable lifestyle with which to retire comfortably; it may even be our only means of support in retirement. This is where OM really delivers the tools because it allows you to make multiple income streams by advertising your skills, as well as testing and selling your products. You can use the time left in employment to test and build up a business.

The good thing about this site is that you can find other people with complementary skills and work alongside them to share ideas, projects, etc. In this way, you can achieve things that you couldn’t have done on your own. With an online OM shop, you could start making money now. The best thing about this is that the OM team will actually do your digital promotion for you so you don’t even have to create your own website!

I have been able to start my own business and until it begins to bring in an income, I can get some revenue from my other skills. I might even be required for mentoring because of my own business knowledge. All my skills can potentially earn me income. As most people tend to drift into areas they are good at, for the first time in my life I can say that although I am working, hard it doesn’t feel like work.

Debbie Davis
Opus Matrix