Business Pro Membership
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Business Pro Membership

This is the king of all the membership plans provided by Opus Matrix. Business Pro offers extraordinary features for ambitious professionals who want to showcase and sell their products or services both nationally and internationally, without being charged of any fee. It also allows users to appear in our business directory, find potential partnerships with lucrative businesses, jobs, events and projects to join.

There is however so much more that a Business Pro Membership can give you in order to boost the reputation of your organisation or to make your career successful as you always wanted. In fact, thanks to a great tool called ‘Skillshare’, you will be able to share your professional skills with hundreds of other users, who will find you and possibly get in touch with you.

Skillshare can also lead you to discover potential job openings offered by entrepreneurs and companies registered on Opus Matrix. In order to be always reachable, keep in mind that, adding contact details and your Skype name, can really make a difference, allowing you to be contacted by local and international professionals.

Another tool to take into great consideration is known as ‘Meet the Experts’, which provides all Business Plus members with astonishing opportunities to communicate with smart entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts who will help you receive valuable information, consultancy and tips about leadership, management, or self-employment, any time you need.

There is also so much more that you can do by joining this fantastic membership. You can easily access and be part of crowdsourcing projects, post your own projects, blogs, events, while being always able to read other users’ profiles, posts and activities. As any other sort of social media platform, Opus Matrix gives you the chance to freely interact with other professionals and to be active on forums in order to increase visibility and strengthen the chances to gain additional success on a professional level.

Joining Opus Matrix is an amazing way to fortify your professional presence online and can make a strong impact on your career if used effectively. Business Pro is the key to a successful future and can be yours for only £199.99 per year, including a special offer of three months free of charge, or alternatively, for £19.99 per month.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and change your future!




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