The a2z of useful websites for Startups – Part 8
November 19, 2013
website for startup

As a new business or even someone who is looking for work or thinking of self-employment, useful websites are worth noting and so the list continues. During the planning stages of your projects, it’s a great idea to read and soak up as much information as you can. Subscribe to interesting blogs and participate in website forums. Spend time asking questions in online communities to solve a few issues you have.

The Next Women – This online business magazine is a great source of information with good content for entrepreneurs. Their mission is to build the female business brand and advise, inspire and connect a community of entrepreneurial women on their business needs. Whether your business will be specifically local or on a global scale, they provide a solid platform to help you on your self-employment journey. A great magazine to also read on the go with your smartphone or tablet.

West Lothian – Business Gateway is a superb source for new businesses and in West Lothian there is encouraging help and advice to assist you. They hope to bring lifeblood into the area and are passionate about local business. Their list of services includes business planning, financing, workshops and seminars. It’s encouraging to see that over 80% of new businesses assisted by them are still going strong after two years. Read interesting case studies from others to find out their experience and how they overcame early stage problems.

Women Business Owners – This is both a print and online resource that provides relevant, timely information, which focuses on affordable learning opportunities to women entrepreneurs. Websites like this are great for asking your hard questions and you can start new discussions with other like-minded fempreneurs or even discover something new in their online learning portal.

Missouri Women’s Council – If you are local to Missouri then the women’s council is a good place to find key information about things like writing a business plan or finding technical resources. Starting in business can be tough and daunting but they will work collaboratively with you to achieve your goals and make your dream a reality. They also provide a reference guide to starting in Missouri, with links to other useful websites.

Womans Work – This is a fantastic free resource, which provides startups, the self-employed, those wishing to get back into employment or facing redundancy with information about training, opportunities and events. It’s a good website for promoting your own services and job vacancies. Women’s businesses can be so diverse so it’s good to see the variety and be involved in a showcase of female entrepreneurs.

Look out soon for part 9……..

The OM Team

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