5 ways to use the Opus Matrix Network
December 23, 2017
5 ways to use our network

So you've officially joined Opus Matrix. You may now be wondering how you go about getting the most out of the network. While there are many ways to use the network, we'll discuss five of the most common.

Create a Profile


A profile is essential to your engagement with Opus Matrix. It tells other members on the network about you including what skills you can offer to a project.

You should think of your profile like a CV or LinkedIn page. It provides useful information that helps others to make quick judgments about you. That's why it's essential to have a complete profile and yes this includes a professional profile picture.


Write A Blog


Our blog page provides a useful platform for members to think about subjects as well as demonstrate their skills. Blogs can be written on everything from general topics like the importance of sleep to more industry-specific.

Writing a blog is one great way to boost your engagement score as well as connect with like-minded people. Who knows your next business partner may just comment on your blog!


Sell Products in A Shop


We offer a platform, where members can sell their goods or services in ready-made shop windows. As an extra bonus, we allow members to sell their goods or services commission free.

Each member receives an activated shop within their profile, which means that both business and non-business members can sell products or unwanted gifts.


Connect With Your Target Audience


Opus Matrix helps you to connect with your target audience through our groups and project pages. This ensures that your product or service is always delivered to the right people.

With over 6 million annual users, your guaranteed to reach the right audience to boost your business.


Reach A Large Audience via OM's Social Media


Social media is a powerful marketing tool as it allows you to reach a very large audience. OM has an extensive social media network, which includes 1000s of like-minded people.

Engaging with these people can help you to develop your ideas and business. These conversations may easily lead to collaboration and even partnerships.


The OM Team

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