The a2z of useful websites for Startups – Part 7
November 18, 2013
website for startup

It’s possible to start a business wherever and whenever you like. However, it is still useful to know what help is available on your doorstep. Otherwise, you may find yourself working overtime on something, which could be made much simpler, cost effective and less time consuming with help from a local business or organisation. These websites provide help on getting the best for you in your local area or overseas.

Startup overseas –This is the definitive resource for starting or expanding a business abroad. Many business people emigrate and therefore want to relocate and grow their business in their new country. This website helps with important information regarding emigration and company formation. It’s also a good place to learn about foreign opportunities and laws. Think of it as a personal assistant to guide you through the procedure of starting up, expanding, moving and overseas living.

Start my biz – Canterbury – This website is all about businesses helping other businesses. When you start in business, you may find there are lots to learn but you don’t have time to plough through it with online searching. However, with this site, all the key information and useful details are in one place. It’s been put together by a partnership of organisations in the Canterbury area, with an overall aim to make the city and district a great place to live and work.

Houston Chronicle – For businesses based in the Houston area, this is a great site for catching up on local news from sports to business or lifestyle. The daily e-Newspaper is accessible from any electronic device and so can easily be read while you are commuting to work on a train or bus or perhaps during your lunch break or curled up on sofa in the evening. As a business, you can also look to advertise through them and get your business featured and seen by a large audience.

Scottish Women in Business – Every business person should understand that to succeed, it’s important to communicate, connect and collaborate with others to grow. For many female entrepreneurs, there is a desire to connect with other women in business to share stories and experiences. This site is ideal to join and there are numerous benefits for an annual fee, including being registered in their extensive directory and participating in events to get your business noticed.

Small Business Administration - The U.S. Small Business Administration delivers loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counselling and other assistance to small businesses. It aims to preserve free competition enterprise and strengthen the overall economy. This is particularly relevant right now with the US aiming to grow out of economic slump and putting the power with small businesses is a good strategic plan that will help economic recovery and encourage cashflow.

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