10 Ways to access Self Employment Opportunities
February 20, 2015

1) Find out what is involved and how to run your own business. There are lots of good sites. A starting point may be http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/work_e/work_self-employed_or_looking_for_work_e/self-employment_checklist.htm

2) Discern your gifts and abilities (type of work you will be doing, what you are able to do well and where your weaknesses are). Engage friends and colleagues to clarify.

3) Find people who will compliment your skills or provide that aspect of your business which you cannot fulfil yourself. wow-a2z is a site tailor-made for this purpose.

4) Fund funding - not always an easy thing to do. At wow we learned a lot in this area by asking around (again ask other wow members). It is most helpful if you can start off using your own savings or seek help from friends and family who are willing to invest.

5) Network – seek out other contacts by attending business network meetings, such as Business Gateway or network events run by wow. You will learn a lot from other people and you will make yourself known. LOOK OUT FOR WOW EVENTS IN YOUR LOCAL AREA.

6) Advertise – it is amazing how many people try and start off without even having business cards made. Depending on the kind of business it is, you can publicise it via existing networks (schools, work places, social hobbies), as well as investigate new areas. Nothing beats personal contact, but you should also consider using flyers, posters and newsletters. There are people on our site who can help you with this. Also, depending on your membership, wow will post 1000s of tweets for you on a daily basis.

7) Social Media – love it or loathe it – this is the way businesses of all sizes conduct their affairs. Start engaging with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. If it is too much, again, we have ladies registered with us, who can help you with that. OR JOIN WOW-A2Z

8) Website – build your own website and link it to other places where your customers are most likely to be attracted. If you find this too expensive, you could consider starting off by just using wow’s own site, where you can advertise in easy-to-fill shop windows. Again, we have professionals who can assist you. OR JOIN WOW-A2Z

9) Experiment – have a trial run and invite friends to be your BETA group to test your services for you and give you honest feedback

10) Have fun – remember why you got into self-employment: to fulfil your dreams and to be free to do what you really want to do. Celebrate every achievement with your friends and co-workers!

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