The a2z of useful websites for Startups – Part 6

Starting your own business will be one of the most exciting and challenging things you will ever do. To be successful, you’ll need to be well-prepared for what lies ahead. Careful planning will help you turn a great idea into a profitable reality. To get there takes time but at least you have some useful sites to help along the way.

Small Business – This website helps a great deal with ideas, business planning, financing and generally how to run your business effectively. There are regular blogs of key insights into things like digital marketing and videos to show case studies from others. There are details about franchising and a useful area to get key questions answered. The how-to hub is popular, especially if all you have is an idea and want some insight into how it can be developed.

National Business Register – Starting a business is an exciting time but you need to be clear on how you will structure it. There is some good information and advice on this site regarding registering and protection of business identity, including trademarking. It’s a good site to use to do a free search on all data and business names. Find out how to register your business and a suitable domain name.

Princes Trust – Before you get started in self-employment, it’s important to ask yourself whether it is actually for you or not. You may be inspired to go it alone but you can never be fully prepared for the reality of the lifestyle change. As you get busier, you may find yourself using every bit of free time to get things done and still needing more time. However, this document from the Princes Trust will help you to decide key details, such as how much risk is involved, will it be your only source of income and do you have enough experience? One of the useful nuggets from this is how to research your big idea.

School for Startups – This Launcher website is a unique new business startup finance programme for entrepreneurs. This gives you access to world-class teaching, a supportive community and regular mentoring. Most importantly, get access to some of the easiest startup funding available in the UK. The School for Startups’ programme combines government-backed finance with a one-day bootcamp, online community and mentoring at no cost. It’s worth taking a look at the case studies to hear how others did with a loan.

Startup Donut – This website has a good pool of resources from finance, tax, sales, marketing and business premises. This is a useful place to visit for regular small business news and blogs relating to your field. There are also vouchers and discounts for business owners to take advantage of. Online tools on the site are great for things like financial projection and finding business events.

Look out soon for part 7……..

The OM Team

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