Buying and Selling

Get started!

Sign up! To start selling on Opus Matrix, you will have to register as:

  • An Individual+, which will give you a ‘Personal’ shop from which you can sell new/used items OR
  • A Business, which will give you a Business Shop from which you can sell your Business related goods OR
  • A Business Plus Member which will give you BOTH shops to list your items.

It costs nothing to start selling goods on Opus Matrix. However, the use of our website is subject to an annual subscription fee.  We will have registration offers from time to time so please click here to sign up and you will be informed of any special offers there.

Making a Purchase

  1. Go to the Marketplace
  2. Find an item you want
  3. Contact the Seller directly and make arrangements to buy from them
  4. If the Seller has their own website, you can visit their website to purchase the item directly

Reporting a Problem

  • If you wish to cancel or void an incomplete transaction you need to do this directly with the seller
  • As a buyer, if you have a problem with non-delivery or with the condition of an item received from a seller, we encourage you to sort this problem between you as we take no responsibility for transactions between individuals (see Terms and Conditions). If you are still not happy however, we would encourage you to write to us at [email protected] with your feedback about your experience. We will then post your comments (good or bad) on the Feedback Pages. We will file any feedback against any member (buyer or seller) and post this feedback on the Feedback Pages (an additional feature which will be added to member’s Profiles within the next few months).