Business Resources
Opus Matrix is a wealth of business resources, as well as a place to share ideas, skills, services and support  for people in business to collaborate on projects.

Our social network offers an alternative to others and aims to better opportunities for individuals and businesses globally.

Most people will probably want to use a number of different social networks for different things, with each one being beneficial for different reasons:
LinkedIn:  For established businesses wanting to sell their services.
Facebook: For finding friends and social chat.
Twitter: For up to the minute micro blogging and news.
Opus Matrix: For identifying co-workers to skillshare with, establishing collaborative relationships, creating jobs and selling.
Here are some useful links to explain further:

How do we differ from other social networks?

What is our target market?

How can we help you start a business?

Our blog covers the latest news from OM and the special offers we regularly have. Some of our most popular series of blogs are below:

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